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Year 1 and 2 Swimming Gala 2014
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Primary Physical Education: 

KS2 Swimming Galas 2009

Published Wednesday, April 01, 2009.

Primary Swimmers Rise To Their Gala Challenge


The second week back after our Christmas holidays saw the culmination of all of the hard work put in at the Patana swimming pools during term one. Our Key Stage Two children from Year 3 to Year 6 braved the unusually cold weather that greeted them with their usual determination and enthusiasm to do their best for themselves and their classes. For those who have not had the pleasure of attending one of our Primary Swimming galas here at Patana, we aim for a mix of fun and competitive events that allow all of our children to demonstrate their growing confidence and enjoyment in the water. It also allows our many excellent swimmers the chance to showcase their talents to a broader and very appreciative audience.

Monday saw the Year 6 students starting our week off with an early morning dip before handing over to Year 5 at 10.10am with both events taking place at a loud and electrically charged atmosphere of our 50m pool. For the Year 6’s 6S came out on top with an excellent team performance aided by many excellent relay and individual results throughout. Stand out individual swimmers for Year 6 included Alan 6L, Anthony 6S, Pann 6J and Kate 6B with many others producing great swims. Mr. Gosling also deserves a mention for a powerful display of strength and style in the Teacher Baywatch Rescue again this year without a hair falling out of place. For the Year5’s 5G continued their run of success whilst maintaining a balance between enjoying themselves and remaining competitive across the board. Albert 5N and Beccy 5A led the way as individuals with many others producing excellent individual and relay team performances during the gala. Mr. Rice and Mr. Moore both played their Jokers on the Teacher Baywatch Rescue in this one and it was experience over muscle that saw Mr. Rice triumph for an ever determined 5R team on the day.

The Year 4 gala followed on the Tuesday in the 25m pool which brought the action closer to the ever cheering parents who once again turned up in great numbers to support their children and classes. New events had been added and others tweaked as once again we aimed for a balance between fun and competitive races. The Titanic Relay was as much fun as ever with the changeover proving crucial as 4P demonstrated to great success. Several individual swimmers caught the eye and none more so than the respective boy and girl winners of the ever impressive 25m Butterfly, Sammy 4R and Da Hee 4M. The eventual overall winners from Year 4 were 4M who really did work as a great team with a rare equal second position being shared between 4R and 4W.

Our Year 3 children had to wait until Friday for their opportunity and much to the annoyance of the other Year Groups were provided with a warming incentive of Hot Chocolate to help warm them up between races. Although some of the classes were not at full strength everyone was able to fill their races and even those not swimming certainly played their part with their cheering and general support for their classes. 3M performed very well all morning and were in the lead going into the final event but with all of the Year 3 teachers  sportingly choosing to play their Joker on the final event the result was wide open with double points on offer. The Chariot Relay had been moved to the final slot and so as the teachers squeezed, flopped or simply plopped into their inflated inner tube chariot , the atmosphere was electric around 25m pool.

In the event the effort from the children and the cheering and excitement generated paled the result into insignificance as the race proceeded with many a twist, turn and sinking. In the end it was a late charging 3W who took their opportunities and came through as the winning class but every class should be suitably proud of their morning effort and performance. Tristan from 3P was certainly the stand out individual as he swam beautifully in each and every event that he competed in during the gala.

My thank you list must include all of the children who braved the chilly water, the parents who braved the shady side of the pools, Mr. Shand and the Secondary students for their help and support and our Year 6 helpers who took their place for our Year 3 gala. Many thanks also to the Primary PE and swim teams, Coach Cindy, Coach Nick, Coach Lieke, our Sports and Activities office, Mr. Knott and Ms.McLaughlin for their help and support in organising and running the events.

We will be looking at a change of date for next years’ events as a result of the unusually cold conditions encountered this year so please watch the event calendar next year for the change.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mr. Tatam

Head of Primary Physical Education.


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