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18 October 2017

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*Some celebrations to come

4 Universities are visitng BPS today
1. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Hong Kong
2. Northeastern University - US
3. Southern Methodist University - US
4. Worcester Polytechnic Institute - US

Time : 12.15 - 13.10 PM
Venue : Senior Studies, 2nd fl.
8G Art lesson today
Please bring your laptop to Art today. Due to GCSE Trial Exams, your lesson today will be in ARTS 129.
Block 2 ECA Sign-up Open
Have you signed up for your Block 2 ECAs yet? The system is open until midnight on Oct 30th.
CORE Magazine
CORE 2017 Theme reveal!


Now that you know our theme, get inspired this holiday to get writing or submitting art to Core magazine!

You can meet the students behind Core by watching our meet the team video!

Get inspired!

Hand2Heart Meeting

Just a reminder that Hand2Heart has a meeting today in Sec304 and 12:35. Hope to see you all there!

Have you got Tiger Spirit?
Trial for a Season 2 sport!

Sign-up now via the Parents Gateway to trial for a Secondary Season 2 team between Nov 6 - 9. Sign-up is required to take part!

Season 2 Sports include:
U13 and U15 Football
U13 and U15 Badminton
JV and Varsity Touch and Rugby
JV and Varsity Basketball
Varsity Tennis
Varsity Sailing
Varsity Climbing

Playing a sport is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and test your personal limits. Get involved!

KS3 Focus Groups - The school's responses
Many of you who were in KS3 last year will remember meeting with Mr Berghuis as part of a Focus Group discussion. You gave feedback about a range of topics such as tests and Home Learning. Additionally, almost everyone in KS3 completed quite a long online survey about these kinds of topics.

This feedback was discussed by teachers and the school's responses are now available for you to read in Firefly:

This page has also been "Recommended" to you via your Dashboard. I will remove this bookmark at the end of October.

(Mr Berghuis)
Mr Smith's Learning to Learn Class (7K)
We will have our lesson in the library today so please go straight there. Take your laptops, pencil cases and books upstairs to the classroom where I will meet you. Please leave your bags downstairs.
Thank you
Mr Smith
PMCG Diving Trip
Calling all divers - we are planning a weekend trip on Nov 25th and 26th to monitor Patana's artificial reef and add a new manta ray structure.

If you are a diver and interested in going on this great trip, please click on the PMCG Firefly page or email Ms Brown to get a letter. I have already sent the letter to anyone who signed up on our stall in Sep.

Ms Brown
PMCG Firefly page
UN 10K Run
The UN are hosting a mini marathon on the 12th November in order to help accelerate their efforts towards ending the global AIDS epidemic. Hand2Heart is currently seeking a partnership at this event, and we currently need 20 runners in order to qualify for one. We would greatly appreciate if runners of all ages could help us achieve this. Please email atin19@patana.ac.th if you are interested, more information can be found at http://amazingfield.net/event-detail-EN/Bangkok-10-km-International-Run.
Y10 Science Monday rotation lesson
After the holiday, please go to the same Science lesson that you have on a Thursday.
Y11 Science Friday rotation lesson
This week, please have a day off! :)
Year 7 Residential Rooming
After 7 hours of blood, sweat and tears I think I have managed to complete the residential rooming. All being well it will be on the Year 7 notice board at the end of the school day. A nice way to start the holidays - KRME
Year 9 Science Teacher Changes:

Please submit items for the Secondary Daily Notices to your teacher.
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