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5B's Blog: 5B are Beautiful, Brainy and Brilliant!

Topic Homework Monday 14th March

Published Monday, March 14, 2011.
Last updated: Monday, March 14, 2011

Due Monday 21st March

Imagine you are preparing for an Amazon journey like Ed Stafford, the British explorer. You are packing a rucksack, and you can only take up to ten items with you. Remember, you are going tom have to carry everything with you (this does not include basic clothes e.g. underwear, socks, trousers and walking boots). What would they be? In class I will ask you to justify your choices.

Please present your ideas on loose leaf paper, either A3 or A4, and take care, these will look nice in your portfolios alongside some Amazon model making we will be doing in the next two weeks! Or you could go really creative, for example by drawing a rucksack and drawing and cutting out the items you will take with you.

Optional Challenge

Find out the weight of each item. Try and limit your pack to a maximum of 10 kilograms.

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