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Gruel, Grime and Greatness Home Leanring

Published Monday, April 29, 2013.
Last updated: Monday, April 29, 2013

This post as a word document:

Gruel, Grime and Greatness

This is your curriculum theme home learning for the next six weeks. This will be your Tuesday home learning this week, and your Wednesday home learning for the following five weeks.

Home learning due/presentations start from Friday 7th June.


I would like you to present to the class once more this year (like you did last term).

The main focus of your home learning and presentation is CHANGE. We learn about history because it is interesting, and also because it tells us that people, events and inventions can change the world.

Your rainforest presentations were excellent; this term I want them to be even better! This time I am looking for the same things:

  • Good presenting skills (eye contact with the audience, clear and steady presenting voice, speak to your audience, don’t read to them).
  • Aim for the talk to be three minutes long.
  • Use a PowerPoint as a visual aid (although it should have hardly any text on it). Other props would be welcome. Any video clips should be at the end of your presentation, not part of the main three minute talk.
  • Choose a topic you are interested in, research it, and pick your material (what you are going to talk about) carefully. Remember you are presenting to a group of nine and ten year olds!

And more:

  • This time the presentation should include more of your own thoughts and opinions about the topic. It should not, however good, be three minutes worth of factual information.

Remember the focus of your home learning is CHANGE, and this should be the focus of your presentation. For example:

  • How did school life change between 1837-1901 for poor children in Great Britain?
  • How did King Rama V lead change in Thailand between 1868-1910?
  • How did your home country change between 1837-1901?
  • How did Thailand (land of the free) remain free, while all around it countries were ruled as part of an empire?
  • How did the British (or French) Empire change during the Victorian period?
  • Choose a great Victorian invention and tell us how it changed Victorian life. Imagine a world without this invention. For example, a world with no high speed transport, no electric light or without the medical advances made by the Victorians.
  • Focus on one person who encouraged or fought for change during the Victorian period.
  • How did attitudes towards child labour change over the Victorian period?
  • How have attitudes towards children changed between Victorian times and now?
  • How have attitudes towards crime and punishment changed between Victorian times and now?

These ideas are much more challenging than, say, talking for three minutes about rainforest frogs. However, I have every confidence that you will do a great job and prepare a really interesting and thoughtful presentation.


You must also complete two of the activities below:

  • Create an A2 sized poster which identifies key features of a classroom 150 years ago (1863), key features of a classroom now and predicts what a classroom in the year 2163 will be like.
  • In the form of a rolled up scroll, create a time line to cover the key events in Great Britain during Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901), or in Thailand during the reign of King Rama V (1868-1910), or in your home country during the 19th century (1800s).
  • Create an A2 poster that explains child labour in Victorian Britain. How did attitudes change over the era?
  • Create an A2 poster that explains child labour around the world now. How are people and organisations trying to fight child labour? How does child labour effect education?
  • Create a non-chronological report on one of the great inventions of the Victorian era. This could take the form of a pop-up book.
  • Create a newspaper article reporting on one of the above inventions. 

Whatever you choose to do must be presented in a creative and quality way and brought into school by Friday 7th June. I want to see that you have taken time over both finding out about two of the areas above, and taken the time to present what you have found out in an attractive and accessible way.

You will see that it is all paper-based or ‘flat’ tasks. No 3D things please. The end of the school year is not the right time for a deluge of models to arrive in the classroom!

If you can think of any other activities, in particular paper-based learning which supports the topic of your presentation, let me know and your ideas could be used instead of the ones above.

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Maths Home Learning

Published Monday, April 29, 2013.
Last updated: Monday, April 29, 2013

Well done on the first quiz today. I was pleased with all your scores! For your home learning tonight go onto and login with the school's details: bangpat/volume. Practise an area you think you need practise in. I have not set you a particular task, just use the time to practise an area you think you need to practise!

