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100 number grid activities
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four functions
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  multiplication, addition, division and subtraction
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  Excellent activity
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  tricky fractions yr 3
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Healthy living
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library and reading
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maths sites
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  Excellent site dealing with spending money
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  table trees
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  Excellent site. Set your own number bonds.
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ordinal numbers and ordering numbers
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persuasive writing
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  persuasive writing
place value
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planning a story
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  using similes in poetry
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  rainforest facts
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  Patana Website
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  Excellent 3D site. Very good!!
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  Welsh site for shape. very good
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volume and capacity
  container capacity
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  can you read the scales?
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  Mr. Sean's second favourite weighing activity
  Question area is excellent. My new favourite.
  scales activity
wiriting a story
  verbs and adverbs
word problems
  All four functions and two step problems covered
  good maths word problems here
  lots of different word problems to solve here

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Year 3O: This is a sample text for description.This is a sample text for description.

School closure learning

Published Friday, May 23, 2014.
Last updated: Friday, May 23, 2014

Hi Y3o,

    Sorry not able to see you all today, but here are some things for you to do. Email me if you have any questions at   Also don't forget the matrix.


See you soon 3O



Here is the Green Ship story. Can you use yesterdays learning about how to learn this story. {Remember we will be inovatiing it but to do that you must really know it}. Can you think of the best way for you to learn it and then have a go. You might learn by reading the story or by drawing pictures that retell it or by creating actions for key vocabulary [important words] or you might like to hear someone else read it to you or you might want to create your own drama around it. The choice is your's as you know best how you learn a story. Once you have learnt the story record it yourself telling it and send it to me. If you want to let me know how it's going then post a message on the blog or email me.


The Green Ship


I can remember very clearly the day I clambered over the wall into that garden. It was a hot, balmy Tuesday in the middle of my summer holiday. I knew wasn’t allowed, but I was bored and searching for an adventure

Over the wall was a huge, wild jungle.  The trees were as tall as skyscrapers, with branches covered in thick, green ivy.  I plunged deeper and deeper into the forest when all of a sudden I saw something astonishing…

It was a ship!  Two bushes were cut to look like funnels and two, tall palm trees were the masts.  I spied a rose-bush bow and willow stern Cautiously, I went inside….

Inside the ship there was a strange man.  He had an eye-patch, a long beard and a wooden leg.  Immediately, he gave me a broom and ordered me to sweep the deck.  He taught me to climb the mast and use the telescope.  By the end of the day, I was a fully trained member of the (small) crew.

The following morning, we sailed eagerly to Italy, Egypt, and the Antarctic.  Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared. 

“There’s going to be a storm!” yelled the man, “Into the wheelhouse!”

There were huge claps of thunder and lightning crackled across the sky.  The ship swayed from side to side as the rain lashed against the windows.  I thought it would go on forever.

The following morning, we woke up on the floor of the ship.  Everything was calm and it was safe to go home.  I thanked the strange man and promised to return to his ship one day.




 Word Problems: Choose your level; and operation are the teacher.

Tables at speed
Number challange
Problem solving....very tough
Connected Learning
Have a look through this web page and become an Egypt Expert. Be ready to tell us all about your topic next week.

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wk beginning 19th May

Published Friday, May 16, 2014.
Last updated: Friday, May 16, 2014




AF 5 focus

Discuss the authors use of language

why are certain words/phrases used?

how does the author make you want to keep reading?

would you like to be a character in the story/why?

Are there any words you don't underrstand/how could you make semnse of these?

can you find any amazing adjectives?

can you find any astounding adverbs?


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week beginning 5th May

Published Saturday, May 03, 2014.
Last updated: Saturday, May 03, 2014




with this activity you will see 2 numbers. You have 10 seconds to work out the difference between them. Quite tricky but you can do it Y3O ;-}



The children should have brought home the question cards last week. This week we will be looking at assessment focus 4........that is questions based upon the way an author lays out their writing. The children should discuss the authors use of structure, organisation, grammar,  and presentation

E.G. use of fact boxes....what purpose do they serve?

How does the author use pictures for effect?

How does the layout of the page help you understand/read the text?

Why has information been presented in a certain way?

Why does the author use sub headings? What is their function?

Why are some words/sentences/paragraphs in bold text?

Why does the author change fonts?


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