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Primary Physical Education: 

Gaelic Football at Patana

Published Tuesday, March 23, 2010.

Another Sporting First for the Patana Primary School

The first ever Gaelic Football match between schools in Thailand took place in Bangkok on St Patrick’s Day. Shrewsbury School travelled across town to play Bangkok Patana School in an U11Challenge match. The prize at stake was the inaugural Sister Louise Trophy sponsored by the Irish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Gaelic Football is not an “official” sport in either school but with commitment from parents, teachers and the schools themselves the game was arranged and went ahead on the sports fields at Bangkok Patana School. The teams contained boys and girls from Years 2, 4, 5 and 6, with the players coming from Ireland, Thailand, UK, Finland, France, Australia and Holland. It was fantastic to see children from so many countries playing and enjoying Gaelic Football, especially on St. Patrick’s Day!

The Patana team had played together once before in the Asian Gaelic Games Tournament which was held in Bangkok in October 2009, but for the Shrewsbury team this was their first experience of playing a competitive game. The two sides showed a lot of good basic skills, talent and determination over the course of the 9 a-side game which was divided in 4 x 7 minute quarters. Patana’s extra experience would prove to be decisive in the end.

The game started at a fast pace with Patana racing into and early lead thanks to some excellent midfield play and expertly taken points by Lucas Baak and Ciarán O’Kane. Patana quickly built up a lead of 1-3 to 0-0 with a well taken goal by Conor Kelly from a good pass by Ciarán However, Shrewsbury came back strongly and the first quarter ended with Patana leading 1-3 to 0-1. Goalkeeper Oliver Della Bosca made some excellent saves to keep the Shrewsbury score down with Tumi Penttila causing problems for the older Shrewsbury boys with his skill and determination and Lorcan Moore tireless in his efforts to stick close to his opposite number and not allow them to get the ball. The second quarter began with Patana playing strongly and their midfield superiority and some very good passing paved the way for 2 very well worked goals from Lucas and Ronan Moore to extend their lead. There was some excellent defending by both sides with the full back lines, especially Jack Hickey, showing great skill in catching balls high in the air. Shrewsbury were coming more into the game and their midfield was exerting more of an influence and was instrumental in a well taken goal. Half-time had Patana leading 3-4 to 1-4 thanks to some excellent defending and forward drives from Olivia and Celine Almond who consistently beat the opposition to the ball and set up attacking moves.

The second half started with Shrewsbury performing well and putting together some beautiful passing moves. The midfield battles were hotting up with both sides competing strongly for the ball. The 3rd quarter was a low scoring affair thanks to excellent defending by both sides and each team only added one goal to their tally, the Patana goal beautifully taken with a first time punch by Satu Penttila from a great pass by Ciarán. Going into the final quarter Patana were 2 goals up but Shrewsbury were still well in the hunt. There was a definite air of tension as the final quarter started and Shrewsbury quickly reduced the deficit with a long range goal, Emmet Moore defended very well to intercept a pass that looked likely to lead to another Shrewsbury goal. Patana then responded with 2 clinically finished goals into the top corner by Satu and Ronan to increase their lead to 3 goals. Shrewsbury were passing the ball around well and this allowed them to score 2 quick goals to reduce the deficit to 1 goal with 2 minutes left. There were many goalmouth scrambles and Kerry-Anne Kelly was only foiled from adding a goal by a great save from the Shrewsbury keeper. Both teams showed great commitment in these final minutes but there was no further scoring. Patana ran out winners by 6-4 to 5-4.

It was a very closely fought contest between two very evenly matched teams who played the game in great spirit and enthusiasm and with a high level of skill. It was definitely a game worthy of the Inaugural Sister Louise Trophy. Coaches Louise King (Shrewsbury) and John Moore (Patana) congratulated both teams on their skills, commitment, sportsmanship and teamwork, and were very proud of both sets of players.

Sister Louise presented medals to both sets of players and the trophy to the victorious Patana Team. All who attended agreed that it was a fantastic occasion and a very enjoyable game, which will hopefully become an annual event. Both sides were already talking about next year’s game and how they will bring the Cup back to their school!

John Moore

Patana Team

Tumi Penttila Year 2

Oliver Della Bosca Year 4

Conor Kelly Year 4

Emmet Moore Year 4

Lorcan Moore Year 4

Ronan Moore Year 4

Lucas Baak Year 5

Jack Hickey Year 5

Celine Almond Year 6

Olivia Almond Year 6

Kerry-Anne Kelly Year 6

Ciarán O’Kane Year 6

Satu Penttila Year 6


Comment By maura madine 

Well done to everyone who took part. Glad you all had a good time.

Published on Thursday, March 25, 2010
Comment By Cecelia 6S 

Great job you Moore kids! Y'all are awesome!!!!!!

Published on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Under 9 Footballers Enjoy an Excellent Weekend

Published Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

The Field of Dream Became a Reality for Just One Morning

At Our U’9 Invitational Football Tournament

On Saturday 6th March eighteen teams graced our Primary Back Fields for our now annual U’9 Invitational Football Tournament. I could not help but feel very privileged as we prepared to welcome the children and parents as I looked out on our wonderful pitches and excellent set up.

