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4H : Welcome to the 4H Smiley's blog!

Flood Closure homework update

Published Friday, November 04, 2011.
Last updated: Friday, November 04, 2011

Dear 4H,

Henry has asked me to share some of his work with you so I have chosen to begin with his story about the amazing 'Defendomaticatron'. A great story, Henry - will you be bringing it to school with you when we start back? :) 

I have been receiving more work as the week has passed so please keep sending me what you have done and let me know if you would like to share some of it with the rest of the class. I would not put any work on the blog without your permission. 

I will add more of Henry's work tomorrow.

I hope to see all of you back in school very shortly.

Mr. Hockley

The Defendomaticatron

Frank is the most unlucky boy in the whole world.  Every time he goes for a walk he trips.  Whenever he does the dishes he burns his finger.  Whenever he touches a painting or a picture it drops on his toe.

One bright sunny day Frank was playing outside with his friend Bob.  They were playing with skipping ropes as they always did. Frank never likes playing outside because he is the most unlucky kid in the world and the only place safe for him was his bed.  Frank and Bob had a skipping rope competition. Frank tripped over the rope every turn he got but Bob got 100 jumps on every turn he got.

That night when his mum, dad and his puppy ( Meenip) were asleep, Frank crept down stairs and created an invention that would change his life. He spent hours building this machine, it was called the Defendomaticatron!

The next day at breakfast Frank announced his creation.  He stood on the table and spoke

“Last night I created an invention that would change my life. I give you the Defendomaticatron.”

There in the hallway stood Frank’s invention! His mum, dad and his puppy (Meenip ) stopped  and gazed at Frank’s invention. At that very moment Meenip stepped on the edge of his bowl catapulting his food directly at Frank. Immediately the Defendomaticatron took action and stood right in front of Frank blocking the dog food from hitting him.

The following day when Frank went to school in the corridor, objects went flying at Frank. However, the Defendomaticatron just jumped in the way.  People stared and gazed at Frank and his robot.

Frank met up with Bob at room 1470, Frank and Bob’s English classroom. Frank told Bob about his invention. Bob asked

“What does this button do?”

Then Bob pressed a big, red, shiny button on the Defendomaticatron.

All of a sudden the Defendomaticatron started to shake. Its eyes turned bright red

“What have you done!”

yelled Frank.

“What have I done?”

asked Bob.

“You’ve pressed the disaster button.”

Yelled Frank.


Shouted Frank. 

Frank and Bob raced out of school they ran past Frank’s house and Meenip saw the Defendomaticatron chasing Frank and Bob so Meenip chased the robot. Frank and Bob ran to the forest, they hid behind a tree. The robot took a snoop around then he noticed Meenip. Meenip bit open a hatch on the Defendomaticatron and bit a green glowing stick in two.  This shut the robot down for good.

“Meenip you saved us!”

called Frank.

Bob commented

“You have to admit that was pretty stupid putting a disaster button on that robot.”

“Yeah I guess so. I shouldn’t have even have made that robot, I guess I am who I am.”

  Apologized Frank.

“Hey I just noticed something”

called Bob.


asked Frank.

“You’re no longer unlucky. Nothing unlucky happened”

Said Bob


Called Frank


Comment By Pin 4H 

This story is amazing and fun. Good job, Henry

Published on Friday, November 04, 2011
Comment By Rania 

Good job, Henry

Published on Saturday, November 12, 2011