Bangkok Patana School
Sports Handbook

Table of Contents  

Mission statements
Statement of Policy
Insurance & Sports Registration Form
Pre-Season Coaches Meeting
Eligibility Requirements
Annual Calendar
Student Time Commitment
Cancellation of Games / Practices
School Funding of Events
Team Uniforms
School Attendance
Selection Policy
Participation Policy
Playing for Other Teams / Conflicting Activities
Playing Time
Lines of Communication
Supervision of Athletes
Lightning Policy
Sports Awards
Sports Schedules & School Directions
Sports & Activities Directory
Sports Registration Form




The purpose of the Bangkok Patana School Sports Handbook is to provide athletes, parents, coaches and administration with a point of reference that is transparent and further improve communication across the school community.

This handbook contains most of the practices, policies and regulations that govern extra curricular sport at Bangkok Patana School. It is reviewed annually and approved by the Board of Trustees.

In order for a student to participate in any selective sport at Bangkok Patana School, both the student and the parents or guardians must sign the Sports Participation Agreement. Signing the form confirms an agreement that all the policies, procedures and regulations in this Sports Handbook are understood and will be followed.

Participation in sports can be an integral part of a student's educational experience, and Bangkok Patana School attempts to provide extracurricular sports opportunities for all students who wish to participate. Bangkok Patana School offers up to five levels of team sports: U11, U13, U15, U17 (Junior Varsity) and U19 (Varsity) teams (dates as of Aug 2010) plus comprehensive age group opportunities in the gymnastic, swimming and tennis programmes.



Strive for Excellence. 
Bangkok Patana Athletics Programme commits to doing whatever it takes to maximize academic, social, and athletic achievement of every individual and team.

Competitive Sports Programme fosters the development of character, lifetime wellness skills, teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and a sense of fairness and respect. Athletes work together toward a common purpose and a collective sense of achievement. The benefits extend beyond the final score of any contest. The values inherent in Bangkok Patana’s Competitive Sports Programme  support, and are consistent with, the core values and mission of our school.



Commitment to Students


-we see that decisions are based

on what is best for students

-we utilize strategies that work

-we respect and nurture

-we value individual diversity

-we demonstrate compassion,

empathy and tolerance


High Expectations

Team Player

-we have challenging programs

-we differentiate coaching strategies

-we communicate expectations

-we prepare students to compete in

all areas of academics & athletics

-we make time to collaborate

-we work cooperatively for the

good of the whole

-we help others in time of need

-we embrace diverse thoughts/ideas

-we build positive relationships










-we follow through (walk the talk)

-we are accountable & dependable

-we are honest with one another

-we behave honourably

-we exemplify sportsmanship


-we celebrate success

-we actively engage students

-we provide positive feedback

-we promote a sense of belonging

-we run an inclusive programme

-we have pride in ourselves, the team and the program.
-we have pride in everything we do both in and out of competition.
-we have pride in our accomplishments, regardless of the outcome


-we realize academics takes precedence over sports
-we are expected to be scholars and achieve academic success as well as athletic success

-we demonstrate sportsmanship at all times
-we are expected to treat our opponents with respect when we win and lose

Risk Taking
-we work up to and past our comfort level
-we take pride in learning new skills and trying new experiences
-we know that taking risks is important in our growth and development



I.                    To develop a comprehensive athletic program as an integral part of the student’s total school experience.

II.                  Field teams that compete at the highest levels in BISAC, SEASAC and FOBISSEA

III.                Encourage individual excellence and the esteem that follows

IV.                Develop competitive teams that perform with integrity and earn distinction

V.                  To enhance the student experience beyond the classroom and provide board based opportunities for students

VI.                Develop a sound athletic program based upon skill development and teaching

VII.              Develop a competitive winning attitude.

VIII.            Develop moral and ethical values in our athletes and who are role models for our student body and who demonstrate citizenship

IX.                Develop athletes who demonstrate good sportsmanship by showing respect for opponents, showing respect for officials and their decisions, and maintaining self control. 

X.                  Encourage commitment to team goals over personal goals

XI.                Emphasize academic achievement

XII.              Encourage multisport participation

XIII.            Concentrate on the development of skills and participation

XIV.            To encourage students to become active participants in the athletic program and to participate in a variety of sports and activities within the program.

