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Year 4 Mandarin: 

I have a red pen 我有红色的笔

Published Thursday, November 17, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nov. 17, 2011  Thursday   二零一一年十一月十七日    星期四

Learning question:

Can I say the colour and stationery items I have?

Here is a short list of the simple stationery items we have learnt in class.  A hard copy has been pasted in the green book so we can refer to it when working on P. 29 of Hao Ji Le.                                  

卷笔刀    juǎnbǐdāo (pencil sharpener)

书     shū   (book)

尺子   chǐzi  (ruler)

笔     bǐ   (pen)

橡皮    xiàngpí  (rubber)

书包     shūbāo  (book bag)

As we have previously learnt, "我有wǒ yǒu” means " I have".  Then, in order to describe the colour of things, "de 的" is needed immediately after the colour, followed by the item。

The pattern is :

I have  +  colour + de的 + item.


我有红色的笔 wǒ yǒu hóngsè de bǐ。 (I have red pen)

Let's try to tell the following items in Chinese:

I have yellow pencil sharpener.

I have orange ruler.

I have red book.

I have white rubber. 

Here are the items our students found out...... 


I have yellow pen


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