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5B's Blog: 5B are Beautiful, Brainy and Brilliant!

From Mr Tatam

Published Monday, October 07, 2013.
Last updated: Monday, October 07, 2013

With the swimming galas fast approaching we will be sending out staffing etc early next week.

We would like the students to have a try at designing the Front Cover of their Year Group Gala Programme! All of the information that they might need is below.

Monday 14th

October 2013

@ the 50m Pool

Year 5

7.50am to 9.50am

All entries to be delivered to the Primary PE Office in the Sports Hall by Thursday morning. I would suggest A5 or A4 but remember they will be shrunk and Black and White as they will be photocopied. Smoothie Prizes! Computer generated or handdDrawn….

Thank you!

Mr Andrew Tatam

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Mai Liang

Published Tuesday, October 01, 2013.
Last updated: Thursday, October 03, 2013


Next week we will start some storytelling learning using the story of Mai Liang as a starting point. For your home learning tonight read the story (two or three times).

In your red home learning books please do these things…

  1. List five powerful verbs that you find in the text.
  2. List the all the things that Mai Liang creates with her brush.

Answer these two questions…..

  1. What would you create for yourself if you had a magic paintbrush? Why?
  2. What would you create to help others if you had a magic paint brush? Why?

Can I vary my sentence openers?

This will add interest and meaning to your writing. You will also practise using commas correctly.

Today I would like you to carry on my retell of Ma Liang, aiming to use a variety of different sentence openers. Studiously, try to use adverbs, verbs and connectives. You will need to start some sentences with other types of words and this is OK! Write your retell in Word, and then post it as a comment at the end of this blog. Remember, your aim is to vary your sentence openers, not necessarily to retell the whole story.

This is your starter.

Turning to a new page, she remembered what the old man had said to her. After a moment’s thought, she went outside looking to do good

Comment By Gong 

Turning to a new page she remembered what the old man had said to her. After a moment’s thought, she went out to do good . . .

Without hesitation, Ma Liang went around the town to look for poor people who needed help, she suddenly saw a farmer who needed help with his crops she thought for a moment she then painted a buffalo and it started helping the farmer with his crops. After another stroll around the town she saw a poor beggar drew a golden hen the hen immediately laid two golden eggs the beggar was delighted but couldn’t say a word. Eventually he thanked Ma Liang for her kindness and started taking care of the crops. Thirty minutes later Ma Liang was still searching for another poor man or woman, suddenly three soldiers appeared out of nowhere and the soldiers demanded, “The king wants a golden tree, draw one right now!” Ma Liang thought for a moment, she thought of what the old man had said and refused to do it. The soldiers had no more patience they exclaimed, “Fine then we’ll just kidnap you.” They took out a large bag and put Ma Liang in it! A big shiver went down her spine . . .
Mr Ben - remember to try opening sentences with with adverbs and verbs.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Prompt 

Turning to a new page, she remembered what the old man had said to her. After a moment’s thought, she went outside looking to do good . . .

Without hesitation, Ma Liang started walking around towns looking for poor people who needed help. Suddenly, Ma Liang saw a poor man on the streets. Kindly, Ma Liang drew a Chicken for the man. Next, Ma Liang skipped to a poor farmer, who had no livestock, so Ma Liang promptly drew a small brown cow. Within a second, the small brown cow grew bigger and bigger and bigger till the cow was as big as a car. As soon as the farmer saw the huge cow, the farmer was in tears of joy. After a few days, the King knew about Ma Liang. Immediately, the King sent 5 guards to go and get Ma Liang so she could draw a diamond tree. After a few minutes, the guards came back with Ma Liang and the King demanded Ma Liang to draw a Diamond tree for him. Furiously, Ma Liang exclaimed “NO WAY!”
Mr Ben - good use of connectives and adverbs Prompt, remember verbs (ending in -ing and -ed) are also useful.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Harry 

After a moment’s thought, she went outside looking to do some good…
She spotted a women begging on the street, so she took one of her hens in her menagerie and she threw hen out of the window. The bird flew to the elderly women and laid an egg for her to eat. Next she made an axe and gave it to a farmer in a nearby field. She gave it to a farmer in a nearby field. He was Astonished. Ma Liang saw that he needed more life stock so she promptly drew a large cow and she brought it to the farmer. He cried tears of joy. Next her eagle like eyes scanned the hills for anyone who needed help but she saw no one who needed her here so she skipped to the nearest village five minutes later she arrived but no one needed her help so she decided to walk home. When she got there she decided to spread the word that if they need any help just to come over to her house.
Mr Ben - Well done Harry, a good retell but do try opening sentences with adverbs and verbs as well as connectives.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Shawn 

