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Year 1 and 2 Swimming Gala 2014
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Primary Physical Education: 

Key Stage 1 and Foundation Sports Days

Published Thursday, February 23, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, February 24, 2012

A Magical Sporting Performance by our Key Stage 1 and Foundation Students

Thanks to Coach Jo from the Swim Team for putting this together!

Last Wednesday and Thursday our Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage students took part in their annual Sports Days.  This is a week we always look forward to in the PE Department as the Primary Back Field becomes a hive of activity and colour as each class spread themselves around the various stations.  With such a wide variety of activities it is a great opportunity for the students to demonstrate their athletic prowess and show their peers and parents how much they have learnt in their PE lessons.

Each event has a wide variety of activities as varied as the Hockey Dribble Challenge, Javelin Throw, Three Spring Jump and the Obstacle Course.  It certainly is an exhausting morning as they are given six minutes at each station.  Our Key Stage 1 students were first up on the Wednesday and they certainly didn’t show any sign of nerves as they got stuck into the events.  There were some amazing performances on display and it was clear that the students were thoroughly enjoying themselves.  Each class gave it their all and by the end there were some exhausted looking faces.  After saying some thank yous’ and giving out the participation ribbons the students were treated to a well deserved ice lolly!  Well done everyone!

 Miss Betsy and Miss Fiona write regarding our Foundation Stage Sports Day 

Once upon a time (Thursday 22nd February) all the Foundation Stage students visited a land far, far away (the Primary fields), to participate in their annual Sports Day. The theme was fairy tales and children’s stories. The children tried to see if they could run as fast as the gingerbread man, make Humpty Dumpty fall off his wall, help Jack collect and sort his magic beans and even go for a ride on Aladdin’s magic carpet! Displaying the skills they have been developing in their PE lessons the children made a marvellous effort, especially for the K1 students who were participating in their first ever Sports Day! Well done.

As always our parents showed up in large and encouraging numbers.  In many cases they were as enthusiastic as the children, cheering them on and in some cases having a go.

A big thank you to all the PE/Swimming staff, class teachers, support staff, parents and of courses the stars of the show the students who helped to make the Sports Days such an enjoyable and successful event.  A final and well deserved thank you must go to the Year 6 students who helped out so enthusiastically with our KS1 sports morning and acted as great role models.

Our younger athletes have done us proud once again, well done!

Primary PE Team










For more pictures click here:

Years 1 and 2

Foundation Stage



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Try A New Sport Week 2012

Published Thursday, February 02, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, February 02, 2012

Primary “Try a New Sport Week” provides many risk taking

opportunities for students in Key Stage 2

The first week of team saw our year 3 to 6 PE. curriculum put on hold with our second annual “ Try a new Sport Week’’ taking the stage. The students certainly rose to the challenge and enjoyed making their own choices of what new sports or activities to learn.

The Primary P.E. and Swim teams were called into action to offer some alternative sports and activities and some interesting talents emerged! Learning opportunities offered during the week included Yoga, Thai Dance, Kwik Cricket, Uni Hoc, Cyber Mats, Aussie Rules, Netball, Kabaddi, Takraw, Badminton, Frizbee Golf, Swedish Long ball, Bouldering, Flippa Ball and Ultimate Frizbee. Phew!

Many children really were risk taking to the max and tired something that had never even heard of before, which was very rewarding to see.

Some comments from the students included;

Aussie Rules

Year 4 – I like kicking the ball and being able to score 6 or 1. It was quite tricky!  

Year 5 – It was a fast game with a lot of running. I enjoyed passing but it was a hard skill to master.


Year 4 – It is fun because I like running around and it is also very challenging trying to hold your breath at the same time.

Year 5 – It was hard to hold my breath and to keep away from the other team.


Year 5 – Badminton was really good and I enjoyed hitting the shuttle cock high over the net and playing with friends.

Year 4 – It was a fun but also hard as the racket was small and the net high. I enjoyed playing against my friends too.

Year 3 – We loved it, yeah!

Cyber Mats

Year 6 – The dance game on the Cyber Mats was awesome!

Year 5 – It was fun with Games that I had not played before.

Year 4 – It is fun to tap all the direction with my feet and I enjoyed the wiggle game the best.

Kick Cricket

Year 5 – I enjoyed batting against “Robbie the train” as he bowled so fast!


Year 5 –Takraw was fun and I enjoyed kicking the ball cover the net.

Year 3 – I found it hard but like using the inside of my foot and enjoyed playing the game.

Thai Dance

Year 3 – I enjoyed dancing with my hands and being a Thai person I liked doing it!

A huge thank you to all of the Primary Swim and PE teams for coming forward with such a wide range of exciting new learning experience to try. Also to all of the students who leapt at the chance to make exciting choices and try something new!

Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education.


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