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5B's Blog: 5B are Beautiful, Brainy and Brilliant!


Published Monday, November 21, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Piano


A moving and touching scene from the film 'Up' as Carl, now an old man, remembers his life's journey with his beloved wife Ellie.


The Amazing Shadow Dancers


"The old man plays his emotions on the piano, they are the notes of his life."

Mood Graph for the Old Man

Give each event or memory a score. 0 is completely sad, 10 is completely happy. (Although we will be exploring much better words to describe the old man's emotions,  for example: despodent, distraught, anguished, delighted, content, optimistic).

For your home learning write your voice over narrations for each of the sentences/scenes below. Here is the (long!)  learning question:

Can I use powerful vocabulary and phrases and character show not tell to narrate the old man's emotions as he plays the piano?

This was the narration I modelled for you in class today.

“An old man sits alone. Him, his piano and his memories. As he plays the graceful tune that he knows so well, the melody fills the room and his memories come flooding back. His mind, like the room he plays in, is light and dark.”

The old man is on his own playing the piano. He is being reflective.

He remembers his wife playing the tune with him.

His wife kisses him and he feels happy.

His wife leaves.

He is at war with danger all around.

His comrade dies and he is devastated.

He is delighted to get given a wooden horse.

He plays on it. So does his grandson.

His grandson joins him at the piano and they play togther.



   By Sessy, Sarina and Lina

   By Seb and Scott

 By Mark and Joel

 By Adeila, Lotte and Ann

 By Samar and Josie


 By Gene and Joanna

 By Giulia, Cassia and Tara

 By Joe, Sam and Robbie

 By Filip and Hari






Comment By mark 

This is a very calm song but at the same time also very sad and lonely.

Published on Monday, November 21, 2011
Comment By orlando ventura 

Hello Mr.Ben!!!! It's me, Orlando!!!! I am in
Honduras on the other side of the world!!!

Hi Orlando! Hope you're well! Mr Ben

Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Comment By Sessy 

A well composed melody expressing different emotions of the old man recollecting his memories - it is sympathetic!

Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Comment By Adelia5B 

Very depressing song,I wonder if one day I'll be like that, remembering my childhood,loosing someone I love and being guilty of the things I've done.

Published on Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Comment By Ann & Adelia 5B 

It's so moving.
It's the most touching video I've ever seen.

Published on Thursday, December 01, 2011
Comment By Ann 5B 

It is quite depressing but somehow I still manage to like it.

Published on Friday, December 02, 2011
Comment By JO$IE 5B 

It is really melencholy. but still very nice!

Published on Thursday, December 08, 2011
Comment By $@m@r 5B 

I think this is a sad but calming peace.
I really like how the creater set this mini film.

Published on Thursday, December 08, 2011
Comment By Pritish Dugar 

Hello Mr Ben I sure do miss patana

here I am in India i still have flashbacks of year 5!!

you are the BESTEST teacher!!!!!!

Published on Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Comment By Ethan James De Silva 

As the old man's bony fingers caressed the piano keys, the melody emotes his nostalgic memories.

Watching his comrade die in front of his eyes, regret overtook him as the incident replayed in his head.

The old man's heart melted after his wife gave him a tender kiss.

The old man was content at the sight of his grandchild.

The old man was excited at the sight of his brand new hobby horse

Published on Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Comment By Fai 

An old man plays the piano while the ghost of his wife places a soft and tender kiss on his cheek.

After the memory of his wife fades away the room fills with darkness and melancholy.

The man has feelings of regret for the loss of his comrade during the horrific war.

The old man feels nostalgic when he remembers the hobby horse he received as a young boy.

The grandson smiles as he gazes up at his beloved grandfather and proudly the old man smiles back at him thinking how rich his life has been.

Published on Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Comment By Shumanyee 

An old man plays a melancholy melody whilst thinking about the events that occurred in his life.
A lonely old man played the piano in the dark boundless room with only a bright light shining on him.
Tenderly, his wife kisses him and disappeared slowly.
Excitedly, he unwrapped the hobby horse that he wanted so much.
He was filled with regret because he couldn't save his comrade's life in the battlefield.

Published on Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Comment By Divyansh Jain 

As the melody flows over the piano the old man emotes his nostalgic memories.

The old mans wife gave him a tender kiss as his heart dissolved slowly.

As the comrade dies in front of him, regret fills his whole body.

With full of excitement,the old man cautiously opened the gift and the wooden hobby horse comes in sight.

Peacfully his grandson joins him and together they end the beautiful tune of music.

Published on Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Comment By Yoran 

When his wife left him he felt very mournful.

he was tumultous when he was about to open his present.

Just when his friend died in his arms got a remorseful feeling that struck up his body.

When he saw what his present was he was intoxicated.

while he was playing the piano at the same time he was chivalrous about his past.

Published on Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Comment By Premika 

The old man was sitting and playing the sweet melody on the piano with no one beside him.

The wife gave a soft kiss before she leave him.

He felt terrible when his comrade died in front of him.

He believe that his grandson could play this tune.

When he was a child he got a present and can't wait to open iit and when he open the present he was suprise because it was a hobby hose.

Published on Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Comment By Lyla 

The old man sits at the piano in the middle of a dark boundless room thinking about his memories in the past.

The old man was so exited when he set his eyes on the wooden hobby horse his parents gave him.

Memories of the past made the old man feel melancholy.

The old man regret giving his comrade the nod witch led him to a fatal death

The old man felt tender when his wife gave him that kiss

Published on Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Comment By Mimii 

The old man was very relaxed when his boney fingers landed on the piano.

It was very tender when his wife slowly kissed the old man's cheek.

He was sad when his she left, but he kept on playing, still surrounded by the dark in the boundless room.

He was very excited, when he rushed to open the box as a child.

Peacefully, he played the piano.

Published on Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Comment By Mint 


The old man felt his wife's tender and loving kiss.


The old man regrets his sorrowful moment of his comrade dying in his arms.


The old man was exited at the sight of the coolest toy ever the hobby horse.


The old man feels lonely as he gracefully played his part of the duet.


as he played the last note with his grandson he felt relaxed.

Published on Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Comment By @rin $mutharaks 


The old man caresses the same melancholy tune on the grand piano.


Excited, the boy opens up the hobbyhorse.


Alone, in the dark playing the same old tune.


The regret of the comrade dying was like a curse stuck to him.


The peaceful melody made him think back.

Published on Thursday, December 06, 2012
Comment By Is@ure Echivard 

The old man rmemebers his bitter sweet past .

His wife tenderly kisses his cheak.

He regret that his comrade died and not him .

The old man sits lonely at his piano in a dark and boundless room.

His dark memories overcome him.

Published on Thursday, December 06, 2012