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Year 4 Mandarin: 

Where is my shoe?

Published Monday, February 06, 2012.
Last updated: Monday, February 06, 2012

二零一二年二月六日 星期一

Oh no, I lost my right shoe! 

There are so many shoes here, where is mine?


Here, the shoes is on top of the table:

鞋子在桌子上面 xiézi zài zhuōzi shàngmian  

The shoe is under the table:

鞋子在桌子下面 xiézi zài zhuōzi xiàmian

The shoe is on top of the chair:

 鞋子在椅子上面 xiézi zài yǐzi shàngmian

And the shoe is under the chair:

 鞋子在椅子下面 xiézi zài yǐzi xiàmian

So now you know where your right shoe is and how to say the position of an object in Chinese?

Here is a list to help you.

上面  shàngmian = top 
下面 xiàmian = bottom
前面 qiánmian = front
后面 hòumian = back

 边 pángbiān = next to







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