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4W: Wonderful 4W!

3-way conference day

Published Thursday, May 10, 2012.
Last updated: Friday, May 11, 2012

Today we are having our 3-way conferences. Try some of the following activities to practise skills that we have been learning in school over the last few weeks:


LQ: Can I use what I know about subtracting 10 (or multiples of 10) to subtract 9 (or other numbers)?

1)    Standard

2)    Trickier

3)    Challenging

LQ: Can I sort 2D shapes using a Carroll Diagram?


LQ: Can I write a description of a lighthouse keeper?

1)    Watch the video of the lighthouse.

2)    Click on the word photo to add a photo.

3)    If you would like to show a part of the photo in close-up, use the zoom arrow.

4)    If you would like to show a different part of the photo, click and drag the photo to the correct position.

5)    Add pictures from the menu on the right. You can resize them by clicking and dragging on the blue circles. You can turn them around by clicking and dragging on the green circle.

6)    Write about the lighthouse keeper. Hover over the items in the “Tell me about” menu and you will find some questions. Answer these in your writing. If you click on these it will print a sentence starter for you in the text box.

Connected Learning

LQ: Can I use what I know about electricity?

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Round and Round We Go

Published Thursday, May 10, 2012.
Last updated: Thursday, May 10, 2012

This term's theme is Round and Round We Go where we will be learning about circles, circuits and cycles.

Our key questions which we will be focusing on this term are:

  • How do circles make things work?
  • How have people used circles to make a difference to the world?
  • How do circles help us to understand life and living things?

We have started off the theme investigating electricity. We have had great fun trying to make circuits.


 We had to think which electrical components we would need. We found out that to make a simple circuit with one lightbulb we would need:

  • a battery
  • a battery holder
  • a lightbulb
  • a lightbulb holder
  • two wires with crocodile clips.

Miss Kay set us some challenges:
  • How can we make the lightbulb shine brighter?
  • How can we light up two lightbulbs in the same circuit?

We investigated and discovered how:  

Explore electrical circuits here:

Comment By PRAGATHI 


Published on Thursday, May 10, 2012

Making Pizza

Published Saturday, March 31, 2012.
Last updated: Saturday, March 31, 2012

Having seen pizza-making in action at Scoozi's restaurant and designing our own balanced pizzas, it was time to set about making them.

First, we measured out the ingredients ...


Then we mixed the ingredients together with a wooden spoon until they were all combined ... 



Then it was time to knead the dough ...



When the dough was soft and pliable we put it back into the mixing bowl, covered it with cling-film and left it outside in the heat to prove (rise) ...

 Meanwhile, it was time to prepare our toppings ...

After about 45 minutes, we were all amazed to see how the dough had risen and doubled in size ...

Now it was time to prepare our pizza-base, using what we had learned in our demonstration at Scoozi's ... 


With the base prepared, it was time to add our topping, trying to stick to our design ...


At last our pizza were ready to be cooked ...

Some of them were shaped like faces, ...


... some were patterns ...


... and some were random, ...

... but we all agreed that they tasted good!

Well done, 2W!

Comment By Jo 

I had great fun helping you all to make your pizzas, and they tasted delicious. Well done 2W.

Published on Saturday, March 31, 2012