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Humanties Homework Monday 27th September

Published Monday, September 27, 2010.
Last updated: Monday, September 27, 2010

Aztec Fashion!

Time to find out about those "Interesting Aztecs"

700 years ago the Aztecs wore clothes that were very different from the ones that we wear now. Each different job would have had different clothes to wear...from priests to farmers.

I want you to research Aztec clothes and the costumes that they might have worn.

When you have done this, write a description of the outfit down...use those WOW words to make it really stand out. Also tell me who would have worn these clothes.

Then draw a picture of the clothes on an A4 sized piece of paper. Label the different parts of clothing, for example, headress or sandals.

Here is a link to some body shapes to help you if you need it.

Optional Extension

Maybe you could make fabric clothes to glue onto these figures!

Maybe clothes made of card that you can switch over!


Here are a few sites to help you research.

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