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Year 4 Non-Thai: Our learning in Thai class.

Revision for end of term assessment

Published Monday, May 19, 2014.
Last updated: Friday, May 23, 2014

Year 4 Thai Kruu Sasi's class. You could try to write up the questions in Thai asking a Thai friend.  You could change a topic to sports and plalces of visit instead of just food.

Also, practise food words with the link below.

1. How to ask questions in Thai.  Here you are.

Asking questions in Thai is relatively straightforward, though there's a few different ways of doing it depending on what time of question you want to ask.

  • The most common way is simply to add the word MAI” ไหม at the end of a sentence, which can be thought of as the equivalent of a question mark. 

Khun chob rong rien Bangkok Patana Mai?   Do you like Bangkok Patana School?
chob Ka/Krab  ชอบ - Yes, I like it (literally "like")
maichob Ka/Krab- ไม่ชอบ - No, I don't like it (literally "not like")


  • If you are asking for confirmation, then you can use “CHAI MAI” ใช่ไหม instead (ใช่ on it's own means "yes"). This is roughly equivalent to "isn't it?" or "is that right?" in English.

Oliver Kahn chob len football, CHAI MAI?
- Chai, Khao chob len football.  ใช่ - Yes, I am (literally "yes, he likes playing football")
- Mai chai, khao mai chob len football. ไม่ใช่ - (literally " No, he doesn’t like playing football ")


  • Asking whether someone can do something (skills or a permission) .....Dai Mai?

Khun Olaf len ski DAI MAI?   (Literally " Can Olaf ski?
- Dai, Olaf  len ski DAI.   (Literally "yes")
- MAI DAI, Olaf len ski MAI DAI - (literally " No, I cannot do skiing.")


  • Asking “where…? TII NAI”  you need to leave this question word at the end.


Anna chob pai len ski  TII NAI?  (Where does Anna like to go skiing?)

Anna chob pai len ski  TII Switzerland.


  • Asking “Who..?” KRAI…..?, the only question word in Thai that you can place it at the beginning of a sentence.

Krai chob pai Kanchanaburi? (who likes going to Kanchaburi?)
Year 4  chob pai Kanchanaburi

  •  Asking “What..?” …… A RAI?

Khun Jason maa-jaak Pratet A RAI? ( what country Jason come from?)


Matt chob gin A RAI? (What does Matt like to eat?)

  • Asking  “Do you…or…? ..RU…?”  

  Jane chob len basketball RU football?

Jane chob len basketball.




Comment By shriya  

I♥♥♥thai it is like learning a secret language!!

Published on Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Comment By sophie 

I think the same as Shriya

Published on Friday, May 23, 2014

Some 4 R and 4W bathed the Buddha for Songkran 2013

Published Wednesday, April 03, 2013.
Last updated: Wednesday, April 03, 2013

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4W and 4R telling about the rooms in their houses.

Published Friday, March 01, 2013.
Last updated: Friday, March 01, 2013


They were trying to learn that there is a classifier in Thai language so they were able to say " I have ...#.... bedrooms at home".

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