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Music, a creative form of communication, has unique role in the curriculum. Music in particular, combines intellectual and physical skills and evokes deep emotional, aesthetic response. It embraces all ages, cultures and social backgrounds. The Arts at Patana offer students the opportunity to explore and expose their emotions and feelings. This exploration provides students with more than a musical education; it provides transferable skills applicable to all facets of life. It is through creative and critical thinking, analysis and communication, that students can develop confidence and intrinsic motivation. Through creating and performing, thinking and responding, connecting and contributing, Instrumental Music at Patana is alive and thriving!

Instrumental Music Programme

Music is given high priority at Patana; the appreciation of music is taught and encouraged across the school. Students regularly perform in school productions, concerts and functions around Bangkok where they represent Patana. The Instrumental Music Programme has been steadily growing and now serves approximately 500 students.

Tuition is provided through the support of 19 instrumental tutors teaching music theory, piano, voice, violin, viola, ‘cello, string bass, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, flute, clarinet, saxophone (alto, tenor and baritone), recorder, percussion (drum set and misc. percussion), music technology and DJing.

The Instrumental Music Department offers a programme of private lessons on a rotational schedule; this rotation is done to minimise academic interruption. As instrumental lessons are a performance art, daily practice is vital to ensure improvement. Practice is the most important component of a student's weekly routine for development as a musician. Music teachers help guide students in their journey; however, students themselves must be accountable for their daily efforts.

There are a number of areas that must be considered when both practicing and planning practice.
Essentially, a practicing musician needs:

  • a reasonable physical environment
  • an established time and procedure for practice
  • some idea of what it is they should be practicing (Goals)
  • a chance to "perform"
  • constructive and positive responses from themselves, friends and parents

"Children can’t structure a half-hour themselves. They need someone to coach them."
Professor John Sloboda, British Music Psychologist

As a termly culmination of student effort, students are encouraged to participate in Informal Concerts to showcase their talents. Please check the school calendar for upcoming events.

Through the support of the Instrumental Music Department and instrumental teachers, in conjunction with the Primary and Secondary programmes, Patana offers a comprehensive musical education to all students. It is our wish to impart a love and appreciation of music of varying styles. In addition to peripatetic lessons, students are encouraged to participate in the wide variety of music ensembles on offer at Patana.

Currently students choose from Primary Concert Band, Year 1/2 String Ensemble, Primary String Ensemble, Recorder Karate, Year 1/2 Choir, Year 3/4 Choir, X-factor Choir, Piano Workshop, Junior Choir, Primary Guitar Ensemble, Pop Group, Samba Band, Thai Piphat Ensemble, Secondary Guitar Ensemble, Junior Jazz Band, Brass Band, Senior Jazz Band, Music Technology, DJ Klub, Orchestra, Patana Ensemble, Senior Choir and Rock Bands. Get involved!

"It is only by introducing the young to great literature, drama and music, and to the excitement of great science, that we open to them the possibilities that lie within the human spirit - enable them to see visions and dream dreams."
Eric Anderson, American Composer


The following is an audio recording of student Seung Hyun in performing a two minute Chopin study in Ab major:


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