The tournament was made up of a girls pool of 6 teams with a Championship pool A and Plate pool B for the 12 boys teams. In the girls pool we had 3 teams entered and a special mention must go to our Orange team who were invited as a late replacement for a team that pulled out.

Our Patana Tiger girls continued from where they left off at the BISAC U’11 Tournament and against opposition of the same age were unstoppable winning all 5 of their games. This gave them the title of champions with an incredible 24 goals scored and 0 conceded and this was with Miss Gibson playing many of the girls out of position to keep the experience a positive one for the opposition. The Tiger of the Day award goes to Rhea Poonevala 4K. Our Patana Black Team also performed very well in all of their games finally coming 3rd and should be very pleased with their progress. Miss Michelle’s player of the day award goes to Betsy Flint Smith 4P. Mr. Chris and the mighty Patana Oranges played with total commitment and were certainly not here to make up the numbers as they fought for a courageous draw against Harrow and completed a great 5-0 win leaving them in 5th place overall. The player of the day award for the Orange Team goes to Jessica Montgomery-Day 4H.

In the Boys pool B our Patana Black Team gained in confidence as the morning progressed as their positional play and tactical awareness improved under the watchful eye of Mr. Parkin. After two narrow defeats they found their way to goal in their third match with a 2-0 win and ended the day with a further two 3-0 victories leaving them in 3rd place overall. Mr. Parkin’s player of the day award was shared by Corentin Bonnifait 4K and Jayden Da Ros 4W. In the same pool were our Year 3 boys who were invited to give them an early taste of competitive school football. They certainly rose to the challenge with a tremendous morning, winning all 5 of their matches, scoring a total of 23 goals and conceding just 1. Mr. Hockley was very pleased not only by the results but by the way that the boys played which was a great example of flowing football. The Year 3 player of the day was Luke Abai Haddon 3R for vocal and general leadership on the field.

In the boys Championship Pool A our Patana Tigers were quietly confident of producing some quality football having played well all year. They certainly did not rest on their laurels though and worked hard to maintain a high level of performance throughout the morning. With 5 wins out of 5 they were also crowned Champions with an equally impressive goal tally of 23 goals for and I against for the tournament. Mr. Woods player of the day was Gaius Van Heemstra 4E.

I am sure that all of our children and parents would join with me in my thanks to all of our visiting schools of Shrewsbury, Bromsgrove, Harrow, TCIS, St. Andrew’s -Rayong, Bangkok Prep, and St. Andrew’s -Sathorn for making the tournament such an enjoyable one. Thanks also to all of our own players, parents, and Coaches for their generous support.

Yours sincerely,


Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education

Please click here for more pictures

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Foundation and Key Stage 1 Sports Days

Published Wednesday, March 03, 2010.

Patana’s Youngest Athletes Take Centre Stage










Last Wednesday and Thursday saw our respective Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage Sports Days on the Primary Back Fields. Fields that I must say looked very colourful and splendid as the various classes and parent cheer leading squads rotated around their multi-event sports mornings.

Our Year 1 children started proceedings with infectious energy and enthusiasm that continued throughout their morning as they proceeded around events as varied as the Hockey Dribble Challenge, Obstacle Course, Javelin Throw and The Sprint. After their 10 events including welcome water stations along the way, a very happy but tired group of Year 1 children gathered to join in the traditional thank you to all of those who had made the event possible. Parents and staff also joined in a celebration of all of the hard work and effort displayed by the children in all of their events and activities. A pleasant surprise along with a treasured participation ribbon was also an ice lolly which for many was the “Cherry on top” of a great morning.

Our Year 2 classes followed and as many were old hands from Year 1 they took to the field and their first event with an air of confidence. This confidence was well founded as aided by some welcome cloud cover they rotated around their events and activities displaying great determination to achieve their personal best results. On speaking to some of the children after the event it was very pleasing to listen to their positive feedback and varied personal favourites from the morning. The Obstacle Course and Fun Relays were enjoyed by most but all of the events got a thumbs up from different children as they too munched their ice lollies at the end.

Our Foundation Stage Sports Morning was organised a little differently this year with our K1 and K2 children joining the same circuit of activities with some being differentiated for each age group. We felt that they worked very well and enabled us and the children to enjoy a more continuous and seamless Foundation Stage event. As some of the youngest members of our school community it is always very pleasing to watch the children attempt many new challenges with such confidence and ultimately with such success. It is also very heart warming to see how many of our parent body find the time to come and support their children as they step onto the very first rung of the ladder that will be their sporting life at Patana and beyond. As for the events I must admit to being a little jealous as they get to have fun at activity stations as varied as the Giant Air Ball, Basketball Bonanza, Parachute Fun and the ever popular Bicycle and Taxi Driver Race. After a hot and tiring morning for the children, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy their ice lollies and I hope will have taken many happy memories from their morning.

A huge thank you to all of the class teachers, support staff, parents and children for their part in the events, also to the Primary PE Team for their organisational skills and the swim team for their efforts on the days! A final and well deserved thank you must go to the Year 6 students who helped out so enthusiastically at each event and acted as great role models for the younger children and ambassadors for the Primary School.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education

For more Year 1 and 2 pictures click here

For more K1 and 2 pictures click here




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