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5B's Blog: 5B are Beautiful, Brainy and Brilliant!


Published Monday, May 23, 2011.
Last updated: Monday, May 23, 2011

         Wigs and silly glasses please! Bring them into school. We need them on Friday! If you were going to invent something, anything, what would it be? A teleporter, a timemachine, a device to speak to animals or an invisibility cloak?

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Home Learning 18.5.11

Published Thursday, May 19, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, May 19, 2011

Due 23.5.11

On Monday I want to know your exact plans for your Victorian project. I need to see some written notes from you under these headings. Eamil me if possible!

What are your finding out about?

Include some key questions or headings that show me how you are going to organise your research.

What have you looked at so far? Books, websites etc. I want to know the exact ones!

Are you planning to make anything? If so how are you going to go about this?  (Remember you don't have to)

Then have a look at this website to practise apostorphes.  Read the fact sheet, play the game, try the quiz and the worksheets.




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Year 5 Victorian Home Learning Project

Published Monday, May 16, 2011.
Last updated: Monday, May 16, 2011

Starting Monday 16th May. Projects due on Monday 6th June.

There is a lot of information here! We will be going over this in class

For the next three weeks, Monday and Wednesday home learning should be spent on a Victorian project. Nothing else will be given on these days. You will still have Maths and Thursday Literacy learning to do.

You will need to use your time wisely, first of all have a think about an area of Victorian life that interests you, and what project you think you will enjoy getting involved in.

Some of you might want to work on these projects independently and some of you might have parents who want to get involved. Both are good ways to work, and as long as you have taken care over your projects I will be proud of what you produce, whether you have had any help or not.                        

After your projects are due in we will have time over the following few weeks until the end of term to share what everybody has learnt with the class.

We did a similar extended project last year when we were exploring the Aztecs. This time there are some differences. This time you are all expected to be able to talk to the class about your project for three minutes and you must prepare a powerpoint or a poster as a visual aid. Talking to a group of people is an important skill. You will need to spend some time researching and planning your presentation, and then you will need to practise what you are going to say. You can of course make a model to spice up your presentation, but this is not essential.

Areas that you could focus on:

  • Victorian inventions. Choose one or focus on a few. (Great model making opportunities here).
  • The Steam Train. Who invented it? How does it work? How did it change Victorian Britain? (Make a model steam train)
  • The Victorian school day. Create a daily timetable and talk the class through it. (Some children last year made a model of a classroom in a shoebox)
  • Victorian school discipline. Why did left hander’s have to write with their right hands? What happened to people who spoke languages other than English at school? Why did the Victorians use corporal punishment at school? What is your view on Victorian discipline?
  • Victorian crime and punishment. What happened if you got caught stealing a loaf of bread? What were Victorian prisons like? (Maybe make a list of crimes and their punishments for us to look at, or even pretend to be a Victorian judge passing sentence on the poor criminals!)
  • Victorian music. What was the music hall? What type of music was popular? (Great chance here to play us some songs!)
  • Research clothes worn in Victorian times. You can choose either a rich person (possibly Queen Victoria) or a poor person (maybe a chimney sweep). Or both! (Great chance to transform a doll or cardboard cutout into a Victorian gentleman or scullery maid!)
  • Research the life of somebody who campaigned to improve conditions for Victorian children. For example Lord Shaftesbury and Dr Barnado.
  • Other ideas are welcome! But please check with your teacher.


I hope you enjoy finding out about Victorian life for yourself at home, and talking about it with others at home to help, you understand more.

Good luck!

Advice for Victorian Presentations

It's an oral (spoken) presentation to the class. 

Choose something you are interested in!

You need to talk to the class, not read to us!  You can have notes to help you along, but aim to NOT read directly from them. This is easier if you practise and really understand what you are saying.

Length: 3 minutes long. A little bit shorter or longer is fine, but aim for three minutes.

PRACTISE your presentation, especially to an audience.  Ask your practice audience for feedback, so you can improve your delivery.

You need to be as SMOOTH as you can manage.  Yes, you will be nervous.  Lots of practice helps!

SLOW DOWN!  Yes, you will be nervous.  Lots of practice helps!

Minimal visual aids.  We don't NEED lots of visuals.  This task is about you talking. You may have a model already. If you want to use a PowerPoint, or a poster, well, great!  BUT, the FOCUS IS ON YOU SPEAKING!  Visuals should be used to SUPPORT what you SAY.  What you SAY is KEY!  

You will be giving you feedback both on the content (information) and the delivery (speaking) of your presentation. 


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