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Victorian Day PMI

Published Wednesday, April 24, 2013.
Last updated: Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wow! What a busy day! I’m sure you will sleep well tonight. I will. For tonight’s home learning I would like you to spend some time reflecting on your Victorian day experience. What are your views on life for a Victorian school child?  On the end of this post a comment that includes two positive things, two negative things and two ‘interesting’ things about life and learning for a Victorian school child.

I would like you to write in full sentences and justify what you say. So that makes a paragraph of at least six sentences. You will need to use connectives, ambitious punctuation and some language particular to Victorian education.

Comment By Nimit Gupta 5B 

I had a lot of fun. I really liked how you set up the things. how you dressed up like a Victorian character. I think we should have stayed in roll all day. I think we should have a Victorian week in stead of Victorian day. I found the equipment most interesting. I also thought the object lesson was the best too because we get to learn the insect parts of body and improve our drawing.

Published on Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Comment By Lyla 

Victorian Day

One of the things I liked about victorian day, was getting the real experience of a Victorian school child slate boards and pencils, arethemetic etc.The other thing I liked about Victorian day, was how much we learned about a victorian children. Something I disliked about victorian day was the punishments, I almost got the back straightener, few!!! Another thing I disliked was the Gruel...... other people might think they like it but Im not one of those people!! A thing I thought was interesting must be every thing.... everything is different in our generation and time.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Artur 


It was really fun! Because we got to expirience the life of a victorian chid.The thing I would regret GRUEL!!!!!!! I was sertenly not one of the kids that thought gruel was eatable. The thing I thought was interesting was most of the things really. But mostly to see how learning inperticular has changed in the pasing generations.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Ethan James De Silva 

In my opinion, I think I wouldn’t be suitable to study in a Victorian school. The Victorian schools are not as modernized as our customary school, as our school has high-technology tools to use and study. This will be a big obstacle in education for the Victorian schools. Some of the students won’t be enjoying school, as the teachers are austere and fierce. This won’t make a cheerful environment for the students to study in. However, I think the major problem is how the teachers are punnishing the students. Sometimes, they punish the students in the most cold and inhuman way. They should really think about considering to abolish their cruel punishments.

Positive things:
1. Morning drills. It helps to keep the fitness of the students.
2. Grace. The prayers help to teach the students values by following the morals of the prayers.

Negative things:
1. Punnishments. It’s very painful and is quite similar to torturing.
2. Teacher’s attitudes. Students could be affected and influenced by their teacher’s cold-hearted attitude for some situations. They could be discouraged in learning new things and could treat their children the very same way.

Interesting things:
1. Food. Do they only eat gruel everyday? If they eat others, what else do they eat?
2. Classroom environment. I can’t picture what a class looks like. Any rats or mouse scurrying around? Snakes slithering on the ground? The wooden planks creak when stepped on?

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Marty 

What I thought was fun on Victorian day was actually all the punishments, but I loved embroidery. I absolutely LOATHED the gruel, and I wish it was Victorian week. I thought that it was very interesting how different things are now compared to 200 years ago.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Fai 

Victorian Day
I think living during the Victoria era would be difficult. The type of food that was acceptable then is quite awful. Also, school was not a fun place to be in that time. Children had to keep quiet and still all the time. You were not allowed to ask questions. The punishment was very cruel too. I don't think that it was ok to treat children like that.
I did enjoy how if you passed inspection you would get a half day off of school. I also liked how girls and boys were separated during the day. I enjoy working with my friends.
I think it was interesting how the children were expected to write. The printing was so different from how it is today. It was quite hard to copy. I think the morning drill with the exercising was fun. It got all the children up and active, which is a good way to start your day. It was quite hot though. Life back then was very different, I am glad that I go to school in the present time.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Divyansh Jain 5B 

On Victorian day,I had a lot of fun. The best thing was to learn the experience of a victorian child. I liked how we did the rotation of the military for boys,
deportment for girls,maths,handwriting and the empire.Something I didnt like was that in some parts of the day we were out of role. The other thing I didnt like was the equipment we wrote with(slate pencils and pencils instead of ink). Something I found intresting to know was the punishments and how the teachers in the vitorian time behaved compared to now.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By hannah 5B 

