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Primary Physical Education: 


Published Tuesday, June 19, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, June 22, 2012

Primary FOBISSEA Rocks! 

After nearly 6 months of trials and preparation our Primary FOBISSEA Games finally got underway last Thursday after a wonderful welcome dinner for all participating schools on the Wednesday evening at the Chatrium Hotel. Shrewsbury was our host this year and what a wonderful job they did supporting one of the best Games that I have been involved with.

Thursday dawned early for our 36 strong FOBISSEA team from Years 4, 5 and 6 with the swimming as the first event of the Games. This year was the first year in a long while that the 8 schools involved would compete for team awards in the swimming and athletics and our team mentality certainly clicked into place. With the help of Coach Cindy and her P.B. giant ice cream the students performed with great spirit and determination to swim their fastest times. The personal and relay P.Bs just kept tumbling as we scrapped for every placing and point. We did not find out the team result until the Gala Dinner on Saturday and I for one was certainly amazed with our 1st place finish by 0.5 of a point! Every placing certainly counted as we worked extremely hard for each other and the team. What a start!

After a very quick change and lunch we boarded buses bound for the Thai Army Stadium for the Athletics events. Once again the students competed with dogged determination to do their best and the Patana colours were often on the podium. Practice certainly paid off in the field and on the track as more P.Bs were broken and new standards set. An overall win was guaranteed as Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 all came top of their respective point tallies. An amazing first day ended with a very social meal with the other schools, some fun awards and a much appreciated early night.

Friday began with another early start and a fine breakfast before boarding the buses to return to Patana where the Tee ball competition awaited. Having been successful in this event at recent Games all other schools were out to topple the mighty Patana mixed Boys and Girls Teams from Year 4, 5 and 6. The group stages went well with all teams remaining unbeaten and moving onto the Semi Finals. A long gap between games and a drop in concentration levels saw the Year 5 and 6 teams narrowly lose and drop into the 3rd/4th playoff while the tenacious Year 4s marched on into the final. Confidence and concentration returned aplenty as the Year 5 and 6 teams easily won their playoffs to claim their Bronze Medals while the Year 4s won an epic final against Garden International School with a tremendous catch off their last batter. Year 4 maintained a proud recent history with a very well deserved Gold Medal for Tee Ball and ensured a very relieved Mr. Chris and Khun Patcharee.

After a final exciting night in the hotel some very tried but ever eager Patana teams prepared for the final event of the Games, the football. This took place on the Shrewsbury pitches and was approached with the most excitement from many of our team. All of our 6 teams gave their all as they battled to meet our first objective of a place in the Semi finals. Try as they might our brave Year 4 girls just missed out on this goal this year but came back strongly in their final game to win 2-0 and come 7th overall. All other teams made it through to the Semis where the Year 4 boys narrowly missed out and dropped to the 3rd/4th place playoff which they won, giving themselves a well deserved Bronze Medal. Our Year 5 and 6 boys and girls marched on into their respective finals amazingly all won giving us 4 Gold Medal winning teams out of 6.

A tremendous effort from all of the teams but an especially incredible achievement for our Year 6 boy and girls teams who with a few personnel changes along the way succeeded in winning their FOBISSEA  football events in Year 4 ,5 and now 6. Great work!

Results at a glance;-

Swimming Team Award = Champions

Individual Swimming Awards =

* 2nd Year 4 Girls, Misol Chueng

* 1st Year 4 Boys, Yoran Van Keer

* 1st Year 5 Boys, Luke Abai Haddon

* 2nd Year 6 Girls, Rhea Poonevala

* 1st Year 6 Girls, Ela Rylichova

* 3rd Year 6 Boys, David Campbell

* 2nd Year 6 Boys, Ben Winyard

Athletics Team Awards = Champions

Individual Athletics Awards =

* 1st Year 4 Boys, Eemeli Heiskanen

* 2nd Year 5 Boys, Tim Van Dijk

* 1st Year 5 Boys, Luke Abai Haddon

* 2nd Year 5 Girls, Moniqa Nielsen

* 1st Year 6 Boys, Ben Winyard

Tee Ball                      

Year 4 = Champions       

Year 5 = Bronze Medallists

Year 6 = Bronze Medallists


Year 4 Girls = 7th Place                   

Year 4 Boys = Bronze Medallists                          

Year 5 Girls = Champions        

Year 5 Boys = Champions        

Year 6 Girls = Champions          

Year 6 Boys = Champions         

A huge thank you to all of the 80+ students who tried out for our FOBISSEA team this year as it was certainly the competition for places that once again helped to push up our levels of performance.

To all of the parents who supported so vocally and positively a huge thank you goes to you too.

Finally none of this would have been possible without the amazing work and support of our wonderful primary PE Team and Coaches. From Khun Patcharee, Miss Fiona, Mr. Chris, Mr Amuchou , Mr Brad together with Miss Molly, Mr Hockley and Miss Kerry who came for the football plus all of there who have supported at Athletes and football ECAs, THANK YOU!

We have the honour of hosting next year here at Patana and if anyone would like any information about the Games, especially for our current Year 3 parents please do contact me on

Congratulations once again on a fantastic Primary FOBISSEA Games 2012 and not just on results but on how our students represented themselves, us and our wonderful school.

Gooo  Patana !!!!!

Mr. Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education

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