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Victorian Homework 25.4.11 Due 3.5.11

Published Monday, April 25, 2011.
Last updated: Monday, April 25, 2011

Victorian Day is on Tuesday 10th May

At some time during the school day the school inspectors will  be arriving (gulp)!

They will be putting as all on the spot and asking us some questions. Your job is to research and learn the answers to these questions or facts. Write down your answers in full sentences in your best handwriting (or you can type them up). Bring it into school so you can practise before Victorian Day. We do not know who they will test!

  • Name the capital cities of Britain, France, Spain  & Germany
  • Name the Empress of India
  • Define the word polygon
  • Spell the following (empire, Victoria, industry, quadrilateral, factory, mother, father, century, logical, advantage)
  • Name the first commandment
  • Which prefix means 8 – give examples
  • Which prefix means 100 – give examples
  • What quality is next to Godliness?
  • Complete the saying - Children should be seen and……
  • Practise all your times table facts up to 12 x 12


Comment By Sophie 

Miss Jo i'm searching for the name of the empress of India and it's either (on Google) a boat or queen Victoria so do you know any good websites to go on or and hints & answers??

Published on Monday, April 25, 2011
Comment By Shayomi 5J 

I hope they dont test me! I am not good at remembering things like this, and saying it to a stern teacher puts me under pressure! :)

Published on Monday, April 25, 2011
Comment By Grace 

me too! I am really bad at remembering> hope they chose someone good!

Published on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Comment By Ms Jo 

Sophie - see if you can guess which one it is - bearing in mind we're talking about the Victorian period. When was the boat built?

Published on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Comment By Koko 

I'm trying to remember, but I know for sure that when the time really comes, it will just run away from my mind. :)

Published on Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Comment By Sinead  

I dont understand these questions i only know the top 5 question.... i even started to research these questions since friday

Published on Monday, May 02, 2011
Comment By Ms Jo 

A prefix is the beginning of the word - for example 'tele' in television or telecommunications. So your task is to find the prefix which means 100 and 8. You can use google to find some of your answers.

Published on Monday, May 02, 2011
Comment By sinead  

Do all these questions have to relate to victorian time?

Published on Monday, May 02, 2011
Comment By Ms Jo 

Yes they do, they are for the Victorian inspectors to test the Victorian pupils on Victorian day!

Published on Tuesday, May 03, 2011