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Primary Physical Education: 

Sun Smart 2012

Published Friday, November 25, 2011.
Last updated: Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sun Smart 2012

Remember to keep sun smart everyone!!

Thanks to Coach Jo from the Swim Team for putting this together!

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Try A New Sport Week 2012

Published Thursday, February 02, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, February 02, 2012

Primary “Try a New Sport Week” provides many risk taking

opportunities for students in Key Stage 2

The first week of team saw our year 3 to 6 PE. curriculum put on hold with our second annual “ Try a new Sport Week’’ taking the stage. The students certainly rose to the challenge and enjoyed making their own choices of what new sports or activities to learn.

The Primary P.E. and Swim teams were called into action to offer some alternative sports and activities and some interesting talents emerged! Learning opportunities offered during the week included Yoga, Thai Dance, Kwik Cricket, Uni Hoc, Cyber Mats, Aussie Rules, Netball, Kabaddi, Takraw, Badminton, Frizbee Golf, Swedish Long ball, Bouldering, Flippa Ball and Ultimate Frizbee. Phew!

Many children really were risk taking to the max and tired something that had never even heard of before, which was very rewarding to see.

Some comments from the students included;

Aussie Rules

Year 4 – I like kicking the ball and being able to score 6 or 1. It was quite tricky!  

Year 5 – It was a fast game with a lot of running. I enjoyed passing but it was a hard skill to master.


Year 4 – It is fun because I like running around and it is also very challenging trying to hold your breath at the same time.

Year 5 – It was hard to hold my breath and to keep away from the other team.


Year 5 – Badminton was really good and I enjoyed hitting the shuttle cock high over the net and playing with friends.

Year 4 – It was a fun but also hard as the racket was small and the net high. I enjoyed playing against my friends too.

Year 3 – We loved it, yeah!

Cyber Mats

Year 6 – The dance game on the Cyber Mats was awesome!

Year 5 – It was fun with Games that I had not played before.

Year 4 – It is fun to tap all the direction with my feet and I enjoyed the wiggle game the best.

Kick Cricket

Year 5 – I enjoyed batting against “Robbie the train” as he bowled so fast!


Year 5 –Takraw was fun and I enjoyed kicking the ball cover the net.

Year 3 – I found it hard but like using the inside of my foot and enjoyed playing the game.

Thai Dance

Year 3 – I enjoyed dancing with my hands and being a Thai person I liked doing it!

A huge thank you to all of the Primary Swim and PE teams for coming forward with such a wide range of exciting new learning experience to try. Also to all of the students who leapt at the chance to make exciting choices and try something new!

Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education.


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Patana Students do well at the “Manila Kids Goodwill Games”.

Published Tuesday, January 17, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, January 19, 2012

Champions of the “Manila Kids Goodwill Games” (Baseball)

By:  Sebastian Tamacas (6O) and Remy Brandt (5S)

Last weekend we, Remy Brandt (Y5) and Sebastian Tamacas (Y6), participated in the Under 11’s Division of the “Manila Kids Goodwill Games”, a baseball tournament in the Philippines.  The purpose of these games is to promote youth baseball throughout Southeast Asia. 

We were both selected to be in the U11’s “Bangkok All Stars”, along with other boys from NISTand ISB.  The team has been practising together for the past eight months and travelled to Manila on Thursday January 12th. 

The “Bangkok All Stars” played against 4 Manila teams; they played two games on Friday, two games on Saturday, and the final game against the home team on Sunday morning. 

The Bangkok All Stars were undefeated and won the Final game 5 - 0. 

Well done boys!!

The Primary PE Team.

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FOBISSEA 2012 Starts Here

Published Wednesday, January 11, 2012.
Last updated: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preparations for FOBISSEA 2012 are Underway

70 of our finest young athletes took to the swimming pool this week for the first of our FOBISSEA swimming time trials.  This marks the start of a long journey for the students as the selection process begins here. There were some superb performances as each students was given an opportunity to demonstrate their freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke and butterfly strokes over 50m.  Selection is going to be very tough this year!!

Thank you to all those parents who turned out to support their children and those that helped with the time keeping. 

Keep up the good work everyone,

The Primary PE Team




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Sports Day 2011 Video Compilation

Published Wednesday, December 07, 2011.
Last updated: Friday, December 09, 2011

Sports Day 2011 Video Compilation

Check out the videos below and you’ll see some great pictures and action videos of out recent Key Stage 2 Sports Days. 

