How to sign up for ECAs

The following information provides a summary of how to register your child or children for ECAs:
1. Click on the ‘Parents’ icon situated on the main Patana webpage in order to log in to the Parents' Gateway.
2. Click on ‘Student's Learning’  then ‘ECA - Extra Curricular Activities‘ link.
3. Agree to the 'Admin ECA Charge' and then enter parent name and password and press submit.
4. Select child’s name and continue.
5. Look at the weekly timetable, select/click on day and activity and confirm choice/s (if your child is already pre-selected for an activity, you will be unable to nominate your child for another activity on the same day until they have been removed by the Sport and Activities Office).
6. ECA nomination is complete. Select another student and repeat or return to the Parents’ Gateway.
If you have any questions with regard to the ECA registration or ECA activities, please do not hesitate to contact the Sports and Activities Office on Ext 2231 or at

How the ECA selection process works

The ECA selection process is computer generated.  With over 5000 ECA requests, this is the most efficient and fair way for the ECA programme to work.

The system DOES NOT work on a first come, first served basis!  If you sign up on the first day of the ECA programme going live on-line or the last day it does not matter - no priority is given to those that sign up early. 

The computer looks at preferences to enable all students to be successful in getting one or more ECAs of their choice.  The computer scans all first preferences and, depending on vacancies, allocates placements accordingly.  It then considers second and subsequent preferences and continues to allocate places. 
For the more popular ECAs, it is important that you choose this ECA as your first choice (although there is still no guarantee you will automatically be given the ECA).  For a less popular ECA, or an ECA with unlimited numbers, there is no need to put this down as one of the first preferences (even though it may be your child's favourite activity!) as they are more likely to be successful.

Phase II of the ECA process enables parents/students to sign up for activities that still have vacancies.  This allows you to choose an alternative activity if you have not been successful in your earlier choices and/or if you did not sign up before the deadline.

If you have any queries in regard to how the ECA selection process works, please contact James Peacock on ext 2231 or at