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Patana is very much a community school and involvement of parents is an integral part of our life. Formal aspects of this include parent-teacher consultation sessions, presentations where parents are invited to view and participate in areas of the curriculum and induction sessions for parents of new students.

The Parent Teacher Group, elected annually, organises fund-raising and social events such as International Day and Splash Day and welcomes new parents to the school community.

Bangkok Patana School has its own Transport Department to provide a safe and efficient service between home and school. The service is offered across an extensive part of the city but cannot be guaranteed to all districts. All of our 215 air-conditioned buses are equipped with a mobile telephone and are independently checked at regular intervals. Each bus seats no more than 8 children and a monitor.

Bus drivers and monitors participate in training programmes in order to meet our requirement of safety and reliability.

Please apply to the School Transport Office for enrolment or for further details.

Light snacks and full lunches are available from our two canteens which are situated adjacent to both the Elementary and Secondary Divisions. Children are able to choose from International or Thai menus which are changed daily.

Fresh milk is available to all students during the mid-morning break.

All students at Bangkok Patana wear a uniform with the exception of Years 12 & 13 who follow a strict dress code. Students across the school are required to wear black leather (or simulated leather) shoes as part of the uniform.

The uniforms have been designed with consideration to comfort in a hot climate and functional ease for children. Secondary Division students in Years 7 to 11 have their own distinctive uniform which allows for a choice in colour and design.

Uniforms can be purchased at the school shop.

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