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The Learning Support Team at Bangkok Patana School works in partnership with students, parents and colleagues. We promote opportunities for optimal, independent learning, recognising individual strengths and differences in educating the whole child.



Learning Support at Patana

 All children who meet our entry requirements are entitled to receive a broad and balanced curriculum. We recognise that as an inclusive school, a percentage of our children will have special education needs at some stage in their careers and these needs are most often characterised by a relative lack of progress when these students are compared with their peers. Most needs are met within the normal classroom environment, with additional analysis provided for the teacher by a member of our learning support team.

Learning Support in the Primary School is a collaborative approach which supports all learners. Learning support staff work closely with Year level teams and individual classroom teachers as well as (where necessary) our speech/language pathologist and EAL staff.

If any child experiences barriers to their learning, a collaborative approach to assessment is used to identify strengths, needs and if necessary, implement a programme of support. Support may be given in a variety of ways including differentiation strategies for the teacher; which is the adjustment of the teaching process according to the assessed needs of the learners; small group instruction, monitoring, target setting, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and early intervention programmes.

Early intervention programmes are an important aspect of support in the primary school in particular and are collaboratively planned and delivered with F/KS1 teams. Pre-referral intervention programmes are based on the assessed needs of students in language, communication, literacy, numeracy and motor skill development. These are usually delivered as small group instruction where student outcomes are monitored closely for progress.

Transition to each key stage is carefully monitored by our learning support team in partnership with year level teams.

Patana follows many of the procedures of the UK Code of Practice. When a student is referred to the Learning support team parents will be informed by the Class Teacher. If an IEP is required targets are set with parents and teachers and are reviewed regularly. An IEP is an individualised agreed plan of action which is regularly reviewed as part of the reporting cycle to parents.

When a child requires further assessments (beyond which can be provided by the Learning Support Department, parents are involved immediately and joint supportive action is agreed. Diagnosis is undertaken at the request of the school by an external agent such as an educational psychologist.

In the Secondary School Learning Support is a collaborative endeavour working together with students, families and teachers to identify, assess and support the needs of students with learning differences from Years 7 to 13. Our team of highly experienced teachers, instructors and outside professionals explores creative means of enabling all students in our care to access the mainstream curriculum.

Sometimes students need individual specialist support. We run projects focussing on reading, numeracy, brain gym, phonics, listening, sensory integration and key boarding skills. Study skills also continue to be an important focus of our work, especially for older students, thus encouraging an awareness of their own learning needs and how to manage them effectively. These programs can be delivered outside the main classroom or at home. In all these programs we deliver, work is targeted to the individual needs of each student and planned accordingly. Special exam arrangements are also organised by Department staff as needed.

Within the daily subject lessons support is offered as appropriate. Our aim is to work alongside class teachers, supporting their differentiation of the curriculum so that every child can access it. Significant information and strategies are passed on to Patana staff to enable all students to learn in the classroom. We hope to foster a sense of independence and achievement in every student we work with.

The Learning Support Team welcomes the involvement of families. Information evenings and regular consultations enable us to foster a trusting relationship with everyone involved in the care of each student. The Learning Support door is always open and the staff are ready to support and guide whenever needed.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in volunteering some of your time to support the work in the Secondary Learning Support Department .

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