Double click the picture to make it bigger.


Thanks to Coach Jo from the Swim Team for putting these together!

Great work everyone!!!

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Key Stage 2 Sports Days 2011

Published Wednesday, November 30, 2011.
Last updated: Tuesday, December 06, 2011

 Key Stage Two Sports Days Run, Jump and Throw themselves into the Primary Arena

Last week our Key Stage 2 students took to the track and the field for their annual Sports Days.  The weather was unseasonably warm but this certainly didn’t deter our students from giving it their all during the circuit and track parts of the mornings or dampen their youthful enthusiasm. Yet again there were many great performances from all of the Year Groups and we were treated to some superb athletics both in the field and on the track! 

The students’ sports day is split into two sections, the circuit and the track.  In the circuit the students get an opportunity to try a variety of 10 athletic activities and field events, earning valuable points for their class.  For the second part of the competition all of the children move to the track where they get the chance to perform in front of their peers, parents and teachers in a range of individual and team races once again earning valuable points for their classes. 

Our Sports Days are designed so that all of our children have opportunities to succeed and all points gained are important but our students still work towards the goal of being champions on the day. Our four winning classes this year were as follows but huge congratulations to everyone who did their very best for themselves and their peers throughout the mornings;

Year 3 =          3B 

Year 4 =          4H

Year 5 =          5S

Year 6 =          6M

Once again we would like to thank the many parents for coming to support, many of whom entered into the spirit of the occasion by participating in the parents race, an event which the children always love to see.

Finally a big thank you to all the staff that made the events possible and of course the stars of the show, the students who once again helped to make our Patana Sports Days 2011 such successful and enjoyable events.

Keep up the good work students and remember, on Saturday March 10th we have Primary Record Breakers where you’ll really get a chance to show off your athletic skills!

A final well done to all of the students for striving to be the best that they can be.


The Primary PE Team 

For more pictures click here


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Under 11 BISAC Basketball 2011

Published Tuesday, November 22, 2011.
Last updated: Friday, November 25, 2011

  Bouncing into the Big Time!









‘A dream come true', Dario Notarangelo 6G 

It was another very busy weekend in the Patana PE calendar and the primary basketballers were in action and raring to go in their BISAC U11 Basketball tournament at ISB and Patana.  The teams were feeling confident and excited as they had prepared hard for the event. 

The boys headed off to ISB with the Tigers representing Patana in the Championship and our Orange and Black squads in the Cup Tournament.  In the pool stage the Tigers were looking very strong and finished top after beating ISB 2 and Shrewsbury, this set up a semi-final with NIST.  The Tigers proved too strong, NIST were no match for the awesome shooting skills of Louise, Dario, Ben, Kevin and the powerful rebounding skills of Ruben, Sebastian, Jayden and James.  The Tigers were through to the final against ISB, a repeat of last year where Patana lost by one point.  Would this be our year??

The atmosphere for the final was electric and the boys knew that they would need to focus and concentrate hard if they were going to beat ISB.  It was a fantastic start as Jayden tapped the ball to Ben from the tip-off and he ran down the court to score an easy layup.  From that point on the boys never looked back as they rose to the occasion and played some of their best basketball, ISB never stood a chance as the Tigers won 25-17.  A fantastic game and an experience I’m sure the boys will remember for many years to come.  Well done Tigers, we’re proud of you!

Mr Brad writes regarding our Orange and Black teams in the Cup competition:

The Patana Boys Black & Orange teams had a great day of basketball on Saturday, playing in the BISAC Cup competition at ISB.  The Orange team played great basketball all day, to make the semi-finals, only to face their friends and fellow Patana team – the Blacks (for the second year in a row).  In the semi-final, both teams played impressive team basketball, with the Blacks progressing to the Grand Final of the Cup and the Orange team going into the play-off for Bronze. 

Patana Orange played Shrewsbury in the third and fourth place play off, in a game that was dominated by Orange from the start, even with Shrewsbury playing a zone defence. Patana eventually took third place convincingly.

