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Literacy Homework Wednesday 24th February

Published Wednesday, February 24, 2010.

Due Friday 26th February

Follow this link to read ‘The Highwayman’.

The website will tell you about different ‘language tricks’ Alfred Noyes uses in ‘The Highwayman’ to make reading the poem interesting, and to create a picture of the scenes and events in your head.

Read the poem and find two examples each of: alliteration, metaphor, personification, simile and interesting vocabulary words. Choose the ones you think are most effective.

Make up your own examples of these language features based on the story of ‘The Highwayman’.  

Do this in your literacy homework books, or on loose leaf paper (they will look great on the walls with all your lovely art work).

Optional Extension

Look at the links to the Highwayman videos. Write a short piece saying which you think is most effective at telling the story and why.

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