A good thing about being a Victorian school child is sitting at your own desk because you get more space and you can concentrate more. Another positive thing about being a Victorian school child is the object lesson because I got to look up close to butterflies or any other insect or object and draw it with detail. Things I disliked is splitting boys and girls up because what if they don’t get a chance to know each other. Another thing I disliked is the gruel, it tasted disgusting! I feel so sorry for people in the Victorian era it would have tasted (and looked) more disgusting. Some things I found interesting was the punishments. I found the punishments interesting because if you compare the punishments they used to the punishments we use you will se how much peoples attitudes have changed.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Yoran 

What i think is positive is the sketching and an object lesson because i think that in the victorian times kids would like it like i did and we also learn about the world and the things around us.

What i think was negitive was the gruel because i think it is wrong to make pourage out of food waste. Also i think the victorians get to serius about thing and the punishments what they did was wrong.

What i found interesting was the drill becuase mabey someone might no t be quite awake yet so the drill might wake them up and make them more active. I also think the inspections might be interesting because if you pass it you'll be happy very happy but if you dont it might ruin your life.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Isaure Echivard 

Victorian Day

It was awesome!!!
One of the things i liked, was that once we've passed the inspection we had extra play time.
The other thing i liked about victorian day was that we sat at our own desk so that we wouldn't be disturbed by other people. The thing that i disliked was the punitions!!!And the gruel...
The thing that i thought was interesting was the object lesson.
But in total it was a great achievement!

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Firas 5B 

In Victorian Day I enjoyed the technical drawing because we get to learn our sketching skills and we can copy the parts of the steam train very carefully onto the sketch pad. I also liked the military training because we get to learn the Heroic death, shooting, aim, marching, sprinting and crawling. I think we should of been in role for the whole day instead of stopping in the middle. I found the object lesson interesting because we identified the wasp's parts like the thorax and the abdomen ,and we also improved in sketching. 

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Aiko 

Victorian was amazing! I think it was the best day of the year so far.
(But the teachers were really scary!) There was something I liked and something’s I dislike. The positive ones were, if we past the inspectors we can just have the rest of the day relaxing. I loved being in role as a Victorian child because we got to do what they did way back 200 years ago! The things I dislike were the punishments, because if we just got a question wrong we will be caned right away. The other one I dislike was the gruel. I really don’t like the gruel!! (I didn’t try it) It’s kind of interesting that boys and girls split and go in different entrance.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Mint 

Victorian day

The good things were that we passed the inspection because if we didn’t pass , we would have to go to work and the other good thing was sewing. It was really fun. The interesting thing was the arithmetic and it is a bit confusing cause 12 pence equals 1 shilling and 20 shilling equals 1 pound also the way they treat the girls and the boys not equally. The negative things were eating gruel I thought it tasted like mushy porridge and the teachers were very mean. My friend even got canned.

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Mimi 

Bact to the victorian times, where children get caned and yelled at. An intresting thing about the victorian time was the morning drill, but i guess thats just 'mini PE'. Another intresting thing was the gruel, maybe its precious for them, but for us? yuck. Now i am starting to wonder if the people in the future will think that pizza is gross. Nevermind. Now its time for the positive things. Ugh. Number 1: Desks. I want to have my own desk because people like to copy my work. Number 2: I dont know. The victorian times were pretty horrible. Negative time. Being forced to write with your right hand. We shouldnt force are brain so we shouldnt force or body. Imagine we force you to speak a language you dont know. Another thing was the punishments. I think they are very wrong:(

Published on Thursday, April 25, 2013
Comment By Arin 

The things I liked about Victorian day is that you get your own desk so you can have personal space and if the class pass inspection the class gets the rest of the school day off. The positives things about Victorian day are that gruel tastes horrible and the punishments are awful. The interesting thing is that attitude has change since the Victorian era.

Published on Friday, April 26, 2013