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Maths Home Learning

Published Monday, May 20, 2013.
Last updated: Monday, May 20, 2013

Please log on to I have set you two tasks. Please do them both. Do the easier one first and then the harder one. Ourt shoool login details are: bangpat volume. If you have forgotten your personal login details please email me. Thanks.

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Published Tuesday, May 14, 2013.
Last updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's your LAST CHANCE to bring in all your toys, games, books, dvds and CAKES, ready for our big fundraiser of the year - The Bring, Buy and Bake Sale - It is up to YOU

Remember - YOU can make a big difference to peoples lives.

So, get baking and also grab a bag and fill it with things to sell so we can raise a huge amount for our charity (check with mum and dad that it is ok, too)

Don't forget your money to buy things too! And a tupperware put to put all the money we raise in.

Please bring cakes into school when you arrive in the morning and find your teacher.

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Home Learning

Published Tuesday, May 14, 2013.
Last updated: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today in Literacy we practised rewriting a boring piece of narrative, by combining effective action, character and setting descriptions.

We used precise nouns and adjectives and powerful verbs and adverbs to achieve this. Please can you do the same with this boring piece, describing the scene at The Bookstall.

The boys walked along the London streets. The streets were busy. They were looking for someone. When they found a man they went up to him and stole his handkerchief. The man said, “Stop!” The boys ran away. People followed Oliver. Oliver banged into somebody and fell over. He was caught.

This should be at least 100 words long, please can you post your rewrites as a comment at the end of this post.

Comment By Fai 

The young mischiefs strolled along the noisy and stinky London streets. The streets hummed as if alive. Like ants to ice cream, people filled every corner and every crevice. The young men were hunting for their next victim, when they spotted their prey they snuck up on him and drew out his lovely handkerchief for his pocket. The man cried "stop!" and the thieving boys bolted away. The crowds chased after the accused Oliver. Oliver weaved through the crowds dodging children, animals and stalls, but eventually he slammed into a tall old man. He stumbled to the cold and dirty ground. It was all over. The chase had ended. Oliver was captured.

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Comment By Ethan James De Silva 

The Artful Dodger, Charlie Bates and Oliver Twist strode along the busy London streets. The Artful Dodger released an air of importance and commanded Oliver Twist to watch and learn. The Artful Dodger’s eyes then darted around, seeking for an unfortunate victim. He raised his hand and hesitated, tapped his companion’s shoulder. Crossing the road, his eyes were laid upon a fairly aged gentleman taking a look at a book in front of a bookstall. As the Artful Dodger smoothly removed a yellow handkerchief from the man’s pocket, a posh-looking elderly suddenly shouted, “Stop! Thief!” The two boys immediately dashed away, leaving poor Oliver behind. Oliver was immobilized, coming to his senses, he started to bolt away. The number of people chasing Oliver eventually became larger and larger. Soon, it was a huge crowd of people. Oliver turned his head and worriedly stared at the crowd, but unfortunately, he felt a sudden pain on his neck and then fell unconscious. He was captured.

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Comment By Isaure Echivard 

Oliver Twist: The bookstall

The pickpocket gang trotted down the busy London streets, they were very busy. They were searching for their next target... They find him, an old and rich man standing in front of a bookstall reading a book. They slowly approached him, they smoothly stole his hankerchief. The owner of the bookstall started shouting ‘Stop! Thieves!’ The boys ran away but Oliver catche up so the crowd of people started chasing him like mad!!! A strong man stood in front of him and punched him in the face… He was caught. When Oliver woke up he was in the tribunal.

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Comment By Divyansh Jain 5B 

The pick pockets spied along the busy London streets ready to fill themselves with treasure. They were scanning until they found the exact old man with perfect handkerchief to steal. Cautiously they went up to him and dipped their skillful, stealing palm into his deep, dark pocket and took out the pure gold handkerchief. Luckily the shopkeeper saw them stealing the gold handkerchief. He rushed out and yelled ‘STOP’ but unluckily they ran away. Charley Bates and the Artful Dodger were as quick as a flash. Oliver still didn’t understand what was going on. It was too late for Oliver so everyone chased him except the shopkeeper. He still cared about Oliver who wasn’t the thieve. Oliver ran as fast as he could but the crowd was faster and could catch up. A man suddenly came and punched Oliver on the face which made Oliver crash down. Oliver had started to bleed a tiny bit.

