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Published Monday, March 24, 2014.
Last updated: Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Victorian School Rules

  1. Children must stand up to answer questions and wait to be given permission to speak.
  2. Children must call teachers ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’.
  3. Children must stand when an adult enters the room.
  4. Children must wear clean shoes and clothes.
  5. Children must sit and stand with straight backs.
  6. Children must use the right hand at all times for writing.
  7. Girls must wear their hair tied back with string or plain ribbons.
  8. Girls will learn needlework and boys will learn technical drawing. 
  9. The children will line up, boys and girls separately, with the smallest in the front and the tallest at the back. 
  10. Children must not speak unless spoken to.
  11. Children must not ask questions.
  12. Jewellery is forbidden.
  13. Children who are truant, are late, behave badly or do poor work will be caned.
  14. Talking and fidgeting will be punished.
  15. Counting on fingers is forbidden.
  16. Children with fleas, nits or contagious diseases should not attend school. 

Victorian Day is Wednesday 23rd April. At some stage in the day the inspectors will be arriving (gulp!) They will be expecting to see and hear knowledgable and well-drilled children if we are to pass the inspection. You want to pass the inspection. You do not want to displease a Victorian teacher.

You must have learnt these facts off by heart before Victorian Day. We do not know which children they will choose to test!

  • The 12 times table
  • Name the capital cities of Britain, France, Spain  & Germany 
  • Name the Empress of India  
  • Define the word polygon  
  • Spell the following (empire, Victoria, industry, quadrilateral, factory, mother, father, century, logical, advantage) 
  • Name the first commandment  
  • Which prefix means 8 – give examples 
  • Which prefix means 100 – give examples 
  • What quality is next to Godliness?  
  • Complete the saying - Children should be seen and…… 

Victorian Names

You will need a suitably Victorian sounding name for Victorian Day. The teachers will also be using a new name. You will be meeting, amongst others, Mr Barnabus Neville Grind, Miss Constance Wackit and Mr Severus Glare.

These websites will help you choose a name: (remember you are poor - a commoner!)


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Published Monday, March 24, 2014.
Last updated: Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Gruel, stern teachers and the cane. You have all these things to look forward to in Term 3. As well as learning all about an era (a time in history) of amazing scientific discoveries and technological change.
Victorian Day is on Wednesday 23rd April (the first week back at school after the holidays). We spend the whole day 'in-role' as Victorian school children and teachers.
You will want to start thinking about your costume now. Victorian costumes are fairly simple. For the boys, a pair of dark shorts with a collared shirt and waistcoat is fine. Perhaps a flat cap to finish off the look.

For the girls, a simple dark dress with a white apron over the top has been a popular choice in previous years.

We want to make things as realistic as possible, so no jewelery, wrist bands, watches or fancy hair ties will be allowed. Remember - simple is best. You are not a rich child. Rich children would have been educated at home. No suits or fancy dresses please!

Some photos of past Victorian Days below:

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Published Monday, March 24, 2014.
Last updated: Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Wednesday or Thursday










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