Guidance for student conduct during ECA’s

 At Bangkok Patana School good standards of behaviour and personal discipline are essential during ECAs. 


  • Arrive at all your ECA’s on time with all the necessary equipment
  • Work co-operatively with all students in your group and other members of the school community.
  • Treat all instructors and outside providers as you would a teacher.
  • Do not use foul language
  • Any students in school not participating in an ECA should go to the resource centre.


  • Treat each other and all members of the school community with respect and consideration.
  • Listen to each others points of view in order for every individual to have an opportunity to contribute.
  • Welcome new students to the school and try to make sure nobody is excluded.


  • Consume all food and drink in the canteen area provided, not at the venue of the ECA.
  • Ask permission to use specialist equipment and return it after use.
  • Treat the environment appropriately, leaving it clean and tidy for others to use.
  • Store your bags and valuables in the lockers provided.


  • Wear the appropriate clothes for the particular ECA.
  • For ease of movement around school and for safety reasons appropriate footwear should be worn at all times.

Consequences of poor behaviour

First incident – The member of staff will report the incident to the Sport & Activities office which will then inform either the Primary or Secondary ECA Coordinator. They will then contact the parents, Tutor and the Head of Year of the student to inform them about the incident. They will speak to the student at this stage. The incident will be documented and filed.

Second incident – Again the events will be followed as above. The student will then be asked to visit the Senior Teacher or Assistant Principal for the relevant school (Primary or Secondary) and warned that if there are any future incidents they will be excluded from the particular ECA and possibly other ECAs. Parents will be contacted directly.

Third incident – The events will be reported as above and the child will be asked to leave that ECA for the rest of the term. Parents will be invited into school to discuss the situation with the Assistant Principal for Sports & Activities.  Note: there will be no refund issued for paid activities in the event of a student being excluded from an ECA activity. 

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