XV.              To recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well being of each participant




Our competitive sports programme (selective) is divided into five levels.  Primary Sports, U13, U15, U17 and U19.  Each programme has a specific focus.

The focus at the Primary level is to maximize participation.  “Sport for All”
 is followed in each sport that is offered.  The focus is developing basic skills, preparation for competition and a love for sport.  Playing time within matches will be equal amongst all student athletes.  Developing athletes is equally as important as a winning season.

U13 - Developmental
The primary focus at this level is to maximize the learning of skills, knowledge and rules of the game. Maximum participation by athletes is emphasized not only for the overall growth and welfare of the athletes, but the continued development of the overall programme.  Developmental levels should be the foundations for the higher, competitive levels. Developing athletes is equally as important as a winning season.

U15 and 17 - Training to Be Competitive
At this level, we strive to continue to develop the “basic skills”. The aim is to refine the basic skills and to develop their application within the sport.  Maximum participation remains an objective but additional emphasis is placed on being competitive. We are working to apply skills to competitive situations and to develop more detailed tactics related to the individual sport.

U19 - Competitive
At this stage of the programme we place more emphasis on being competitive.  During the season maximum participation is still a focus but for championship tournaments we aim to field our most competitive team. Players earn their game time throughout the season through their performance in matches and training. We strive to develop complex tactics of the sport and we emphasize commitment, discipline and dedication to a team. 


Physical Education

Our mission is to educate young people in and through the use of the body in a coordinated and progressive way and promote an appreciation of the many benefits of lifelong participation in physical activity.  It will promote, at an age-appropriate level, the acquisition of high standards of physical competence, relevant knowledge of the positive effects of exercise on the body and the development of responsibility, cooperation and leadership.  It will link to the Sports, Outdoor Education, Extra Curricular Activity and Inter-House/Inter-Class programmes to encourage whole school participation in a range of healthy and challenging activities.

Selective Sports Programme

Our sports programme endeavours to provide for as many sports as can reasonably be supported and are offered by the organisations of which BPS is a member (BISAC, SEASAC and FOBISSEA).  Participating student athletes will develop their skill, knowledge and performance from a structured coaching programme scheduled in excellent facilities.  The Sports & Activities Department and Coaches will aim to ensure that the most up to date and age appropriate coaching methods are provided and will strive for the highest possible performances within the constraints of an academic school setting.  A major role of the programme is that it will stress and develop the fundamental characteristics of commitment, loyalty, selflessness, determination, cooperation, leadership and an appreciation of the role and value of the individual and the group.


The Patana Tiger Sharks (PTS) aims to provide the opportunity to pursue excellence in competitive swimming by providing a planned training curriculum that addresses the cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development of the young athlete.  It will encourage the pursuit of excellence and enjoyment of swimming and sport and provide student athletes with the opportunity to train and compete at appropriate levels. It will provide swimmers with the framework in which team spirit and a sense of community can grow in a first class facility with qualified and experienced coaches, instructors and support staff


The Tigers Tennis Academy aims to serve all student-athletes from all nations with all ability levels in a nurturing, challenging, competitive, fun, and professional environment, while creating the first tennis academy among international schools in Asia.


The Tumbling Tigers Gymnastic programme aims to contribute to the community by providing young athletes with a safe, fun, challenging and supportive environment in which to learn the sport of gymnastics.


The BPS Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme will be offered as an optional programme available to all pupils from Y1-Y13.  It aims to provide opportunities for experiential, developmental and recreational opportunities and will provide opportunities for young people to participate in a wide range of artistic, sporting, community and academic activities.



Bangkok Patana School is committed to maintaining a comprehensive sports programme. The Sports & Activity (S&A) Department, has a responsibility to the student to provide the opportunity to grow through the pursuit of sports. It will offer as many sports as the school can reasonably support and if there is sufficient competition within the Bangkok International Schools Sports Conference (BISAC) and South East Asia Students Sports Conference (SEASAC), of which Bangkok Patana School is a member. The S& A Department will endeavour to provide proper facilities, equipment, and coaching to see that each student athlete has an opportunity to reach his or her sporting potential.



Bangkok Patana School recognises that team and individual competition contribute significantly to the development of character and school spirit. Sportsmanship and fair play are important parts of this experience.

We expect our athletes, coaches, students, staff and parents to represent Bangkok Patana School in a manner that is respectful of others both on and off the field of competition. It is our desire and goal that we develop and practice the highest standards of courtesy, discipline, good sportsmanship, and the ability to act as good hosts and guests.


