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Creation Myths!

Published Saturday, August 20, 2011.
Last updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creation myths. A great way to start our literacy learning. Creation myths are full of big ideas: How was the world made? Where did animals and people come from? Why do we have bad things in the world?


Here is a link to The Big Myth, a website with creation myths from around the world.

Click on teacher's section, download materials, exercises if you want to practise some comprehension questions on the different myths.

Literacy Home Learning Tuesday 28th August

Due Thursday 30th August

Have a look at a copy of How The World Was Made. Ask me if you need a hard copy.

In your literacy home learning books write 'wow' phrases to describe what was created on each of the seven days. For each day you need at least two sentences.


Tuesday 23rd August

How The World Was Made

First Day

The mountains stretched into the sky beyond the clouds.

The mountains towered over everything around them.

The mountains were rocky and craggy.

The mountains stood like silent and stern old men.

Second Day

The rivers rushed over waterfalls and rapids like enthusiastic children.

Something to extra to find out about. Optional!

This is Pandora's Box. What was Pandora's Box?


Comment By Adelia5B 

The Pandora box was actually a Greek Artifact
(which I didn't know at all,I thought it was like a explorer's thingy that someone discovered....)!
Well,it says on the internet that it contains evil and someone opened it which is likely to be Pandora(the person who recieved it)and that leads to letting out all the evil
which is now in this world BUT there was one thing that stayed in the box which is hope.

Yes! Spot on! Well done Adelia.
So if anyone opens the box again they will let out evil which can't be undoed.

P.S:The Pandora box is actually a jar

P.SS:Here is the link that told me about it's_box

Published on Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Comment By Daisy 

i know it was all things bad but at the bottom was hope

Well done Daisy you are right! Mr Ben

Published on Wednesday, August 24, 2011