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21 February 2017

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3's for Trees: 3 on 3 Basketball is BACK
This year the competition will be called Threes for Trees as the Athletics Council collaborates with Pro-Environmental CAT Clubs to endorse both, exercise and the environment. To sign your team up for the competition click on the link below. The cost per player is 50B where all proceeds go to help the environment.


Sign Ups will be open till Friday this week and the competition will run Monday through till Thursday next week.

There will also be a 3 point contest which you can sign up for below:


Winners will get prizes!!

For any questions please email arja18 or alla18 or mafr19
Ceiling fans in boys changing rooms
For the boys who think it's funny to throw wet tissue and liquid soap into the ceiling fans in the changing rooms in the Sports Hall I can assure you that it isn't. This causes problems for the maids who have to try to clean them and damages the fans, as well as showing a complete lack of care for your environment. Please STOP doing this immediately.

Mr Smith
Secondary Principal.
LETS TED Talk today!
Today after school is the LETS TED Talk event starting at 3pm in the Conference Centre. Come along to hear some interesting talks, play some fun games, eat some delicious cake and learn more about Equality - see the schedule below.
Mrs Tyrrell's Year 9 Class
Please go straight to the library for your lesson today. Mr Hughes will meet you there. Thank you
Science assessment review lesson
Dear Year 9 students,

You will rotate back to your last (second) Science teacher for the lesson tomorrow (Wednesday) so that you can receive the results of your last assessment and review. You will return to your new (third) Science teacher on Friday.

Please see me if you are not sure where to go.

Ms Flynn
Sports Trials Continue
Monday & Tuesday Varsity Trials
Badminton @ SPH
Softball @ SPC

Wednesday & Thursday JV, U15 and U13 Trials
Volleyball @ SPH
Sofbtall @ SPC

Water polo @ 50m Pool

Please contact the relevant coaches if you are trialing for more than one sport.

Good luck!

Usmile catch up day tomorrow
If you did not have your individual photo taken when Usmile were here in January you have your final chance to get your photo taken tomorrow.

If you are in Y7 - Y11 please remember to wear your white polo shirt to school tomorrow if you need to have your photo taken.

Ms Thew
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