The S&A Department strives to provide students a safe and enjoyable environment in which to participate. Consequently, all coaches and administrative personnel have a responsibility to reduce and/or eliminate all potential safety hazards. It is vital to understand that participation in sports involves inherent risks. Coaches and administrative personnel are obliged to act in a prudent manner in order to prevent foreseeable accidents and injuries. They should respond to unexpected circumstances according to guidelines set forth in this handbook. 


The school recommends that all students have comprehensive accident and medical insurance that will cover normal risks associated with any sport that the student participates in. This insurance should be considered the primary insurance in the event of any injury.  For overnight trips in Thailand and overseas an insurance premium will be included in the overall trip cost. Details of the extent of this insurance coverage are available on request.

No student should participate in the sports programme without first handing in a completed Sports Registration Form. A new form must be completed each year. This will be given to the student by their coach.



The Asst Principal S&A and the coaches will conduct a pre-season meeting at the beginning of each sports season. Coaches will be notified at least one week in advance.

At this will be discussed details of try-outs, uniform issue / purchase, transport, seasonal training and competition calendar plus and any issues coaches wish to raise.



Activities such as Model United Nations (MUN), Varsity Sports and the International Award require considerable commitment by students. Most are able to organize their schedules effectively, managing to allocate sufficient time to academic and extra-curricular commitments throughout the year. However, there are students, who on occasion over commit and who subsequently need guidance on how to balance their academic, extra-curricular and social activities. Any student who performs poorly in the November trial examinations must meet with their Head of Year and the Assistant Principal S&A to discuss their situation. Further participation will be determined on an individual, case by case basis.



The annual sports calendar will be presented to the Head of School early in term 3. It will be publicised in the school calendar, the sports notice boards and the sports web site.



The Varsity programmes will operate on a minimum of three afternoons per week. The U17, U15 and U13 teams will operate twice a week. Coaches of U17 teams may opt to run an additional session on Friday’s if they wish but this will be decided at the start of a season and continue for the whole season.  Athletes will be expected to attend all sessions unless they see their coach to personally excuse themselves.  Failure to attend sessions may result in being placed on probation or exclusion from the team.

If a student is not in school by 9am, they cannot participate in a match that day.

If you plan on cancelling a training session, please discuss with the Assistant Principal for Sports and Activities before you inform students and parents.

If a training session is cancelled you must inform all players before hand;

a.       preferably at the previous training session or earlier

b.      If done on the day of training, you must do so before lunch.  All students must contact home before lunch and transport needs to be informed before lunch for the session to be cancelled and students to catch a 230 transport.  

c.       If done after lunch students must stay for the duration of the training session.




Training Afternoon(s)

 U13 & U15

Tuesday & Thursday

 U17 / Junior Varsity

Monday, Wednesday plus Friday afternoon optional

 U19 / Varsity

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

All training finishes at 4.30pm.

Seasons are, on average 9 weeks long. The following are the minimum training requirements:

The above days are scheduled as Sports priority days - alternate days are scheduled for Performing Arts priority. Additional training days may be scheduled for Varsity teams however, students who have a commitment to Performing Arts will not be required to attend.

It is appreciated that students will miss academic lessons in order to participate in sporting events during the season. Currently there is no stated maximum amount of time a student may miss and every effort will be made by the S&A Department to keep this to the minimum. It is the students responsibility to ensure that they fulfil their academic responsibilities and excuse themselves from any lessons as required.



Cancellation of games and or practices due to inclement weather is rare and will normally be made after 11:00.

Rescheduled dates, if known, will be updated on the BPS Sports Web Page ( ).



Home Matches;
For home matches students should arrange their own transport home.  We can’t guarantee that matches will be complete by 430.  There will be no bus provided for home matches and all students are expected to stay until the completion of the match (even if it finishes later than 430pm)

Away Matches;
For away matches we will provide buses from BPS to the venue for all competitions.

For the return, BPS will provide the following;
U13 and U15 teams- one bus will return to BPS and one bus will drop students off at Emporium.  Please note there will be no supervision at either venue upon drop off. 

U17 and U19 teams- one bus will return to BPS and a second bus will drop students off at the closest BTS station.  Please note there will not be supervision at either location.

If parents wish to take students home directly from the venue after the game they should inform the coach.

