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Primary Physical Education: 


Published Wednesday, June 08, 2011.
Last updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 The Primary FOBISSEA Games 2011

For 36 of our Primary students their journey toward the recent Primary FOBISSEA Games hosted this year by the British International School, Phuket started way back in January. 72 children from Year 4, 5 and 6 tried out for the team by attending Tuesday Tee Ball and Thursday Football ECAs with an optional Monday Athletics and Wednesday Non Tiger Shark Swimming ECAs too. Times for swimming were taken at 2 time trials while our Primary Record Breakers event provided times, heights and distances for the Athletics. The very difficult job of selecting the final 36 students to represent the school at the Games is then made at a selection meeting of Coaches. We aim to select as balanced a 6 boys and 6 girls team as possible for the U’9s, U’10s and U’11s to compete over the 3 gruelling days of competition at the 4 sports of Football, Tee Ball, Swimming and Athletics.

Having enjoyed a very successful Games, last year in Singapore the pressure was on as we prepared to enjoy another bout of friendly competition against the other seven FOBISSEA Group A schools. The Phuket weather threatened to curtail the events on offer but our hosts and children faced the challenges and we were delighted and relieved to enjoy a full programme of events.

The tournament began in the pool where our swimmers were certainly faced with a lot of high quality competition. Coach Cindy had joined as for the morning and had set an ice cream challenge of 25 PBs which certainly proved a motivator as the swimmers surpassed themselves with an incredible 45 individual and relay team personal bests from 62 races. 13 Bronze, 7 Silver and 5 Gold Medals were also great reward with Luke Abai Haddon 4G leading the way with 3 individual Gold Medals.

The afternoon brought the athletics on a very watery track and field but our young athletes relished the conditions as they produced fine displays across the board. An incredible medal haul of 19 Bronze, 24 Silver and 41 Gold Medals were just rewards for some of the incredible personal and team performances both on the Track and in the Field.  I was particularly pleased with the shuttle relay results as these involved everyone in the team and 2 Golds and a Silver really summed up our strength and depth as well as meaning that everyone had at least one medal after day 1. Catherine Veasey 6P deserves a mention as she held off the competition in the 60m and 100m to remain unbeaten over these distances during her 3 years at the Games.

A very tired team boarded the bus on the Friday as we looked forward to the Tee Ball. Unbelievably our 3 teams all made it into the finals of their age group and won. Our teams have now been unbeaten in two years and that success is testament to the ability of our all Primary ECA Tee Ballers who provide such keen competition to the teams in the lead up to the Games.

The final day of competition was the much anticipated Football and all of our teams looked forward to showing what they could do. Our group target was to get our teams into the semi finals which everyone did apart from U’9 Girls who were unlucky to be in a tough group but who improved game by game to come 6th overall. So 5 teams marched into the semis and incredibly 5 teams continued into their respective finals.  3 Champions and 2 second places from those finals was very pleasing especially as the U’9 boys lost out on penalties and the U’11 Girls went down to a single goal. Great wins for the U’10 Boys and Girls and the U’11 Boys were the cherry on the top of a fine FOBISSEA Games. After all that the children still found enough energy to enjoy their Gala Dinner and Disco where they had the chance to reinforce their many new friendships from all over South East Asia.

Many thanks to the Coaches who attended, Mr. Tatam Miss Fiona, Mr. Chris, Mr. Amuchou, Khun Patcharee, Miss Price, Mr Hockley and Coach Cindy and also to all those who put so much time and effort into our many sporting ECAs during the year.

Well done to all of the students who participated and the parents who came to support as they represented the school perfectly throughout with great sportsmanship and empathy.

Next years’ FOBISSEA Games will be at Shrewsbury here in Bangkok in June and I look forward to seeing many children signing up to try out after Christmas!

Congratulations Patana!

Mr Andrew Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education


For more pictures click here 


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