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K1: We Play! We Think! We Learn!

Week Beginning 9th January 2012

Published Monday, January 16, 2012.
Last updated: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a magnificent first week back it was after the Christmas break. The children were delighted to be back with their friends and very quickly continued with daily routines and showed a very positive attitude towards their learning. In K1, we are raising the children’s awareness of their senses, last week, we focused on what we could see when we used our eyes. At ‘group times’ we asked the children to say what they could see from where they were sitting. They were all able to share in the experience and were praised for their great observations.

 To begin with some of the children’s sentences stated the object, “I can see a car.” One way you can support this at home is to play the game ‘I Spy’. “I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘c’.  There might be many guesses, cushion, cup and so on! The game will develop their looking skills but will also help the children to begin to distinguish between the sounds they can hear at the beginning of words too.

 Many of the children, with clipboards in hand, went on a ‘looking’ walk. Their mark making was wonderful as they explored the campus. There were many interesting discussions. Had the children really seen a shark?

Here are some of our photographs from last week. we hope you enjoy looking at them!

Mrs.Sarah, Mrs. Judith and Miss Jess

I can make a pattern using the animals.

Learning together!

Drawing my face!

I can mix my own colours.

Look at my mixing!

I can jump really high!

I can look with the magnifying glass.

I like to read books with my friends.


"Can you catch us?"

Playing "Hide and Seek" in the garden. You found us!

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