For Patana Black, it was a ‘clean sweep’ – winning every game they played, with some awesome work in the key and under the basket, with Patana only losing six rebounds in defence and attack for the entire tournament. In the final against NIST, it was 14-8, with NIST a deserving Silver winner, but Patana Black took the Gold for the second year running.

Throughout the tournament and in training in 2011 the teams have shown  great character, determination, sportsmanship and adherence to the team ‘game-plan’, which resulted in the results they deserved.


Mr Tatam writes regarding our girls:

Patana had stepped in to host the U’11 Girls Basketball as due to fixture congestion Shrewsbury could not this year.  The floods had taken their toll as several schools were unable to attend but that certainly failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the 6 teams which took part.  The girls proudly matched the boys by fielding 3 teams with our Patana Tigers playing in the Championship and our Patana Black and Patana Orange taking their place in the Cup.

Having coached our U’11 Girls Basketball ECA this year with Khun Patcharee, all of the hard work by all of the 40+ girls who attended and not just the 24 who represented us in BISAC certainly paid off.  The Black and the Orange teams both played with great skill and understanding and their confidence grew throughout the tournament with both teams beating both Shrewsbury and ISB on the way to the Cup Final.  The Blacks proved just a little too strong in the end and were crowned Cup Champions (also for the second year running) with the Oranges a well deserved second.

I had expected much of my Patana Tigers Team and they certainly did not let me down with an assured performance from start to finish.  In the Round Robin they dispatched both Shrewsbury Storm and ISB Black by 30 points while trying to keep the scoring down.  The final was against a much more determined ISB Black team and they scored first to lay the gauntlet firmly with us.  Our girls were not to be denied though as they combined strong defence, great vision and lethal rebounding and shooting to win 22 to 4.

A great achievement for all of our U’11 basketballers.  Well done girls!!

It is also an incredible statistic that none of our 6 boys and girls teams lost to anyone other than Patana. To beat that we currently hold the clean sweep of BISAC U’11 sports in Boys and Girls Tee Ball, Football, Athletics and now Basketball.  An amazing achievement, that all of our Primary students should be justly proud.

Well done to all the coaching staff and all the parents who managed to juggle their day between the many Patana events and still found time to cheer on our teams.  Lastly to all of the students who attend our Tuesday Basketball ECA whether they were invited to play on this occasion or not.

Goooooo Patana!


The Primary Physical Education Team

For more pictures click here;

Comment By Dario 

Love Basketball, thats the results after good practise!!!!!!!!!!

Published on Thursday, January 19, 2012

FOBISSEA 2012 Preparations start here!

Published Monday, November 21, 2011.
Last updated: Monday, November 21, 2011

Primary FOBISSEA 2012 Preparation Starts Here!

In Years 4, 5 and 6 children become aware of a great sporting opportunity available to them known as FOBISSEA or more correctly the Primary FOBISSEA Friendly Games.

For many children and parents alike the concept of what it is and who it is for can be very confusing. The FOBISSEA (Foundation of British International Schools in South East Asia) Friendly Games is a sports festival which is competed between British International Schools across South East Asia. Patana are in Group A with the following other large schools; Tanglin Trust School from Singapore, The British International School of Jakarta, BIS Phuket, Harrow International School, Shrewsbury International School with Alice Smith and Garden International School from Malaysia making a total of 8 schools in our group. This year the Games will be held here in Bangkok and our hosts will be Shrewsbury. We will still stay in a hotel as a team for 3 nights starting on Wednesday 13th June and compete on Thursday 14th, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of June. Over 3 days of competition the children will compete at Football, Tee Ball, Swimming and Athletics. Our team will consist of 6 boys and 6 girls in each of 3 age categories of U’9, U’10 and U’11 making a total of 36 children. Obviously not everybody can go but if your child is interested in trying out for the team they will have to meet our challenging selection criteria in Term 2. Selection for the teams will be based upon the balance of the team being selected and upon the children’s performances during their ECAs and timed or measured events held during Term 2.

If children wish to be available for selection they must meet the following ECA criteria in Term 2:-

Monday          -   Athletics ECA (optional but recommended in preparation for the must attend  

                          Record Breakers on Saturday 10th March)

Tuesday         -   Tee Ball ECA

Wednesday   -   Non Tiger Shark FOBISSEA Swimming ECA - only for children who are not Tiger

                          Shark swimmers already.(optional with all children having to attend at least one

                          time trial gala during Term 2)                     

Thursday       -  Appropriate age group Football ECA

Friday             -  Free afternoon 

We realise that this is a large commitment and it is important to remember that attending all of the ECA’s is not a guarantee of selection as we can only take 6 boys and 6 girls for each of the Under 9, Under 10 and Under 11 age groups. Please note that strict age rules apply for FOBISSEA.

