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Welcome to 6L: This is the blog for 6L.

Home Learning 26.10.11

Published Wednesday, October 26, 2011.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello Everybody,

I hope you are all well and your families are keeping safe from the flooding.

I realise that you may be very busy or away from Bangkok depending on your own personal circumstances and I understand that these will take piority over school work.  However, school remains important and so home learning will be posted on the main Y6 page or on the 6L blog while school is closed.  The first home learning, posted yesterday asked you to do an additional 2 or 3 activities from the Moving People home learning matrix over the next few days.

The choices below are from the matrix and have been slightly adapted so that they relate to the curent flooding situation in Bangkok. Learning is much deeper if it is about something you have experienced in real life. However, you don't have to choose from these:

  • Write a set of instructions aimed at preparing people for a flood.
  • Imagine you are a child who has been evacuated from home during a flood. Write a poem describing the experiences you are having and the emotions you are feeling.
  • Write a newspaper report about the flooding that has happened in Bangkok.
  • Create a piece of art named 'The Flood'
  • Design a board game with a Flood theme.
  • Design an invention that will help people in the floods.

On Monday 31st October, you will have MyMaths activities to complete and again on Thursday 3rd November. Your Maths teacher will let you know your individual login details and password by Monday. If you can't access this, please email your Maths teacher or myself and we will try to help.

The school MyMaths login is:

login: bangpat

password: square

We will also be posting additional learning tasks on the Year 6 blog and the class blog on the above dates.

Thank you,

Miss Laird

PS Any questions - please ask on the blog or email me.

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