There will be supervision on all buses (coach and/or bus monitor)



All students will be charged the basic termly ECA administration fee of Baht 500 for participation in the sports programme.

BPS will then pay for all affiliation fees, local transport and tournament participation fees for teams participating in BISAC and SEASAC events. In addition the school will subsidise 33% of students flights to overseas SEASAC events and cover all coaches costs.

As FOBISSEA events are not always confirmed well in advance these events will be assessed on a case by case basis.



School kit

·         All players will purchase their team kit from the school shop.  This will be your seasons main kit

Personalised kit

·         If the team wants a ‘change’ of kit with their name on please discuss with Assistant Principal.  All kit for BISAC, SEASAC and FOBISSEA for players and coaches needs to be approved before purchase by the Assistant Principal for Sports and Activities.

·         They cost approximately Baht 500-1000 and the order takes approximately 2-5 weeks. It is essential that you do this within the first week to ensure that the kit arrives on time.



In order to practice or participate in a game or meet, students must attend school from 9am onwards. Hospital appointments, immigration visits and religious holidays are examples of exceptions that are granted by the S&A office on an individual basis. The student or parent should request an exception as early as possible, preferably at least one day in advance.



All student athletes must attend try-outs in order to be considered for a seasonal team. If a student is absent, or is injured at the time of try-outs, his/her parents and the student must contact the Sports and Activities office and the coach in order to arrange an alternate time.  Please note

Dates of seasonal try-outs and end of season tournaments are included in the annual Sports Calendar. Coaches will normally have one week in which to hold trials. A list of the selected students must be sent to the Sports and Activities office so that transport can be arranged. If there is insufficient time to make crucial decisions coaches can keep extra students in their squad. Final selection decisions need to be made two weeks before a BISAC Tournament and four weeks before a SEASAC Tournament. A discussion must take place between the coach and students at the start of the season explaining this selection situation. This should involve parents if possible.

Special requests or situations should be communicated to the coaches during try-outs and before the announcement of team selections.

Students from the U15 age group may attend Varsity trials and be selected on merit as long as all the safety aspects have been considered;

Students from the U13 or U15 age group may attend U17 but only 2 under age players can be selected for a JV team.  This is not ideal and not encouraged but we recognize this may have to be case for some teams.

Students may miss a trial due to music or drama.  If a student communicates this to you, you can penalize the student.

All student athletes must follow the Sports Participation Agreement and all department policies and procedures

Once the team is selected, all players are expected to attend all training and competitions.  Failure to do may result in;

1.       Being placed on probation

2.       Removal from the team

3.       Not being selected to attend the BISAC or SEASAC tournaments

Students, who register for school after the try-out dates eg students enrolling in January during Season 2, will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  A discussion will take place between the coach and the Assistant Principal for Sports and Activities.

After teams are selected, parents are requested not to remove their sons or daughters from the team without first speaking with the coach and the Assistant Principal Sports and Activities. If there are any circumstances in which a student can not attend a tournament they must inform their coach and the Sports and Activities office as soon as possible. This will result in the student being placed on Sport Probation for one academic year.




Note: It is appreciated that student athletes participating in the individual sports of tennis, swimming and gymnastics may have a commitment to an elite training programme outside the School. In this case parents should contact the Sports & Activities office before or during the try-out period to inform the Assistant Principal to discuss the specific situation. In an ideal situation it would be beneficial to both parties if a compromise can be agreed on that takes into account training schedules and tournament / event preparation at an elite level. This would include training and preparation as an internationally / nationally ranked athlete, and for representative competitions above club level. The same flexibility would not normally be extended to club training outside of school. In our school programmes (swimming, gymnastics and tennis) a student will normally need to train twice a week with the school in order to get in the squad. As major tournaments approach this expectation may increase as the students prepare themselves to reach their peak level of performance for the specific competition. In general; SEASAC & FOBISSEA teams will be confirmed 4 weeks prior to the competition and BISAC teams will be confirmed 2 weeks prior to the competition. Coaches and team managers are responsible to communicate with students and parents so that all parties are clear. Exceptions to this rule for elite or ranked athletes training at national, international and other representative levels must first be discussed with the Assistant Principal in charge of sports and activities.

Please note;

athletes must comply with the regular selection policy

if a student misses a training session they maybe excluded from the next match.