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Comment By Shumanyee 

The Bookstall
The excited boys walked along the noisy London streets in the early morning as the sun had begun to rise. The streets were filled with rustling carriages that seemed to be rushing to work. As they were walking pass a bookstall, they found an old gentleman and Charlie went up to him and distracted him while Dodger carefully pulled the golden silk handkerchief out of his pocket. Oliver jaws dropped and he stood there amazed. The bookstall owner ran outside and yelled “Thief!” at the top of his voice. The gentleman looked around in alarm. The boys had already run away. The gentleman thought Oliver was the thief and started running after him shouting thief. A big crowd and some policemen started chasing him. Oliver banged into someone’s fist and fell over. He was caught.

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Comment By Jack R 

Oliver, Baytes and Dodger strode along the busy London Street. It was quite busy for a Saturday afternoon. Oliver had no clue why they were walking around the streets but he was about to find out. On the other side of the street sat a bookstore tall and proud attracting customers from all around. They waited for a carriage to pass by then Dodger and Baytes walked across the street, Oliver walked to the curb and realized what Dodger and Baytes were: they were pickpockets. Baytes stood on one side of a gentleman while Dodger snuck up from behind and stole his hanky. Suddenly and without warning, the bookshop owner bolted out of the store and shouted “STOP, THIEFS!” Dodger and Baytes ran past Oliver and he just sat there looking quite ill. Then, he decided to run. He turned around and had to wait for a carriage to go by. He started running across the London streets, while all the noise attracted for and more people who chased after Oliver. Dodger and Baytes saw the crowd and instead of trying to stop it, they joined it. It stopped when a man saw Oliver coming and punched him in the lip. Oliver fell over unconscious.

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Comment By lyla 

The Bookstall

Charlie Bates, The Artful Dodger and Oliver strode around the busy noisy London street. Oliver didn't know what they were gonna do he was as green as ever. Across the street there was a rather large Bookstall, there was a rich man looking at one of the books. The 2 pickpockets stalked the old
Gentleman, until the Artful Dodger skillfully dipped his hand into the dusty pocket he pulled out a green handkerchief with gold and blue patterns on each side. The owner of the Bookstall saw this and immediately said "Stop thief stop!!" But the 2 pickpockets already slipped away abandoning poor Oliver. Oliver thought he had to run too, so he waited for a carriage to pass and ran, he ran as fast as he could other people watching puppet shows dashed away to join all the commotion. Oliver ran through tunnels and under bridges until he felt a pain in his neck and fell to the ground unconscious.He was caught.

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By Yoran 

The ransack boys wlaked along the busy, crouded, dirty London street.There was a strong smell of horses and rats. The place was full of peolple observing the caotic markets. There was muttering of peolple and cluttering of hores's hoos's making a weared rythym on the coble street, every where, and you might not even hear your breath. The boys were glimpsing for a oppurtunity to pick pocket. Just then they saw a man with nice clothes and a white moustash that culred around his nose and a fine made handkachief leaning over his pocket. suddenly their fingers started to ich. They nimbly nagged up to him, and with extrodenary rapidity Dodger dived his ichy fingers in and grabbed it. The man hollerd "Stop!" and the boys hurried their way through the crouds like a freaked out gecko. But peolple ran after oliver as they thought he was the thief. More and more people joined and it woudn't stop. the were running like a pack of wildebeasts getting chased by lions. With a blow in the fist's man, that had a wrinkeld face, arched back and a cane got him to end up on the floor. Oliver has nowhere else to go as peolple were all around him.

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By Firas 

The Bookstall
3 mysterious youthful boys sneaked across the busy and packed London Street as they headed towards a bookstall. They constantly peered around themselves and slowly walked towards a wealthy and merry old man. Skillfully Dodger dipped his hand deep down the old man’s pocket and took out a nicely patterned valuable yellow and blue handkerchief and tossed it at his back. The merry old man screamed and shouted “STOP, THIEF!!” Most of the people in the market chased Oliver around the roundabout. Dodger and Bates ran to the point when they found out Oliver was being chased. They exaggeratedly ran with the people in the street and about 30 seconds later he bumped into an old man and collapsed down on the ground. He knew he was going to get in humongous trouble.

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By james 

the chas
the boys (the Artful dodger, Oliver and another pickpocket ) strolled around the London market stealing food right under their noses. One time they snatched a hoop from a little boy and played with it Oliver thought it was very fun in till the dodger and his friend swaggered across the market road. The first move was when dodger's fingers stared to itch then he put his hand into the gentleman's pocket the shop keeper (mrBrownlow) saw what had happened and he did an ear splitting shout "no no stop" dodger and his friend ran and bumped into Oliver and Oliver followed but a hoarse was in the way dodger and his friend going back to safety.........

