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K2L: Welcome to K2L!

Happy Monday to you all!

Published Monday, September 03, 2012.
Last updated: Monday, September 03, 2012

All the K2 students and adults gathered around the pirate ship in our garden this morning to wish you all a

Happy Monday!

We hope you all have a great week ahead.

Comment By Jo, Emily's mummy 

What a great photo of k2!

Published on Thursday, September 06, 2012

Another busy week!

Published Friday, August 31, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, August 31, 2012

Week 2 has been another busy and exciting time in K2L. It has been wonderful to see the children forming new friendships and exploring other areas of our learning environment, both inside and out! 

The students are very excited about their very first swimming lesson next Tuesday. Please remember to send flip flops (named) on the first day which will remain in school for the academic year.

Have a great weekend!

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Mark marking

Published Wednesday, August 29, 2012.
Last updated: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We have been exploring a range of media in the Literacy classroom this week.

Pencils, felt tips, chalk and colouring pencils were used for writing, drawing and doodling but gold and silver pens on black paper was the most popular activity. We have created a collaborative piece of many kinds, shapes and sizes of spider webs.

Enjoy the photos...........


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Welcome to K2L everyone!

Published Saturday, August 25, 2012.
Last updated: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It has been a very exciting and busy week at Bangkok Patana School this week.

I am delighted to report that every one of the 16 students in K2L have settled into their new learning environment and routines very quickly. So well done, K2L! We are all very proud of you.

Here are a selection of photos which will give you a snap shot of the types of activities and experiences your children have participated in during their first week in K2. Please enjoy sharing them with you child and kindly leave a message which we will read in class together.

It is going to be an action packed and exciting year ahead!




Comment By Kiri, Reuben's Mum 

What lovely photos and a great start to the year the children have had. It looks so much fun in K2L.

Published on Monday, August 27, 2012
Comment By Jo (Emily's mummy) 

Looks like they have all had a lovely first week. Emily for one have enjoyed evry moment!

Published on Monday, August 27, 2012
Comment By Sivy (Arvind's mum) 

Great pictures! K2L is so much fun!

Published on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Comment By Shanti ( Maia's mum) 

Maia says " I like Ms Lisa and I like to dowhatever she do". It will be a busy year and an emjoyable one!!

Published on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Comment By Diana Sam's Mummy 

What a fun packed time you are having!

Published on Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Comment By Sharon ( Kelly's mum ) 

So enjoy and happy in K2L!!

Published on Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Comment By Jeboon Nesa (Angel's Mum) 

I am excited and so much happy to see the good start for my Angel and also other lovely kids. The level of interaction with kids and parents is wonderful experience for me. I look forward to see more such on this page. Thank you Ms Lisa, Ms Vanita and all others.

Published on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Welcome to K2L

Published Friday, August 24, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to K2L. We will be adding photos soon....

------------ no comments -----------

K2L visited Year 1 today............

Published Thursday, June 07, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, June 07, 2012

The students of K2L very much enjoyed exploring Year 1 this morning. Each child buddied up with a student in Y1L who very kindly showed them around their classroom, shared areas and library. It was very exciting to see all the great activities and areas that will be on offer to our current K2 students when they join Year 1 after the holidays.  All the buddies then sat together for lunch at the canteen which was a very special treat.

Please ask your child about his/her buddy?

What did he/she find out about  Year 1 today?

What are they most looking forward to?

Enjoy the photos!



Comment By Emma (Mya's Mum) 

Mya loved telling us all about her Year 1 visit and is looking forward to the monkey bars in the playground!

Published on Friday, June 08, 2012
Comment By Shoko 

Shoko really likes her reading buddy from year 1, Cheang :) Thank you very much, Cheang, you have been very kind.

Published on Thursday, June 14, 2012

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