All absenses must be reported to the coach or Assistant Principal before the missed competition or training session.

athletes and their parents must maintain regular and close contact between themselves, the coach and ensure that they train with the team twice a week as a minimum unless previously agreed with the Assistant Principal, sports and activities

athletes should make every effort to attend all special team sessions / functions

athletes fulfill all competition and tournament commitments and expectations

athletes pay the ECA Administration fee

Competitions against other schools and clubs will be arranged for mid-week and during the weekends - any request for absence must be made in person to the coach at least 48 hours in advance.

Selection criteria for all sports will be transparent and be based on appropriate try outs, trials, events participation and be communicated by coaches to parents in advance.



Bangkok Patana School expects athletes to play for the school team if there are conflicts resulting from playing for an external team or participating in conflicting activities outside the school. Parents should contact the Sports and Activities department and the coach directly as soon as they are aware of any conflict occurring - requests for absence will be reviewed on a case by case basis. It is appreciated that the parent has the final say in the matter but it is an expectation that they will give priority for BPS when agreeing to their child participating in the sports programme.

If a player proves unreliable during the season, the coach and the assistant Principal, Sports & Activities will consider their position on a case by case basis.



Definition: participating on two competitive sports teams during the same season.

Dual sport participation is permitted under the following conditions:

a. the student and his / her family are in favour of competing for 2 sport teams

b. the coaches of the affected sports are in agreement that this is a desirable situation

c. the coaches of the affected sports, athlete, and athletic director will meet to determine if a schedule for practices and competitions can be mutually agreed upon if needed.

d. the athlete is expected to practice regularly in both sports.

e. the athlete will not be permitted to leave practice early in order to attend a practice in the other sport without the permission of both coaches.

f. the athlete will not be permitted to miss any practices or contests in either sport without the consent of one or both of the coaches.

g. a prioritized list of contest levels will be established before the first contest of either sport, such as the following:

1. Contests take precedence over practices

2. BISAC/ SEASAC/ FOBISSEA tournaments

3. Other tournaments

The athlete will be required to determine his / her "Primary" and "Secondary" sports. This determination will be used only to resolve scheduling conflicts that arise after the start of the season.
All final authority regarding conflicts and clarification of dual sport participation shall be vested in the Assistant Principal for Sports and Activities.



Coaches should follow these playing time guidelines approximately:

U13, U15 & U17 - Coaches are expected to play all eligible players in each game during the regular season.

Exceptions: 1. Missing team practice(s) 2. Attitude and effort at practice(s) 3. Violation of team rules. 4. End of season Tournament games.



These happen throughout the year to encourage all pupils to able to participate in sport. If a child does make a team or squad they can sign up for recreational sport as part as the ECA programme. All students have the opportunity to take part in house activities.



Coaches are encouraged to establish a line of communication with the parents during the season. E-mail is very effective for information sharing but telephone is much better if there are personal issues to be resolved. When problems arise, the parent and/or student-athlete should talk to the coach first. Most areas of concern can be solved at this level.

If a resolution does not occur when talking with the coach and the parents or student feels that additional communication is necessary they should contact the Assistant Principal Sport & Activities. If he/she is still unable to solve the problem, then a meeting with the relevant Principal may be scheduled.



A qualified adult must supervise all sports areas in use. The areas include the Sportshall, gym, FHC, BHC, weight room, sports fields, tennis courts and swimming pools. Athletes may not work out or participate in any unsupervised activity.

Coaches have a duty to supervise the members of their team. This involves always being physically present at practice.

In an emergency, if the coach needs to leave the gym or field, he or she should instruct the players to stop action until his or her return.

All athletes must be properly supervised during practice, and while traveling to and from a sports event and games.

For all-day or overnight tournaments, coaches should plan an itinerary that will ensure the proper supervision of the students at all times. Coaches must remain with the players until all transportation needs are met after all practices and games.



Strike Alert lightning detectors are issued to the Head Swim Coach (2), Head Tennis Coach, Secondary and Primary PE Curriculum Coordinators (2 each) and the Primary Office.

Decision to clear: The decision to clear should be made by the following individuals:

Category of Use



Class teacher


Duty staff


Activity leader

Sports Programme

Team coach, Tournament Director

Community Youth

League Commissionaire delegated to attending committee member

Community Adult / Commercial

Individual completing booking delegated to team Coaches / Captains

Decision to clear the facility should be considered from the time the signal indicates that lightning activity is within 6 miles;

When the triple beep alarm has sounded and clouds are in the immediate vicinity the facility MUST be cleared - NOTE: it need not be raining for the decision to clear to be made.

