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1C class: Look what we have been doing in 1C!

A letter from the Giant

Published Saturday, March 20, 2010.

We decided to write some questions that we might like to ask the Giant and guess what...

He wrote us a very long letter (it looked a bit like a bean stalk!) and we noticed that he answered some of our questions!

Dear children

Thank you for your questions!

I will try to answer some of them 4 U.

My name is Humphrey and I am a rain maker.

Everyday I clean the clouds and make rain to help the plants grow.

I have lived up in the sky for a long time and come down to Fairy tale land

on a rainbow-I slide down. I can't come down often because I scare people.

I don't mean to!! I am 799 years old but my birthday is on 19th March.

When I was born my mum said that I was big and just kept on growing.

I think that I stopped groing when I was 500 hundred years old.

I met my lovely wife Marigold 1 day when I was climbing the rainbow.

She was polishing the rainbow to make it shine!

The beanstalk was another way to get to my castle when it isn't raining.

I was quite shocked to see it!

I felt so sad that Jack stole my things. I have had them for a very long time.

My eyes are tired now i must go. Please write again.

Maybe you could come to my birthday party on Friday!

love from the

Friendly Giant


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