This is my new one Mr Ben. Turning to a new page, she remembered what the old man had said to her. After a moment’s thought, she went outside looking to do well. Immediately she saw a poor woman with a baby in her arms so she drew treats for the baby and the woman. “Here you go.” Said Mai Liang “No keep it.” Replied the woman “No no you keep it you need it more than I do.” Said Mai Liang “Thank you young girl.” Said the woman. Wondering off with a sheet of paper and a paint brush in hand she was looking for more good to do she came across an orphanage. Happily skipped inside she saw lots of small children starving to death she didn’t wondered about what to do but then she looked back at her paint brush and sheet of paper she exclaimed “I know what to do!” Just then she painted water and a lifetime supplies of food and gave it to them. Just then the king stormed into the village and demanded to see Mai Liang “Where is Mai Liang?!” Shouted the king. “There she is she is our precious little girl she really is.” “Mai Liang I demand you to make me a tree that grows money!” screeched the king. “No I shall not make a tree of money for you sir” replied Mai Liang “No? How dare you say no to me you will be locked in the palace until you make what I request!” Subsequently Mai Liang tried to escape but she wasn’t fast enough the guards surrounded her. But unfortunately the guards caught her and dragged her back to the palace. Just then the king thought of a real punishment. “I shall lock you in the prison instead Then Mai Liang thought to draw a key that fits the lock perfectly.
Mr Ben - well done Shawn a oood variety of sentence openers. Try not to repeat and openers in sentences that follow on from each other e.g. Just then.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Maya 

Turning to a new page, she remember what the old man had said to her. After a moment of thought, she went outside looking to do good. Whilst she was walking she saw a little girl with her family. They were in need of shelter. So, with the whip of her paint brush she painted a wood house. Subsequently, Ma Liang gathered them to the shelter of wood. Gratefully, they handed her a piece of wool. Next, she saw an old man in need of food she then painted a pig for bacon. Turning, he looked at Ma Liang who was holding the pig in her hand. Confused he stared at the pig he accepted it anyway. In return, he handed her some hay because that was the only thing he had. Delightedly, the villagers thanked Ma Liang for her great doings. Soon after two guards on horses arrived followed by the king on a mat. Furiously the king demanded for the appearance of Ma Liang. Trembling Ma Liang stepped forward. Staring at Ma Liang he shouted “Guards!” The men grabbed Ma Liang and the horses sprinted away. Before the villagers could even say a word all they could see in the fog was Ma Liang griping the air. As the king arrived at the palace Ma Liang saw a line of guards with funny hat that she’d never seen before. They sung a tune that played through her fingers. After a while, they slowed down into the palace. Slowly, the guards led her to a chair made out of gold. He sat on a throne in front of Ma Liang. They chained her to the chair. “Why did you kidnap me” Sobbed Ma Liang
“I did not kidnap you “Exclaimed the king “I brought you here to ask you questions”
Mr Ben - well done Maya, a super variety of sentence openers used.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Jasmine 

Turning to a new page she remembered what the old man had told her after a moment’s thought she went outside to do good. Ma Liang saw an old women begging on the street .Quickly she painted a sandwich for the women to eat and water for the women to drink. Slowly she continued to walk. At the corner Ma Liang found a farm. The farm was empty. Without hesitation she dashed to the barn the farmer was sitting on a single chair next to an old table eat a fried egg.
“What’s the matter,” she asked
“All my crops and animals are gone,” replied the farmer
Like a flash of lighting Ma Liang pulled her paintbrush out of her pocket. Like a professional artist Ma Liang drew two cows, two sheep two, pigs two chickens, two ducks and finally two horses. The farmer thanked Ma Liang. On the walk home she saw several other people wanting donations for a blind man she gave him chicken and an elderly women a pig. She sprinted around the last corner to her village, she still had a mile to walk. Carefully she found her way through a maze of people trying not to get lost. At last her village came in faint sight. Slowly the sun was setting. She wasn’t going to get by while the sun was up. Just as Ma Liang was going to turn the corner to her house. There was an Elderly women and her son, they were starving like the speed of a cheetah she painted a giant buffet with cakes, chicken and steak. She looked at her watch it was seven o’ clock. Ma Liang dashed home then she realized she was starving she hadn’t had lunch or dinner. When she reached home Ma Liang ran into two soldiers “come with us.” They said and with that they took her away. The next thing she knew ma Liang was at the king’s palace and standing in front of the king.” Draw me a money tree!” exclaimed the king. Remembering the old man’s words she refused.
Mr Ben - Well done Jasmine, some good adverb starters here. Remember verbs (ending with -ing or -ed) are also useful. You started some sentences with similes - an excellent writing technique.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Marie 