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By Prom K 

The boys strolled along the busy London streets. The streets were buzzing with chatter. They were prowling around for someone to pilfer. When they finally managed to find a mild-aged gentlemen. They creeped up to him, dipped into his pocket and stole his handkerchief. The man screeched, “Stop!” The boys sprinted away. A huge crowd of people pursued Oliver. Oliver sprinted into a man and hit his head. He at last caught.

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By Aiko 

The annoying pickpockets sauntered along the noisy and busy market. They were looking at everybody’s pocket while their hands are starting to itch. Lastly they found the correct old rich man to pickpocket, that man was reading an interesting book in front of the bookstall. The sneaky Artful Dodger and Charley Bates tiptoed close to the old man and rapidly Dodger put his itchy hand into the old man’s pocket and passed it to Bates. The shopkeeper saw them pickpocket so he shouted, “Thief’s! Thief’s!” Unfortunately the 2 naughty boys ran away. Oliver tried to follow them but he got stopped because of the horse car so the old man thought it was Oliver that was the thief so everyone followed him and finally, he got captured!

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By Arin Smutharaks 

The bookstall

The boys strolled alongside the London streets. The streets were hectic and bursting full with people. They were looking for someone rich and wealthy. When they located a man, in a posh suit they went up to him and whipped away his handkerchief out of his pocket whilst he was reading a book on a bookstall not making the man feel a thing. Suddenly the shopkeeper scampered out and shouted “thief”. The other boy’s swiftly ran in to a dark street but Oliver darted along the road. “Bang” a fist hit right smack in the middle of Oliver’s face, he got knocked out, he was caught…

By: Arin Smutharaks 5B

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By MInt 

The young mischievous pickpockets wander around the chaotic streets of London. They were eyeing everywhere even in the darkest corners of the streets. There where looking for someone, a rich wealthy man. There he was gazing upon some interesting novels. They snuck up behind him. They dipped there sneaky little hands into his pocket and stole a beautifully made silk handkerchief. The man yelled “Stop!” and they bolted away. The people mistook Oliver for the pickpockets. The crowd raced after Oliver yelling and screaming. Oliver crisscross through crowds of people crashing into people. Up ahead he smashed into a man and fell to the dirty and muddy ground. Oliver was captured.

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By Premika Ilyas 

The two skillful pickpockets walked along the London Street. The street was filled a huge crowed. They were looking for a people to steal from. While they were walking they saw a old man eho was standing at the bookstall. One of the robbers stole a handkerchief from that old man. After a while the old man realized that a boy stole his handkerchief and shouted “stop”. The robbers ran away but Oliver was chased instead. Oliver ran as fast as he can with the villagers chasing behind him. Suddenly Oliver was bang into a man and fell over and he was caught.

Published on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
Comment By Nimit 

The Bookstall
Charlie Bates, Oliver and the Artful dodger strode along the London market with curiosity to pickpocket. The Dodger spotted one amazingly rich old gentlemen glaring at one of the books at the bookstall, the dodger went next to him and dipped his dusty fingers in the old pocket, the dodger put it behind himself and bates took it. Oliver stood there green but when the bookstall owner saw Bates and dodger stealing the handkerchief he started shouting “thief stop him thief” Oliver tried running after Dodger and bates went but there was a carriage was there but he didn't wait so he went the other direction. As Mr. Brownlow shouted the same thing as the bookstall owner everybody started running after Oliver. Bates and Dodger pretended to also run after Oliver. It stopped when a man just punched Oliver on his lip and Oliver fell to the ground unconsciously. He was caught!

Published on Thursday, May 16, 2013
Comment By Artur 

The boys walked along the London streets. The streets were busy. They were looking for someone. When they found a man they went up to him and stole his. The man said, “Stop!” The boys ran away. People followed Oliver. Oliver banged into somebody and fell over. He was caught.

The Pickpockets including Oliver swaggered down the dirty streets of London. The streets were full of busy people. They kept their eyes sharpened on posh people with their glamorous treasures. When they found a man next to a bookstore they waited no longer and the pickpockets gently slipped their hands into his pocket and stole a handkerchief. Unfortunately the owner of the book store saw them and screamed ‘Stop it’s a thief.’ The pickpockets ran away but Oliver was behind so a huge crowd of angry people chased his footsteps. In all of a sudden an Old Wrinkly Man punch Oliver in his Face and fated to the ground…..

Published on Thursday, May 16, 2013