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Published Monday, May 06, 2013.
Last updated: Monday, May 06, 2013

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Gruel, Grime and Greatness Home Leanring

Published Monday, April 29, 2013.
Last updated: Monday, April 29, 2013

This post as a word document:

Gruel, Grime and Greatness

This is your curriculum theme home learning for the next six weeks. This will be your Tuesday home learning this week, and your Wednesday home learning for the following five weeks.

Home learning due/presentations start from Friday 7th June.


I would like you to present to the class once more this year (like you did last term).

The main focus of your home learning and presentation is CHANGE. We learn about history because it is interesting, and also because it tells us that people, events and inventions can change the world.

Your rainforest presentations were excellent; this term I want them to be even better! This time I am looking for the same things:

  • Good presenting skills (eye contact with the audience, clear and steady presenting voice, speak to your audience, don’t read to them).
  • Aim for the talk to be three minutes long.
  • Use a PowerPoint as a visual aid (although it should have hardly any text on it). Other props would be welcome. Any video clips should be at the end of your presentation, not part of the main three minute talk.
  • Choose a topic you are interested in, research it, and pick your material (what you are going to talk about) carefully. Remember you are presenting to a group of nine and ten year olds!

And more:

  • This time the presentation should include more of your own thoughts and opinions about the topic. It should not, however good, be three minutes worth of factual information.

Remember the focus of your home learning is CHANGE, and this should be the focus of your presentation. For example:

  • How did school life change between 1837-1901 for poor children in Great Britain?
  • How did King Rama V lead change in Thailand between 1868-1910?
  • How did your home country change between 1837-1901?
  • How did Thailand (land of the free) remain free, while all around it countries were ruled as part of an empire?
  • How did the British (or French) Empire change during the Victorian period?
  • Choose a great Victorian invention and tell us how it changed Victorian life. Imagine a world without this invention. For example, a world with no high speed transport, no electric light or without the medical advances made by the Victorians.
  • Focus on one person who encouraged or fought for change during the Victorian period.
  • How did attitudes towards child labour change over the Victorian period?
  • How have attitudes towards children changed between Victorian times and now?
  • How have attitudes towards crime and punishment changed between Victorian times and now?

These ideas are much more challenging than, say, talking for three minutes about rainforest frogs. However, I have every confidence that you will do a great job and prepare a really interesting and thoughtful presentation.


You must also complete two of the activities below:

  • Create an A2 sized poster which identifies key features of a classroom 150 years ago (1863), key features of a classroom now and predicts what a classroom in the year 2163 will be like.
  • In the form of a rolled up scroll, create a time line to cover the key events in Great Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901), or in Thailand during the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910), or in your home country during the 19th century (1800s).
  • Create an A2 poster that explains child labour in Victorian Britain. How did attitudes change over the era?
  • Create an A2 poster that explains child labour around the world now. How are people and organisations trying to fight child labour? How does child labour effect education?
  • Create a non-chronological report on one of the great inventions of the Victorian era. This could take the form of a pop-up book.
  • Create a newspaper article reporting on one of the above inventions. 

Whatever you choose to do must be presented in a creative and quality way and brought into school by Friday 7th June. I want to see that you have taken time over both finding out about two of the areas above, and taken the time to present what you have found out in an attractive and accessible way.

You will see that it is all paper-based or ‘flat’ tasks. No 3D things please. The end of the school year is not the right time for a deluge of models to arrive in the classroom!

If you can think of any other activities, in particular paper-based learning which supports the topic of your presentation, let me know and your ideas could be used instead of the ones above.

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Maths Home Learning

Published Monday, April 29, 2013.
Last updated: Monday, April 29, 2013

Well done on the first quiz today. I was pleased with all your scores! For your home learning tonight go onto and login with the school's details: bangpat/volume. Practise an area you think you need practise in. I have not set you a particular task, just use the time to practise an area you think you need to practise!

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