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Welcome to 6L: This is the blog for 6L.

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Published Thursday, October 27, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good morning 6L, I hope that you are safe and well, and that the home learning activities are keeping you out of trouble.  Thanks to all of you who have emailed your work, I'm pleased to see how some of you have adapted it to link to the current situation.

The next set of home learning activities will be maths based and will be set by your Maths teacher using MyMaths.  I know some of you are familiar with it from Y5 but your maths teacher will still email you your username and passwords before Monday, just in case.  If you have any problems accessing it on Monday, please email me or your maths teacher.  Once you have completed the tasks set by your Maths teacher, feel free to use the site to help you revise any other areas of Maths that you need some practise with.

Please stay safe, look after each other and I look forward to hearing about what you have been up to.

Miss Laird


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