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Victorian Presentations

Published Wednesday, May 16, 2012.
Last updated: Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Please remember to bring in a DVD for our Marble reward tomorrow. :)

Tonight's home learning is to practise your presentation. The grid below will help you know how to keep on track. Remember that we chose effective questions in class to guide youre research and,  if you can, you should try to limit the words you put on your slide. Remember adding 'deeper' questions - such as ones involving opinions and responsibilities will make your presentation even more interesting. We will start presenting from Monday onwards.


40 Shillings

30 Shillings

20 Shillings

Effective Questions to guide your research

You have used a wide range of effective questions to guide your research.

You have used one or two open questions to guide your research.

You have only used ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions to guide your research.

Explanations/subject Knowledge.

You are an expert on your subject area and are able to answer a range of questions well, including adding your opinion.

You have a good understanding of your subject area but could add more detail.

Your subject knowledge is limited.


eye contact

You look at your class mates and teacher and hardly ever at your notes.

You sometimes look at your teacher and often at your notes.

You read your entire report from notes.



You speak clearly and enthusiastically.

You speak quietly, but enthusiastically.

You speak quietly or mumble and don’t change your tone at all.


Body language

You stand confidently and gesture appropriately.

You sometimes make small gestures.

 You don’t use gestures much at all.

Visual Aide/ Powerpoint

You use lots of pictures to guide your presentation and not too many words.

You use some pictures to guide your talk.

You don’t use enough pictures and there are too many words on your slides.

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