After a moment’s thought, she went outside to do good for her people. Excited, Ma Liang rushed towards the middle of the village and stepped on the highest stair. Immediately, Ma Liang began to paint and paint on every wall. Suddenly, all her paintings came to life! Chickens, pigs, cows and even a golden goose! Soon after, Ma Liang grew tired and tired of painting and decided to rush home. Sprinting down the hills and the deep slopes, Ma Liang accidentally dropped her brush. But fortunately for her, the magic brush followed Ma Liang wherever she went. Exhausted, Ma Liang plopped herself in her bed and soon fell asleep. At sunrise, Ma Liang jumped out of bed pulling out her paintbrush and began to paint again. This time, Ma Liang decided to paint a monster. Without Hesitation, Ma Liang painted dragon but to make it friendly, she painted a smile. Right after she finished painting, the dragon came to life. Unfortunately, the dragon, who had come to life, frowned and bared its thorn-like fangs towards Ma Liang. Frightened, Ma Liang jumped out the window and dodged the dragon. So much for a smiling dragon, Ma Liang thought
Mr Ben - fantastic Marie, a beautifull array of sentence openers. I also love the way have innovated the story.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Petch 

Swiftly, she saw a elderly woman begging for money and food. Remembering the old man’s words, she quickly drew a hen. Once again, the hen flew out of the page and into the woman’s begging hand. Gratefully, the woman waved at Mai Liang for making her so delighted. Spotting a old farmer, she drew an axe for him. Running to the farm, she gave the tired farmer the axe. She thought about his life stock and realise how poor he must be. So she promptly drew a large cow. Panting, she walked the cow to the farmer. Reluctantly, the cow raced to the farmer. Stammering out his thanks, he took the cow joyfully and in return for her kindness gave her some milk. After a couple of days past, the king arrived with some of his soldiers. Furiously, 3 soldiers demanded that Mai Liang drew a tree that money will grow on it for the king. But remembering the special words, she simply refused. Dangerously, the king threaten that if Mai Liang doesn’t she will be sent to prison. When she was in prison Mai Liang felt downcast.
Mr Ben - Fantastic Petch. A glorious variety of sentence openers.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Carolyn 

As soon as she had finished, the hen ruffled its feathers, flew out of the page, and jumped into the woman’s arms, the elderly woman was delighted, and she gaped at Mai Liang,and gratefully, thanked her. Next, Mai Liang skipped to the poor farmer, who had no livestock, so she promptly drew a big cow which leaped of the page, and an axe, for the poor old farmer, she brought it to the farmer, and he was astonished, he joyfully took the cow and gave Mai Liang some food in return of her kindness. One breezy day, while Mai Liang was eating her lunch, two soldiers appeared and demanded she draw a tree that money will grow on for the king. Without hesitation she simply refused and heroically exclaimed “No! I shall not draw tree of money for this greedy person of a king!!!” the king was furious

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Kai Part 1 

Observing the scenery of her village, Mai Liang strolled around the village, thinking how she could help. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a withered woman begging for money and food. So, she looked right to see if there was anything that could help. She looked left. Nothing. Finally, she looked behind her, and she spotted a gleaming cockerel shining in the morning light. She swiftly sprinted to it, and quickly coated it with paint. It immediately spreaded it’s marvellous plume and fluttered straight into the woman’s wrinkled arms. She blinked back tears of joy and thanked Mai Liang over and over again. Feeling proud that she helped the poor, she lumbered around again and this time spotted a sighing farmer with no livestock. After a moment of thought, she blurted out, “I know what to do!” Quick as a flash, she swiftly drew a magnificent large cow.

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Kai Part 2 

. It sprang off the page and trotted off to where the farmer was standing. The farmer was so filled with joy that he was rendered speechless.
One day, a trio of soldiers stormed into the peaceful village. “Where is Mai Liang?” they chorused. The villagers proudly replied, “That is Mai Liang. She is a fabulous girl!”
The mood of the soldiers quickly darkened. They grabbed innocent Mai Liang and dragged her to the castle, where the greedy king was
“No I will not,” Mai Liang replied,” I will only draw for the poor.”
The king was so enraged that he locked her into jail. At first, Mai Liang felt defeated. But then, an idea gave her hope. She swiftly drew a large bronze key and opened the prison door. She had escaped!


Mr Ben - Well done Kai some really effective starters sprinkled like goldust through your text!

