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Primary Physical Education: 

Under 11 BISAC Basketball Tournament

Published Wednesday, November 11, 2009.

 Patana Year 4 and Year 5 students gain valuable experience at the

Under 11 BISAC Basketball Tournaments

All of our young Basketball players have been working very hard during their ECA’s this term with many setting their sights on a place in our BISAC teams. The BISAC tournaments were scheduled for Saturday 7th November with Patana being represented by 3 Boys and 3 Girls Teams from Year 5 and Year 6. As reigning Champions of both, we were quietly confident of an enjoyable and we hoped successful weekend.  Unfortunately H1N1 once again had its say and our Year 6 students were quarantined and unable to play in the Basketball which was obviously disappointing all around. The choice that we were faced with was to pull out all together or continue with the remaining Year 5s that we had and to try and pull some last minute players on board.

We obviously opted for continuing and in the end we had 8 Year 5 girls who stepped up to the Tigers “Championship” and 12 Year 5 boys and 4 Year 4 boys who between them represented our Tigers “Championship” side and our Black “Cup” teams.

In the boys tournament our Tigers Squad defied their lack of experience with a very tight game against Harrow and after leading for much of the game finally went down 8-6 with baskets from Aryan, Jai, and Robbie. Next up were Shrewsbury which proved to be a tough game against the eventual tournament winners. A final score of 13-2 reflected our further depleted state as we played on with only 6 in our squad. A great consolation basket from Taneli was one of the few highlights of the game. Into the 5th and 6th place play off we went against TCIS and another very close game which ebbed back and forth before we finally lost 10-8. A very tired team could certainly hold their heads up though as they shared the baskets between Jom, Jai, Denis and Aryan.

The Black team were certainly prepared for a challenging day as their squad of 4 Year 5 and 4 Year 4 boys took on the mostly Year 6 boys from the other schools. Gaining experience was certainly on the “ to do “ list with the boys looking forward to returning next year and even the year after. They played 3 really close games which really could have gone either way finally losing to Harrow White 2-4, Shrewsbury Blue 1-3 and ISB Gold 6-12. Special mention must go to Louise from Year 4 who scored all of their baskets apart from one from Jaydon who is also from Year 4.

All of the boys should be rightly pleased with their effort and performance under very challenging circumstances.


Miss Gibson writes regarding our brave girls.

Bangkok Patana School hosted the BISAC girls’ basketball tournament at the weekend but unfortunately due to H1N1 2 of our Yr 6 teams were unable to participate. This left the mighty Year 5’s who were promoted to the A team Championships. After a nervous first half against Shrewsbury the girls stepped up their defence a gear and only let in 3 baskets in the second half. Many of our shots went up but just couldn’t find the basket. Against ISB we gave away a lot in height as the girls were playing other teams a year older than them. Our defence was strong, especially Yae Rim Park 5M and Serri Matula 5N marking up was very good, with Catherine Veasey 5M making strong intercepts and running down the court. Again the story of the day, our shooting was a little off. In the 5th / 6th play-off against TCIS we came out all guns blazing and scored two very quick baskets. It was a tight game with great defence from both teams. TCIS came back and had a just a little more fitness to take the game. Khun Patcharee and myself were extremely proud of the way the girls gave their all, didn’t give up and did Patana proud. It was a big learning curve but will hold the girls in good stead for next year. Thank you to the parents who came along to support and a big well done to the entire team: Catherine Veasey 5M, Eshaa Jain 5M, Eloise Dooley 5M, Yae Rim Park 5M, Jaya Kothari 5R, Tigerlily Perry 5B, Daywe MacArthur  5J and Serri Matula 5N

A very big thank you to all of the children who attend our Basketball ECA’s especially those from Year 6 who were supposed to play. Also to those who answered our very late call to enable us to play at all and to the parents who came to support. Thanks also to the Coaches on the day, Mr. Chris and myself for the boys and Khun Patcharee and Miss Gibson for the girls and to the Sports and Activities team for this help in hosting the girl’s tournament here at Patana.

The final word must came from Louise Velayo Y4M who said on the bus to Shrewsbury

“It is not how big you are, its how big you play” How true!

We will be back!


Mr. Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education



For more pictures please click here

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