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Story Writing Home Learning 3.3.11

Published Thursday, March 03, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, March 03, 2011

Yesterday Jack Gantos, a children's author, visited us to talk about his work. He told us some very funny stories about his childhood. He also told us that the best way to get inspiration to become a writer is to write a journal. So today your job is to create a map, Jack Gantos style, which can be the starting point for some story telling and writing about your life. Here is Jack's map.....

Create a map of where you live, including places and characters. How about the noodle stall down the road and the noisy but very friendly gang of soi dogs that hang around the building entrance? Just ideas.....

Optional Extension

Here is Jack's list of story ideas.  

Create your own list. If I was making my own list, I would get rid of brothers because I do not have one. I would use older sisters for ideas as I have one (remember older sisters, always be nice to your younger brothers). I would also keep haircuts. You have heard that one...... and start a journal (also called diary!)

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