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100 word challenge: Lost!

Published Thursday, March 01, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, March 01, 2012

Here is a creative writing challenge for you. Write me a story on the theme of 'Lost'. What or who have you lost? Where are you lost? Is it about you or someone else? I don't know, that's up to you! You can only use up to 100 words. Post your stories here.

Have a look at this website for an international 50 word story competion. Big prizes to be won!

Comment By Sessy 

I used to be a Ballet dancer. Every Sunday Morning when I stepped into Bangkok School of Dance, I used to get inspiration from my teacher who is a great Ballet Dancer. It used to be fun learning Ballet with other Thai Children from other Schools.
We used to have grading exams every year having Judges from other Schools. Once we were rehearsing for the exam, we had to practice some steps without ballet Shoes. I left them outside the room. I hadn't labeled them. After my practice session I could not locate my Shoes. I enquired the staff at the front desk about this but unfortunately after all our hard try I could not get them back. Then I realized the value of labeling and also I need to be careful about my favorite things.

WOW! Great effort Sessy, I love it! There is a thoughtful reflection on what happend at the end - this is a really using way of tying up a story. I am guessing the teacher who is a great ballet dancer is not me. Oh well. Mr Ben

Published on Sunday, March 04, 2012
Comment By Joel Loh 


I was enjoying myself shooting with a demonstration Nerf Gun in Central World Shopping Mall. Suddenly I realised my parents weren't there. I was gripped with fear. “This is the end of me! My parents gone. I'll never be able to get home!”, I thought to myself, as I ran out of the shop aimlessly with fright. I dashed up and down the escalator searching every floor. But, my parents could not be found. I felt tired, hot, sweaty, and thirsty, so I sat on a bench thinking of the horrible things that would happen to me.Then I felt my mobile-phone in my pocket. How I could have not remembered it in the beginning? I called my mum.

Love it Joel. Some fantatastic description of your feelings and movement when you realised you were lost. Spot on. Mr Ben

Published on Sunday, March 04, 2012
Comment By giulia 

I use to be an indigenous person, I lived in the Amazon rainforest peacefully with my tribe. One day the government wanted more land and wanted his people to became rich. So they offered us some money in exchange of our amazing paradise everyone luckily disagreed. A few days later the government was furious so he send his mans to destroy our land. Everything was destroyed and few weeks later it was transformed in to factories and buildings .we had no choice but to leave, some people stayed though they wanted to became rich. Finally they found out that the government wasn’t actually going to pay them.

Thanks Giulia, fantastic. What is the title? Paradise Lost?

Published on Monday, March 05, 2012
Comment By mark 


One day Bob was going on a holiday to hua hin. On his way he saw a poster saying “go to the Rainforest for a adventure of a life time”. So he thought going to a rainforest was more fun than going to hua hin. As he arrived someone offered him a map but he did not take it because he was feeling brave. While he was admiring the Rainforest, a tiger ran out of the bushes and chased him around. When the tiger got tired and gave up the chase, Bob took a rest. Then he reallised he was lost. First he was scared then he felt sick as he would not see his house again. Then he came up with a plan to get him out. He walked around for a while and saw a River. He walked down the stream till he saw a Village. At last he was relived as soon as he was there.

Great story Mark. I love the way you started some sentences with a connective, like as and while.

Published on Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Comment By Samar 

My Mum clambers and makes her way up the mountain its getting close to dawn and she is not back home. Lost. I wonder were she is, the police and my dad look for her. I am scared. Lost. I start to worry I snuggle with my brother and sister and they are nervouse too. Lost. The police give up, but my dad does not he searches for the one he loves my mum. Lost. I started to get tired and so did my siblings so we fell asleep. My dad was tired but finally he found someone and that someone was my mum. Lost.

Thanks Samar, a great read. I love the way you repeat the word lost throughout. Very effective.

Published on Wednesday, March 07, 2012