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4W: Wonderful 4W!

Home Learning 6

Published Thursday, November 03, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thursday 3rd November

Hello, 2W. I hope this update finds you well and able to continue with your learning at home or away.

Literacy / Connected Learning – Fairytale Project

If you are able to tell the story really, really well, you can start to plan your own story using the story S. Your learning question is:

  • Can I create my own story based on the pattern of a traditional tale I know?

Try to keep the pattern of the story the same but make some changes – like we did with Handa’s Surprise. Below are some ideas of things that you could change:

  • one or more of the characters
  • the setting
  • speech
  • events (things that happen)

Don’t worry if you don’t know the fairytale well enough yet. Just keep practising the story until you can answer the learning question:

  • Can I tell a traditional tale orally?

Also try to complete one of the activities I listed on here on Friday 28th October or Tuesday 1st November.

Mathematics Learning

Click on the links below the learning question to take you to an activity.

  • Can I use a ruler to draw and measure lines to the nearest centimetre?
    • Using a ruler – Remember to put the 0 mark at the edge / beginning of what you are measuring.

  • Can I estimate how long an activity might take and then check using a timer?


The task set by the Thai teachers earlier in the week had a broken link. I have fixed the link but have put another one here.

I look forward to hearing what you have been learning at home and seeing some of learning, too.

Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon,

Miss Kay

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