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Home Learning 9.6.11

Published Thursday, June 09, 2011.
Last updated: Monday, June 13, 2011

Due Monday 13.6.11

Victorian Jobs.

Read the inforamtion below. Choose which job you think would be the worst. Write a paragraph explaining why.

 Coal Mines:

Coal mines were extremely dangerous places because there was the constant threat of cave-ins and explosions. Young children would be employed as trappers, opening and closing doors for the coal wagons. Older children would help carry the coal which was very heavy. Coal mines were dark, damp and cold.


Children who lived in the country often worked on farms to earn their living. They would help farmers by chasing away birds and other animals who were after the crops. Older children would help with general farmyard chores, like mucking out the animals or carrying bales of hay.


Children who worked in factories often had to work dangerous machinery or deal with chemicals that made them ill. In the cotton mills, children would be sent to pick up discarded pieces of fabric that had fallen under the machines, usually while the machine was still going. It was not uncommon for children to have their hands, arms and legs crushed by the machinery.

Street workers:

Lots of children who had no family or home earned their money by working on the streets. Some worked as crossing-sweepers, clearing the roads of mud and horse dung for people who wanted to cross the road. Others worked as shoe-shiners or sold things like flowers or matches. Street children who couldn’t find a way to earn money would have to steal money or food to eat.

Chimney Sweeps:

Chimney sweeping was best done by children because children were small enough to fit inside the chimneys. They would have to crawl into very tight spaces and be covered in soot. Many children suffocated while they were sweeping chimneys.


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