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Primary Physical Education: 

Interclass Basketball 2011

Published Monday, October 03, 2011.
Last updated: Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Interclass Basketball Competition 2011

Last week our Key Stage 2 classes put into action the skills they have learnt in their Basketball units. Each class is divided into 3 teams, a mixed, boys and girls. A round robin between the 4 classes who have their PE at the same time is then played to determine the winner. This event is also an opportunity for students to display some of their IB learner profile attributes: communication through teamwork, principled through good sportsmanship and thinkers through applying tactics.

Year 4 jump started the competition. They play a modified version of basketball that doesn’t involve dribbling. This is the first year that the students shoot for baskets and the PE team were pleased to see great build up passing with lots of shots being taken and some great rebounding happening too.

Year 3 mat ball was next on the agenda. This is a game where instead of shooting into a basketball hoop a child is on a mat and their team mates must pass the ball to them to score a point. There is no dribbling allowed so moving into space and good decision making becomes vital. The standard of play was very high especially in the mixed competition with all team members helping each other.

Year 5 and 6 were playing on Friday. These year groups play a full version of basketball. Year 5 were dribbling around the court, looking for space and timing their passes, which was pleasing to see. This event showcased the importance of teamwork. The teams that won were generally those that could organise their subs, motivate each other and move the ball to the person who was in the best position. Well done to everyone who worked well within their teams.

We saved the best till last and Year 6 displayed the culmination of their 4 years of basketball lessons. The standard of play was extremely high, especially in the boys and girls competitions. The swish of the net could be heard above the cheering crowd. Defensively all teams were marking up on their opposite man in order to try and stem the scoring tide.

The final results were:






3L and 3B

3C and 3P

3L and 3R


4A, 4G, 4R

4M and 4R

4E and 4H


5A and 5O

5B and 5S

5J and 5S


6M and 6G

6G and 6T

6G and 6E

Well done to all those who took part and represented their classes with such pride, determination and enjoyment!

Miss Fiona

Primary Physical Education Team


For more pictures click here


Comment By Patty 4E 

My class for the girls team won but I think other classes worked as hard as we did. We found it very fun and a bit funny.

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2011