Shelter: When the decision to clear is made participants must evacuate to the following facilities:



Swimming pools

Changing rooms/ poolside shelter

Front / back / side fields / tennis 9-12

Walk-ways / hard court

Fields 1-3

Changing rooms / cars / pavillion

Tennis 1-8

Tennis office, seating area

Re-start of Activity:

Activities may be re-started when the detector indicates that the lightning activity is moving away from the facility and is outside the 6 mile zone.



Seasonal awards will be distributed at the Sports Awards Dinner at the end of season 3.  All students that participated on an U13 to U19 team are welcome to attend the dinner.  Parents are also encouraged to attend.

Overall Sports Person of the Year Criteria

The overall Sports Person of the Year is awarded to an outstanding male and female athlete who has achieved the most number of points in a given year.  Points awarded are as follows;


International Championship Winner                                       10

International Championship top 8 finisher                               10

National Championship Winner                                             10

National Championship top 8 finisher                                     5

National Team Member                                                        30

SEASAC Championship team                                              30

BISAC Championship team                                                  15

FOBISSEA Championship team                                             8

Full Colour                                                                          30

Patana Award                                                                     15

U19 Athlete                                                                         20

U17 Athlete                                                                        10

U15 Athlete                                                                        10

U13 Athlete                                                                         5

MVP Award Winner                                                            10

Team Captain                                                                    12

Tigers Award                                                                       5                                                             

Most Improved                                                                    5

Coaches Choice                                                                 5



Age Group Sports Person of the Year Criteria

The coaches select the outstanding male and female athletes from Primary, Junior (U13 & U15) and Senior (U17 & U19).  Nominees must participate on at least two teams.  All coaches vote to determine the winners, considering several factors.  Winners of this award will receive a plaque and will have their name recorded on a larger plaque which is found on the in the Sports Hall lobby.  Additionally, their picture will posted on the Athletics Wall with previous winners.


Outstanding performance in school sports.

Demonstrates outstanding leadership skills.

Has respect of classmates and teachers.

Participation in a number of sports at Patana.

Participation in a number of extra-curricular activities.

Maintains good academic standing.



Sportsmanship Award

The coaches select one outstanding SR and one outstanding JR athlete for the CISPA Sportsmanship Award.  Nominees must participate on at least one team.  All coaches vote to determine the winners, considering several factors.  Winners of this award will receive a trophy and will have their name recorded on a larger plague which is found on the CDNIS Wall of Fame.


Demonstrates excellent sportsmanship

Has respect of their team and coach

Has respect of their opponents

Adheres to the rules of the game

Is a roll model for all

Demonstrates commitment to their team and sport

Demonstrates outstanding leadership skills


Most Valuable Player, Team Contribution and Coaches Choice Awards


These awards are determined by the coaches and athletes of each team and are awarded at the yearly Sports Awards Banquet.  The selected student will receive an award in the form of a plaque.  The honour is awarded to the team member who showed leadership and made significant contributions to the team throughout the season.


Most Valuable Player Criteria   
Most influential Player

Demonstrates a sense of fair play

Outstanding leadership skills

Outstanding performance in the sport

A team vote is suggested to declare the MVP, but the final say is with the coach.



 Coaches Choice Award Criteria
Shows significant effort

Shows Sportsmanship

Outstanding commitment to training

Contributions to the organization and communication within the team

Most Improved Award Criteria 
Shows outstanding effort.

Outstanding improvement over the course of the season.

A team vote is suggested to declare the MIP, but the final say is with the coach.



Up-to-date schedules are available by clicking on the "Forthcoming Fixtures" link on the BPS on-line Sports Pages.  The link will take you directly to HighSchoolSports.Net which provides many options including the option to download individual team schedules to PDAs.







Assistant Principal S&A

Michael Balo 

X 249

Assistant (Finance admin)

Khun Nui 

X 189

Assistant (ECA admin)

James Peacock 

X 250

Assistant (Facility & Fixtures)

Khun Lee

X 250

Head Tennis Coach

Daniel Ahl

X 182

Head Swimming Coach

Cindy Adair-Bolosko

X 219

Head Gymnastic Coach

Nicola McRae 

X 343