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Welcome to 6L: This is the blog for 6L.

May the Fourth Be With You (sorry - I couldn't resist!)

Published Friday, May 04, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, May 04, 2012

Greetings on International Star Wars Day. 

Maths Home Learning

Last week you all completed the Junior Maths Challenge along with pupils from Y7 and Y8 and thoroughly impressed me with your lack of panic and your 'have a go' attitude.  I hope you will approach the SATs with the same cool, calm and collected attitude.

For your home learning this week I would like you to spend 30 minutes reviewing the JMC paper.  This may mean you have another try at questions which you found difficult or (even better) you go through the paper with someone else and demonstrate the techniques you could use to tackle the problems.

I have included the answers, but would like you to try to explain the methods yourself before using them.

You don't need to hand anything in to me but please email me about any questions you are having a problem with and we will go through them next week.  Remember - if you are confused by something, it's very likely there will be others in our class who are having the same problem.

Literacy and Connected Learning:

Task 1

You all now have 5 'open' questions for your Olympic research. Please spend 30 mins researching at least 2 of your questions. Next week we will be spending time sharing some of our research. Remember you need to understand your research and it should be interesting. You may bring your information in a notebook, on cards, in your home learning book, on a mind map or don't try to simply remember it in your head!

Task 2

As well as our work on the Olympic games, we are beginning our investigations of the Ancient Greeks.  Since it's usually best to deal with the important things in life first, we are starting by investigating 'Greek Gods, Heroes and Monsters'.

You have each been given the name of your allocated character, you should now spend approximately 30 minutes researching the legends and stories which surround your character.  Please be ready to share your learning with the class either through a report or presentation on Wednesday.  I will be particularly pleased if your home learning is in a format that will allow us to display it in our temple display.

Please pay particular attention to objects such as clothing which your character might wear, carry or stand on that would allow worshippers to identify them in the paintings or statues of the temple.

3-Way Conference Preparation:

As you know, it is 3 Way Conference Day on Friday 11th May. This means you only come to school (in uniform) for your allocated time. You will also need to spend further time visiting subject specialist areas to share your learning with your parent/s. If your parent/s would like to meet with a specialist teacher then they should email that teacher directly before Friday to arrange an appointment.

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