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The 2P Blog: What are 2P up to?

Friday 4th November

Published Friday, November 04, 2011.
Last updated: Friday, November 04, 2011


See you on Monday!



Please bring in whatever home learning you have managed to do. Can't wait to see you, and hear where you have been, and what you have been up to. Have a relaxing weekend and get to bed early on Sunday evening!  Mrs Kate x


Final home learning update from me:


Literacy / Connected Learning – Fairytale Project

  • Can I tell a traditional tale orally?
  • Can I create my own story based on the pattern of a traditional tale I know?

If you have  not yet planned your own version of the story, please look back to yesterday’s news for further guidance.

If you have planned your own version of the story, you can start to practise telling this story. You may also want to consider adding adjectives to the story plan to describe the characters, the setting and things, for example, “beautiful princess”, “little, white cottage” and “pink, sweet-smelling flowers”. It might be helpful to use a sheet like these to help.


Mathematics Learning

Click on the links below the learning question to take you to an activity.

  • Can I tell the time when it something o’clock or half past the hour?

o   O’clock and half past interactive game – two players are needed for this game. Take it in turns to click on the dice. The marker will move automatically. Then click on the red arrow until the clock-hands move to the correct place on the clock. Click done.

  • Can I follow instructions to mark a position on a grid?

o   Position with left and right


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