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4R: Come and look at our learning!

Shipwrecked Story Highlights

Published Monday, January 31, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, February 03, 2011

Here are some highlights from 2R's amazing stories! 


Super story openings!

One cold foggy morning Katie sneaked into Grannie Island's boat.  Katie was a cheeky girl.  She had orange ginger hair and her eyes were blue like the sky.  Katie liked playing with the big boy cousins.  Katie jumped on Grannie Island's wooden boat she rowed the boat as fast as she could to the deep blue sea.


One stormy night Jamie went on Grannie's boat.  Jamie had messy hair.  He wore a t-shirt with holes.


One freezing winter Katie was reading a book called survival adventure.  She decided to go on Grannie's boat.  Her skirt was as green as a peacock.  Her eyes were blue as a blue sky.


One blazing hot day Jamie decided to go on Grannie's boat.  Jamie was naughty and had red dirty messy hair and he loved to tell jokes on his brothers.  Jamie's eyes were blue as the deep blue sea.



Exciting disasters!

Suddenly a mean grey shark bit the bottom of the boat.  The boat crashed into a strange island.


Suddenly the rope ripped that was attached to the harbour.  One second later the strong wind blew and the waves crashed on the boat.  Then she paddled to a strange island...


Suddenly the waves began to get stronger and stronger!  Jamie quickly paddled.  When the storm was gone, Jamie looked up and saw a forest island.  Jamie was really excited now because he knew that his adventure will begin...


Katie jumped into the sea but the sharks ran after her.  She swam as fast as she could but the sharks were faster than her.  Suddenly a giant wave hit her.  She almost fell off the boat.  She screamed for help.  Before she could speak one giant wave hit her again.


Suddenly the wind started to blow the wooden boat and the storm started hitting the boat so it crashed into the sharp rocks!Jamie saw a strange island...


In the night Jamie was frightened when a monster came.  It had red eyes.  Then Jamie got to an island.  The island had steaming lava...




Descriptive settings!

He saw a big volcano going to explode.  He heard dinosaurs fighting.  Then he saw tall palm trees.  Boiling melting lava coming out of the volcano.  Then he saw huge dinosaur eggs.


He heard the huge rock roll into the river.  He saw a huge big mountain.  He saw a tall big tree with some sweet tasty coconuts.  There was a huge big sand with a shiny sandy beach.


He saw big mountains.  All around there were tall palm trees.  There was a beautiful bird flying above the island.  Then he heard a clean waterfall splashing nearby.  Then he saw black rocks around the island.


Katie looked up and saw a rushing cold river.  Then she saw a vast volcano so she climbed up.  She heard a rushing bright blue waterfall.  All around there was bright green grass and yellow sand.  Katie saw tall palm trees so she went to get a coconut.


He looked up and saw a small cute turtle walk by.  Then he climbed the vast mountains and then he saw the yummy palm trees.  The spooky lava came out from the volcano.



Watch this space for the next part of the story...


Amazing adventures!

After a while Jamie was hungry so he caught a fish.  He made a barbeque.  Jamie ate the fish and he made a tent.  Jamie was sleepy so he slept inside the tent.  In the morning he climbed up the mountain and he saw a helicopter so he waved his hand.



Then she got a piece of log and put it on the fire.  She ran up the huge mountains.  she held up the fire.  She waited, waited and waited but nothing or no one came.  But then she heard a big splash...



Incredible endings!

Just then Katie had a great idea.  She found hard brown wood on the soft sandy beach and some leaves to tie the wood together to make a raft.  Katie climbed on to the raft suddenly a strong wind came and she sailed back to Grannie Island's house.


All of a sudden she saw a pink creature coming towards her!  The creature ate the fish.  Katie looked closer and saw a dolphin!  She asked the dolphin to take her home.  The dolphin nodded her head!  Then she ran up the island and took the monkey and hopped on the dolphin.  The dolphin swam quickly and they got home in time for tea!


Jamie was thirsty so he took the water.  He climbed up the mountains.  Suddenly a red helicopter swooped down and saved Jamie.


Then a helicopter saw the fire.  The helicopter was red and shiny.  Then it was time that she said goodbye.  She was rescued.


After a while he felt hungry so he caught and barbequed a fish.  He shined his jack knife to get rescued from a helicopter.  When he went in from the rope the first thing he saw was Grannie Island.  She felt happy and so did Jamie.



Comment By Yu 

I am sad because Miss.Rebecca didn't put my part of the story in this blog.

Published on Monday, January 31, 2011
Comment By Teal 

It was really fun making these islands,drawing the pictures and writing the story's! I very want to make some at home to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published on Tuesday, February 01, 2011