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100 number grid activities
  number square number search
  adding ten
  Number bonds
  pyramid addition
  rock hopper
ancient egypt
  Egyptian questions and answers
  show me
  visit the town
angles and turns
  Mole in a hole
connected learning
  weather science and information
  billy bug challengng
  billy bug easy
  enter own coordinates
  large grid quiz
  BBC division
  division activity with varying levels of difficulty
  division machine varying levels of difficulty
  division test against the clock
  TES division
  Welsh NC division activity
  simple doubles activity to 10
  Howard Carter
  King Tut stuff
  BBC electricity activity
  circuits again
  Fun elec 1
  fun elec 2
  Fun elec 3
  fun elec 4
four functions
  digital work out
  multiplication, addition, division and subtraction
  Rock Hopper
  Coventry equivalent and simplified fractions.
  Excellent activity
  intro to fractions
  teaching and learning about fractions
  tricky fraction activity
  tricky fractions yr 3
  very brave
Healthy living
  Welsh NC healthy living activity
library and reading
  Library Blog
maths sites
  BBC site with games covering range of KS! maths
  mathszone..all the maths you'll ever need
  buying goods and working out chnage
  Excellent site dealing with spending money
  PARTY shopping
  shopping and change
  Shopping maths word problems
  shopping; money challenge
  subtraction with money
  Working out which coins to use
  how to multiply 2 digit numbers
  How to multiply 3 digit numbers
  moon maths
  multiple favourite
  multiplication against the clock
  Robin Hood doubles beyond 10
  spitfire tables
  table trees
  table trees
multiplication and division
  Coventry multiplication and division
  grid multiplication
  Help the monkey save his apples
  number invaders
  problem solving multiplication
  tables at speed
myths and legends
  Expresso George and the dragon
  literacy chest myths
  myths ett legends...takes while to load.
  Research 2
  scholastic list of m and l
  stories about myths and legends
number bonds
  Excellent site. Set your own number bonds.
  funky mummy
  number bonds and other number activities
Number line activities
  number line with a frog
odds and evens
  Odds and evens game
ordinal numbers and ordering numbers
  Great site for ordinal numbers
  ordering numbers all levels
  Owls owls owls
persuasive writing
  Advertising poster
  persuasive writing
place value
  Coventry place value activities
planning a story
  great site for writing own story
  great story writing activities
  NGFL story
  using similes in poetry
  using similes in poetry
  sentence punctuation KS2
rainforest links
  rainforest facts
recording maths information
  pictogram fun
  rounding up or down
  Patana Website
sequencing activities
  fairies in the fog
  BBC website on shape. Fun.
  can you guess the shape that is coming
  catch the shape
  Excellent 3D site. Very good!!
  shape match
  Welsh site for shape. very good
solving number problems
  find the number
  guess my number
  money problems
  good site to help with sorting activities
spelling activities
  bitesize spelling
  Brilliant phonics activities: all levels
  Spelling City
  ambleside subtraction machine
  bricks subtraction...challenging
  scooby dooby doo
volume and capacity
  container capacity
  boxing and alien weigh in. Click on scales to magnify
  can you read the scales?
  fun filled adventure
  Mr. Sean's second favourite weighing activity
  Question area is excellent. My new favourite.
  scales activity
wiriting a story
  verbs and adverbs
word problems
  All four functions and two step problems covered
  good maths word problems here
  lots of different word problems to solve here

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Celebration of Us

Published Friday, October 07, 2011.
Last updated: Friday, October 07, 2011

Comment By Shivani 

I like calebration of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!beauce we didn't do eny work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published on Friday, October 07, 2011
Comment By Sean O'Connor 

Are you sure about that, Shivani? ;-}

Published on Monday, October 10, 2011
Comment By Catherine 

It was fun on celebration us day because we did different sort of staff.

Published on Saturday, October 15, 2011
Comment By Shivani 

yes Mr Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha ha!!!!!

Published on Thursday, October 27, 2011