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Primary Physical Education: 

Record Breakers 2010

Published Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

Record Breakers Athletics Take Two sees many Primary School Records Take a Tumble

During the first week back after Songkran we took the opportunity to run our previously cancelled Primary Record Breakers Athletic event. Record Breakers is about giving those students who enjoy their athletics the opportunity to record times and distances over a range of running, jumping, and throwing events. The 50+ children from Year4, 5 and 6 who participated will now have a set of personal best results as a marker to try and beat in the future. There are also those Primary School Records some of which have stood since 2001 to try and break as a great incentive to give that extra drop of effort.

On the Wednesday afternoon, we completed the track events and on Thursday the age groups rotated around the field events of high jump, long jump, three springs jump, Tee Ball Throw, Basketball chest push, and quoit throw. Well done to all those who took part and congratulations to everyone who beat or created a new personal best. The following children are all new Record Holders although in some events several children broke the existing target.



Previous Record Holder


New Record Holder



Y6 Girl Chest Pass

Momoko Tsubouchi   2008

12.24 m

Celine Almond

12.27 m


Y6 Girl Quoit Throw

Molly Frain  2008

24.37 m

Olivia Almond

25.80 m


Y6 Boys Tee Ball Throw

David Gist  2009

39.98 m

Liam Fryer

42.07 m


Y6 Girls 3 Springs Jump

Kate Wattanavekin  2009

06.27 m

Angelina Siddons

06.48 m


Y6 Boys Chest pass

Hein Htet MacArthur

14.35 m

Tristan Wallace

15.02 m




Previous Record Holder


New Record Holder



Y5 Girls 3 Springs Jump

Angelina Siddons  2009

05.76 m

Ja Ja Umpujh

05.88 m


Y5 Girls Chest Pass throw

Katie Lawrence-Smith  2008

11.53 m

Catherine Veasey

11.64 m


Y5 Boys 3 Springs Jump

Hein Htet MacArthur 2008

05.98 m

Handel Dale Gonzales

06.15 m


Y5 Boys Chest Pass Throw

David Gist  2008

13.26 m

Robbie Hines

14.10 m


Y5 Boys Tee Ball Throw

Taran Muthukumaran  2009

37.60 m

Joshua McGovern

37.70 m


Y5 Boys Quoit Throw

Ciaran O’Kane 2009

25.10 m

Joshua McGovern

27.64 m




Previous Record Holder


New Record Holder



Y4 Girls Chest Pass throw

Olivia Almond 2008

08.20 m

Rhea Poonevala

09.60 m


Y4 Girls Quoit Throw

Eva Smiley  2008

13.40 m

Zahra Poonevala

18.96 m


Y4 Girls Tee Ball throw

Helena Marten  2006

22.55 m

Christine Smits

27.34 m


Y4 Boys Chest Pass Throw

Ciaran O’Kane 2008

11.00 m

Christopher Siddons

11.65 m


Y4 Boys  60 m Race

Michael Tyrell  2002


Benedict Winyard



Y4 Boys 3 Springs Jump

Tom Fisher  2007

05.55 m

Benedict Winyard

05.62 m


Y4 Boys High Jump

Tom Fisher  2007

01.14 m

Benedict Winyard

01.17 m

To see 18 Schools Records Broken over the two afternoons was very rewarding after the disappointment of the original events cancellation. A huge thank you to all of the staff and parents who helped out as timekeepers or event marshals as without your help events such as these would not be possible.

For those who think that they can run faster, jump higher/further, or throw further remember to sign up for next year event in Term 2.

There is currently an athletic conditioning session on Tuesday and Thursday morning from 7am to 7.30am which is open to anyone from Year 4 to 6 on the Primary Back Field. Please just turn up in your kit if interested in joining in.

Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education




For more pictures please click here

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Interclass Tee Ball 2010

Published Tuesday, April 27, 2010.

Primary get into the “Swing” at this years Interclass Tee Ball Festivals

This year’s Key Stage 2 Tee Ball Festivals were as enthusiastically participated in as ever. Tee ball is a very popular sport throughout the student body in the primary school. It is a team sport that encompasses many different skills, therefore allowing all children to participate and contribute to the team’s performance, whether that is; hitting, catching, fielding, communicating or displaying leadership skills, everybody plays a part for the team.

The Year 5 and 6 Tee Ball Festivals took place on the secondary school pitches across the road. The standard of play, from our upper years, is such that the extra space allows our students to really enjoy the opportunity to develop their play and experience some of the schools other excellent facilities. Whilst umpiring on one of the six pitches is was great to listen to the tactics being discussed and to witness the team spirit and some of the outstanding individual and team play. The standard of batting was, at times, first class. To combat this, fielding teams were attempting double and even triple plays to try and keep the scores down. It was as always very rewarding to witness all of the student’s hard work coming together in this environment of friendly competition.

The year 3 and 4 Interclass Tee Ball takes place on the primary school back field. The sports field really is a fantastic arena for primary sport, creating a great atmosphere of colour, sound and activity. It is always great to see the effort put into class banners, class chants and of course the team colours which many classes choose to wear. The quality of play was very pleasing from both year groups with many examples of “thinking” play. The Year 3 classes play a modified game to help introduce, what is for them, a new sport. However it is a game that predominately follows the same rules as Tee ball. In Year 4 the students are already playing the full game, with some minor modifications made to equipment and fielding positions.

Congratulations go to all of the classes and children for playing their part in what were very enjoyable events. Here are this years’ winners but again Tee Ball was certainly the biggest winner and all of the children should be proud of their classes and teams efforts.                                                                       

Year Group



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5

5J and 5B

5M and 5B

Year 6






I would like to take this opportunity to thank Khun Patcharee for taking the lead in organising this year’s festivals along with all members of the Primary PE Department and the Year Teams who gave up their valuable time to staff the Festivals. However, most appreciation must go to the students, who through weeks of hard work made the events such a success.

Well done Tee Ballers but it is now time to start preparing for our final inter class challenge with football later in the term.

Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education


For more pictures click here

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Published Thursday, April 01, 2010.

FOBISSEA 2010 Selections are made


After an exhausting selection procedure the FOBISSEA teams have now been selected.  As always this was a very difficult process with tough competition in all the age groups with all students performed superbly. 

We would like to congratulate all those selected, but remember, the hard work starts here!  Watch this space. 


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