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Topic and Literacy Home Learning (Monday and Wednesday)

Published Monday, March 21, 2011.
Last updated: Monday, March 21, 2011

Due Monday 28th March

Mighty River Case Study

In class we have been finding out about The Amazon River. 


And making river models which look great (if you have anything at home that you think might be useful to decorate the models please bring it into school, we will be decorating them this week).  

At home I would like you to research another of the great rivers of the world. Produce your research as an A4 fact sheet or a leaflet. Work done on the computer is fine. Key questions to find out about are:

  • Where is the source of the river?
  • Where is its mouth?
  • What countries does it pass through on its journey towards the sea?
  • How long is it?
  • Do any interesting animals life in or alongside the river?
  • What is the biggest city on the river?
  • Does it have any special features (e.g. gorges or waterfalls)?
  • You could include a map of your river.

Suggestions for rivers to choose are: The Nile (Africa, the longest river in the world), The Thames (England, has London on its banks!) The Mississippi (U.S.), The Colorado (U.S., has the Grand Canyon) The Chao Phraya (Thailand), The Mekong (South-East Asia, has giant catfish), The Seine (France, very romantic), The Danube (Europe), The Ganges (India, sacred for Hindus), The Yangtze (China), The Zambezi (Africa, this has the Victoria Falls).

This link has information on some of the rivers above.

You can choose another river if you want. How about choosing one from your home country?


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