If you would like your child to try out for our FOBISSEA team in June you need to sign up for the relevant Year group Girls or Boys FOBISSEA Games option on the ECA sign up for Term 2. Tuesday Tee Ball and Thursday Football ECAs will be automatically signed up by joining the FOBISSEA option. You will still need to sign your child up independently for the Monday Year 4 to 6 Athletics ECA and please note that if your child is not a Tiger Shark that they will need to sign up for the Wednesday Non Tiger Shark ECA separately. If you have any questions relating to the Games and your child’s involvement please feel free to contact me at

Please also note that if selected your child would be expected to attend our Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ECAs and our Wednesday Swimming if not a Tiger Shark in Term 3.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education

For more pictures of FOBISSEA 2011 click here 

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Things to try at home while the school is closed if you are KS2.

Published Wednesday, October 26, 2011.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Physical Development Opportunities

Key Stage 2


Have a go at some of the activities below and see how well you can do!!!  Remember, it’s all about setting yourself a personal challenge and enjoying what you do.

1. See how long you can skip without stopping. 

    - Set yourself a target eg. 10 skips, 20 skips or even 100.

    - How long can you skip for, if you can get someone to time you?

2. Practise throwing and catching a ball, on your own or with a friend.

    - See if you can do it with one hand. 

    - See how many times you can do it without dropping it.

    - How high can you throw it and catch it.

    - Can you clap when the ball is in the air?  How many times?

    - Practise some of the ball handling skills we did in our basketball unit.

    - Throw and catch off a wall.

3. Practise your swimming strokes.

   - Set yourself a distance challenge.

   - Ask a friend to time you over a distance of your choice.

   - Spend time working on your weakest stroke.

4. If you have an opportunity practice bouncing or kicking a ball with a friend.

5. Ride your bike, scooter, roller blades or have a bounce on your trampoline. 

6. Research an Olympic sport and an athlete from your country.  Display your information as a poster and we can display it!

Stay fit, stay healthy and have FUN!

Comment By Patty 4E 

I did all of it and I enjoyed myself. If possible can you post some more?

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Things to try at home while the school is closed if you are in KS1

Published Wednesday, October 26, 2011.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Physical Development Opportunities

Key Stage 1



Have a go at some of the activities below and see how well you can do!!!  Remember, it’s all about setting yourself a personal challenge and enjoying what you do.

1.      See how long you can skip without stopping. 

-          Set yourself a target eg. 10 skips, 20 skips, 30 or more.

-          How long can you skip for, if you can get someone to time you?


2.      Practise throwing and catching a ball, on your own or with a friend.

-          See if you can do it with one hand. 

-          See how many times you can do it without dropping it.

-          How high can you throw it and catch it.

-          Can you clap when the ball is in the air?  How many times?


3.      Practise some of the things you have been doing in gymnastics.  Remember to always be in control and be safe.


4.      Practise your swimming strokes.

-          Set yourself a distance challenge.

-          Ask a friend to time you over a distance of your choice.


5.      If you have an opportunity practice bouncing or kicking a ball with a friend.


6.      Ride your bike, scooter, roller blades or have a bounce on your trampoline. 


  Stay fit, stay healthy and have FUN!

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ISB Fun Run 2011

Published Monday, October 10, 2011.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

 Patana Runners Get Wet and Muddy at ISB

Mud, water, hills and rain were just some of the obstacles our Under 11 cross country runners had to tackle at last Saturdays BISAC (1.1km) Cross Country Run at ISB.  It was an early start for our runners and there must have been some very nervous and worried faces when they first looked out of the window and saw how much rain had fallen during the night and was still falling.  These kinds of conditions would certainly make for an exciting and interesting race.

The students had prepared hard for the event and most had been attending the many lunch time practice sessions during the run-up to the race.  However, very little could prepare the students for what we saw when we got to ISB, a waterlogged and VERY muddy course.  These were great conditions for a cross country race and as we walked the course in the rain everyone discussed tactics and the best way to negotiate the many obstacles.

