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Primary Physical Education: 

Gaelic Football 2012

Published Friday, March 16, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, March 16, 2012

Three in a row for Patana!

On a sunny and hot Wednesday afternoon, Patana once again claimed the annual Gaelic football trophy for the third time in as many years, remaining unbeaten in the competition.

The Year 5/6 Gaelic football squad (James 6G, David 6M, Oliver 6M, Ethan 6M, Conor 6G, Emmet 6M, Ronan 6G, Lorcan 6E, Aisling 6K, Robbie 5B and Luke 5C) excitedly boarded the buses to travel to Shrewsbury school. Upon arrival, the team immediately started training, practising and stretching under the watchful eyes of their coaches.

Following a brief postponement to proceedings due to the arrival of a thunderstorm the games started and Patana got off to a flyer against Shrewsbury winning by 6 goals and 6 points to 2 goals and 2 points. Next, the team were up against Ascot who had showed some excellent football skills in their previous match against St Andrew’s. It looked as if it would be a closely fought game; however, Patana ran out the victors with a number of points to spare.

To ensure that the trophy would be returning to Patana once again, we had to overcome St Andrews in the final game.  Things didn’t go all our way with several shots rebounding off the posts on numerous occasions.  It seemed as if our luck had run out and the players were beginning to fade with the tiredness and the heat.  A rally of support from coaches and parents at half time did the job of firing them up for the second half though and Patana managed to finally secure the win with a score of 4 goals and 5 points to 2 goals and 2 points. The trophy was on its way back to Patana!

A great afternoon of Gaelic football and the players should be very proud of what they achieved.  A huge well done to all of them and a big thank you to parents who came along to show their support.

John O’Shea and Nick Goligher


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