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4H : Welcome to the 4H Smiley's blog!

4H Homework - Story Publishing

Published Tuesday, October 04, 2011.
Last updated: Tuesday, October 04, 2011


 Dear Parents,

This week, the children are coming to the end of their extended writing project based on the story of 'The Peacock and the Tortoise'. Their drafts are almost finished and the children are in the process of editing their writing and publishing it onto a Word Document.

The homework this week will be to continue that process so that, hopefully, by the end of the week the stories are finished, published and made into book form. This will then be a wonderful, permanent record of their first major piece of writing this year.

The children started work on publishing their story this morning and have sent it to their e-mail address to continue working on at home.

Tonight's task will be to create a front cover and, if time allows, a 'Portrait of the Author' page.

Fresh instructions will be given each day depending on the progress of the story made in school.

Please take time to read your child's story as it develops but not to make any changes as this is the process we are working on in school. Any editing will be done in the classroom and the changes made, either in school, or as part of the homework project.

Many thanks and watch this space!

Mr. Hockley.

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