Training clearly paid off as Patana put in some gutsy and determined performances.  The weather conditions had just added to the excitement and this could clearly be seen on the faces of the wet and muddy students as they crossed the finish line.  Well done to all of our students that took part with our boys and girls both coming second overall. A special mention to Luke Abai Haddon (4th in the Boys competition), Sinead Bushell (3rd in the Girls competition) and to all our year 4 students who really did step up to the challenge and occasion. 

Finally a special thank you to all the parents that came along, with their umbrellas, to support the team.

Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you all next year!


Chris Meller

Primary PE Team 

For more pictures click here

Comment By Patty 4E 

These types of weather do make competitions like these so much more fun. I wish I was in it it sure does look fun!

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Invitational U'11 Basketball Tournament

Published Tuesday, October 11, 2011.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Patana Welcome Four Schools To Our Very Own U’11 Friendly Invitational Basketball Tournament 

The afternoon of Friday 7th October saw our now annual U’11 Basketball Invitational take place on our Back Hard Courts. We were pleased to welcome Wells, St Andrews, Bangkok Prep and ASB to join us in a 10 boys’ team and 5 girls’ team tournaments. This meant that we could enter a very pleasing 5 boys’ and 4 girls’ teams of our own in what was a festival of friendly basketball competition.

The action was fast and furious with many baskets being swished and many defenders standing firm and rebounding strongly. The improvements in all of the teams general and tactical play was very noticeable as the tournaments progressed and the students understood what was required to be effective. All of the players received a participation ribbon for their efforts with our Patana Tigers and Patana Black teams sharing the spoils as joint winners in the boys tournament and our Patana Tiger girls also winning their tournament.

Well done to all those who played and thank you to all of the Coaches who took a team and the parents who came to support!

Andrew Tatam

Primary PE Team

For more pictures click here

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Foundation Stage Swimming

Published Thursday, October 06, 2011.
Last updated: Friday, October 07, 2011

Foundation Stage Swimming

Have a look at what our Foundation Stage students have been doing in their swimming lessons.  It looks like soooooo much fun!! 

Well done everyone,

The Primary Swim Team

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Interclass Basketball 2011

Published Monday, October 03, 2011.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Interclass Basketball Competition 2011

Last week our Key Stage 2 classes put into action the skills they have learnt in their Basketball units. Each class is divided into 3 teams, a mixed, boys and girls. A round robin between the 4 classes who have their PE at the same time is then played to determine the winner. This event is also an opportunity for students to display some of their IB learner profile attributes: communication through teamwork, principled through good sportsmanship and thinkers through applying tactics.

Year 4 jump started the competition. They play a modified version of basketball that doesn’t involve dribbling. This is the first year that the students shoot for baskets and the PE team were pleased to see great build up passing with lots of shots being taken and some great rebounding happening too.

Year 3 mat ball was next on the agenda. This is a game where instead of shooting into a basketball hoop a child is on a mat and their team mates must pass the ball to them to score a point. There is no dribbling allowed so moving into space and good decision making becomes vital. The standard of play was very high especially in the mixed competition with all team members helping each other.

Year 5 and 6 were playing on Friday. These year groups play a full version of basketball. Year 5 were dribbling around the court, looking for space and timing their passes, which was pleasing to see. This event showcased the importance of teamwork. The teams that won were generally those that could organise their subs, motivate each other and move the ball to the person who was in the best position. Well done to everyone who worked well within their teams.

We saved the best till last and Year 6 displayed the culmination of their 4 years of basketball lessons. The standard of play was extremely high, especially in the boys and girls competitions. The swish of the net could be heard above the cheering crowd. Defensively all teams were marking up on their opposite man in order to try and stem the scoring tide.

The final results were:






3L and 3B

3C and 3P

3L and 3R


4A, 4G, 4R

4M and 4R

4E and 4H


5A and 5O

5B and 5S

5J and 5S


6M and 6G

6G and 6T

6G and 6E

Well done to all those who took part and represented their classes with such pride, determination and enjoyment!

Miss Fiona

Primary Physical Education Team


For more pictures click here


Comment By Patty 4E 

My class for the girls team won but I think other classes worked as hard as we did. We found it very fun and a bit funny.

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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