Published on Thursday, October 03, 2013
Comment By Tara 

Turning to a new page, she remembered what the old man had said to her. After a moment’s thought, she went outside looking to do good…
Immediately Mai Liang started looking around. Then Mai Liang saw a poor old woman sitting on the street begging for money. As fast as a cheetah Mai Liang quickly painted a hen for the helpless woman. Then the hen flew of the page and jumped right into the old woman’s lap. The woman was so delighted she cried tears of joy. Next Mai Liang saw a poor farmer in a big field. Mai Liang whipped up a cow and three sheep’s. Astonished, the farmer was speechless and thanked Mai Liang many times. Later on, Mai Liang wondered around, but then two soldiers came to the village. “Where is Mai Liang?!” asked one of the soldier’s. Gratefully, the people of the village said “There is our kind wonderful girl.” The soldiers furiously stomped over to Mai Liang. “The king has sent us here for you to paint what he declares” Said the other soldier. The first soldier demanded that Mai Liang would paint a glorious money tree for the king but Mai Liang refused. Without hesitation Mai Liang walked of. The soldiers were infuriated so they sprinted after her. After that Mai Liang found herself in the castle dungeon’s. Begging the guards, Mai Liang pleaded with them to let her out.
Mr Ben - Well done Tara, you have included a range of sentence starters after editing.

Published on Friday, October 04, 2013
Comment By Michael 

Turning to a new page, she remembered what the old man had said to her. After a moment’s thought, she went outside to do good……

Without hesitation, Ma Liang went out to the village to find poor people in need. After a while, she met a penniless woman begging for money, so she painted a hen to lay eggs for her food. Meanwhile, Ma Liang was strolling around the village, she saw an unhappy looking farmer on the field. Quickly, she drew a water buffalo to help him grow several crops which made him very chipper.
One day two fierce looking soldiers came looking for Ma Liang. Suddenly, a person said “ Are you looking for Ma Liang ?” The soldiers said “ Yes we are” “Why are you looking for her, she is a wonderful girl. Just then, that speech changed the soldier’s mood.” We are looking for her because the king wants to see her” the soldier’s said. So they set off to the king’s palace and knocked on the king’s huge golden door. The king answered the door and said “ Come in” in a delighted way. Eventually the king asked Ma Liang to paint him a money tree but Ma Liang refused. So, the king put her in the dungeon and locked the cell. When Ma Liang sat down on the floor she remembered that she could paint a bronze key to open the cell and so she did. Silently, Ma Liang opened the cell door but a soldier saw her. Ma Liang sprinted as fast as she could. The soldier’s were still following her but then an inspiration hit her. Ma Liang started to draw a horse. After that She looked back at the soldiers and they were still following her.
However Ma Liang drew a black deep hole that all the soldier’s fell into. As time went Ma Liang felt relived! She trotted back to the village.

Corrected one

Finally everyone cheered!

Published on Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Published Sunday, September 30, 2012.
Last updated: Monday, September 30, 2013

Can I explore the size (to SCALE) of the Solar System?

The Earth is small... (scroll down to the bottom)

An online orrery (try saying that fast!)

Very small to very big....

What would it look like if the planets were as close to Earth as the Moon?


From the fruit and veg choose eight fruits that you think represent the size of the planets to scale. The Sun is still a beach ball. Do you need a clue? What could you use to help compare the sizes? What is the diameter of a sphere? Choose your planets and put them on a length of toilet roll in the right order from the sun. Use one sheet of toliet roll to label your planets.

Did we use the same fruits and vegetables?

The distances between the planets are VERY, VERY LARGE. In your group take one toliet roll. The distance between The Sun and Neptune is 150 sheets (to scale). Lay out this length.

Where do you think the other seven planets go? Place the planets where you think they go. Here are the real distances (to scale):

Sun (start of toliet roll)

Mercury (bead) +2 sheets

Venus (marble) +1.5

Earth (marble) +1.5

Mars (small green thing) +2.5

In between Mars and Jupiter add some sand - this is the asteroid belt.

Jupiter (guava) +18.5

Saturn (apple) +21.5

Uranus (manow) +48

Neptune (manow) +54.5

How close were your first attempts to the real (to scale) distances?


So there we have a scale model of The Solar System. Or do we? Is it completely accurate? Watch Bill Nye, The Science Guy, and see if you can spot where our model goes wrong.


Surely we can't make a scale model, accurate to size and distance, of the Solar System? Or can we? Patana's a pretty big scool....

Sun (melon)

Mercury (sesame seed) 10m from the sun

Venus (peppercorn) 19m from the sun

Earth (peppercorn) 26m

Mars (barley) 40m

Sand for the asteroid belt inbetween Mars and Jupiter

Jupiter (grape) 135m

Saturn (pea) 247m

Uranus (bead) 496m

Neptune (bead) 777m

Comment By harry 

the space fruits were really cool

Published on Thursday, September 26, 2013
Comment By Maitri 

I enjoyed the aqutlon very much and the fruits planets was awsome!I am looking fowared to year 5 and the learning in year 5.
I think we are going to win the inter-basket ball.Ilove the homelearning so much because they are very interesting and so eye cathing. The space topic is so interesting because we don't know so much about space yet. I love year 5 it is the best year!

Published on Wednesday, October 02, 2013