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Learning Superheroes!

Published Thursday, May 17, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, May 25, 2012





This week we have been thinking about which of the IB Learner Profile Attributes most describes ourselves as a learner and writing examples to explain in more detail. Here are some of the things we wrote ...

I am a learning superhero. My special power is being Caring. At home I help my mum with the chores. Dahlia

I am a learning superhero. My special power is a Risk Taker, I like to swim in the far end with my mum and dad. When I go on holiday, I would climb the mountain. Gem

I am a learning superhero. My special power is being Caring because whenever somebody gets hurt, I take them to the nurse and also I ask them if they are alright. At home, I help my sister look after her dog when she goes to her friend's party. Song. 

I am a learning super hero. My special power is being an Inquirer. At home I search the internet to learn new things. When I am at school I go to the library to learn things from books. On holiday, I bring my own computer to the beach and swimming pool. Brett. 

I am a learning superhero. My special power is being Principled. At home I spilt grape juice all over my pyjamas so I told my mum I'm sorry. At school I don't lie and I'm honest. CC

I am a learning superhero. My special power is being an Inquirer. At home I like to find out information about dinosaurs and rainforests. At school I like to ask lots of different questions about what we're learning. On holiday, if there's a computer I will go on it and find lots of information about wars. Rachel 

Try the quiz below. Match the Learner Attributes in the table to the sentences below it. Good Luck and don't forget to write me a comment ... Mrs Kate Wink

































 1.  I think about other people and want them to be happy.  I like to look after them and others.

 2.  I love searching for and finding out about new things, I’m curious.

 3.  I think about things I’ve done and what I’ve learnt from them.

 4.  I understand people are different and respect these differences.

 5.  I remember what I have learnt and use this to help my learning.

6.   I like to try new things, even if they scare me a little.

7.   I can express my ideas clearly, in different ways, and sometimes different languages.

8.  I am fair and honest.

9.  I can solve problems by thinking about them carefully.

10. I enjoy learning and make sure I choose a range of different activities.


Our Learner Superheroes day is Friday June 9th. Don't forget to get your costume ready!

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